SID: So David, you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but you just didn’t manifest speaking in tongues. But one day you go up to the altar and what happened?

DAVID: So I’m at the altar to see an evangelist who had come to our church. He’s praying and he talked about this gift of speaking in tongues. Now I understand that that’s the flood overflowing and touching the mouth. And I said, “Lord, I want that gift because I know that if I can operate in that gift I can more clearly hear your voice, I can be drawn close to you. It will advance the prayer life force. And you know how they do rows behind the different prayer people, and so we had two rows. I’m in behind one very tall gentleman who had a sleeve that was hanging off of his elbow. And he’s so tall that when he’s rocking back and forth, every time he walks back his sleeve keeps tapping me on the forehead.

SID: That’s pretty annoying.

DAVID: It was very annoying. So I’m praying and I remember I just kept feeling his sleeve touching my forehead. But I was so hungry for the presence of God that I said, I’m not going to move because I want the evangelist to lay hands on me. So I’m standing there and my hands are lifted, and I’m saying, “Okay Lord, I’m ready to receive all that you have for me. I’ll surrender to the gift once I receive it.” And the evangelist, I didn’t know at that moment was laying hands on the tall man who kept annoying me with his sleeve. And so when the evangelist touches that man, this time when the sleeve came back and hit me I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body. So it moved through the pastor, through that man, through his anointed sleeve and it touched me on the head, and I felt it. And I remember it’s like something just broke loose, and I start praying in the Holy Ghost, and I mean I was praying loud in the Holy Ghost. People were looking at me and I was surprised that I was praying in the Holy Spirit with that much passion I had. It was like this is it. This is what I’ve been praying for. And that led to several other things in the ministry.

SID: Tell me about what goes on with someone your age that is so passionate about God, so filled with the Spirit of God, so yielded to the Holy Spirit. Tell me what was going on with you in school.

DAVID: Well as you know, all true ministries are birthed out of a love for Jesus, cultivated in the secret places of prayer. Private prayer is always revealed in public power. And there was an overflow that started to happen and I got excited. You know, when you’re filled with the Holy Spirit you don’t have to try to work yourself up to evangelize or work yourself up to worship. Everything in you has to do to subdue it. You’re saying, okay, I might be getting a little carried away with this because it’s so natural. And the Holy Spirit’s friendship, because I started spending time with him, everywhere I go now I’m aware of the fact that he’s with me, even at school. And so I start telling people about Jesus and it got to the point where at lunch, kids would start to come to just hear about Jesus and I would start praying with them. We saw people get healed of psoriasis. We saw people take off their glasses, able to be healed and see. We saw people with broken bones be healed, swollen ankles that would go down right in front of everybody.

SID: Would they mock you?

DAVID: There was one, yes, especially who I remember would mock us. And one of the things that manifested in that place is as people would come to the group there were a couple of times where people didn’t know what they were walking into. They just kind of saw people gathered. And as they would approach the Glory was so manifested on the place where we were praying that kids would have trouble standing as they approach the prayer place and not even know why. And so I had one guy, he had his arms folded, he’s watching. I’m talking to somebody. I’m saying, “Okay, we’re going to believe God. We’re going to believe for your healing.” I said, “Repeat after me.” I’m praying, as I’m praying for him, I hear him behind me saying, “This is fake. He’s using psychology. He’s using power of suggestion.” And I wasn’t angry. I wanted to try to explain that this was the real deal. This was the power of God. So I turn. I remember I had my, held my hand out like this. I turned to go to tell him about what God was doing and the moment I turned to talk to him, he goes out under the power. And he gets up. This was so funny. He gets up and he goes, “I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that.” I said, “It just happened to you. What do you mean you don’t believe that?” So the Glory of God hit him and he, I mean, I think it was just a matter of months later he’s at our church now at the altar praying. He had been giving his heart to Jesus. It was because of the Glory of God. It was because of that friendship that overflowed and manifested into everyday life.

SID: David, you’re a forerunner. What you just heard David say, it’s going to happen in schools all over the world. It’s going to happen in colleges all over the world. I’m telling you we’re about ready to see such an explosion of the Holy Spirit. You use the term “glory”. What does the word glory mean to you and explain that a little.

DAVID: Well the Glory is the full weight of the person of Jesus. You know, John, Chapter 1, Verse 1, it says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.” Jump down to Verse 14 and it describes it. “He was the Glory of God. He was full of grace and truth.” And Jesus is the, see, we use terms sometimes, and I know I used to think this way and the Lord helped me with it, we use terms like “glory” and “the Holy Spirit.” And in our minds we imagine it to be some type of esoteric force or some type of power, or substance, when in reality it is the very person. So when I talk about the Glory I’m talking about walking in an awareness and you can walk in an awareness 24/7. This isn’t just for me. This isn’t just for Sid Roth. This is for everybody. This is the way the early church did it where they walked in an awareness of Jesus to where he was able to touch people any time of any day because they were surrendered and yielding to his voice because of that awareness. I like to say that the only distance that can exist between the believer and the Holy Spirit is their unawareness of his presence. It’s only because we’re unaware of what God is doing that we are able to participate in it. Often people will say, oh we prayed and we worshiped, and the Glory of God came down. It’s not that the Glory of God comes down, it’s that we become aware of the Glory that is already there. And when we walk in that Glory, when we walk in that awareness of the Glory of God 24/7, what begins to happen is we begin to see opportunities that would otherwise have been missed because we think in a mentality where God is far from us. The scripture says he’s not far from any of us. He’s near to us. He’s just a whisper away. And if you feel like you’ve fallen away from that, as far as you think you’ve run, a single moment of repentance can cover that entire distance and bring you all the way back home, because he’s the one who’s interested in connecting with us.

SID: So there are people watching us right now, you’re watching us and you feel very distant from God. There is no one like our God, no one. There is nothing impossible. There is no one that has gotten too far away from God. I want you to lead someone to Jesus that’s watching right now. Would you do that?

DAVID: Yes. So in this moment now, say, Dear Jesus.

SID: Dear Jesus.

DAVID: I come before you now.

SID: I come before you now.

DAVID: And I put my trust in you.

SID: And I put my trust in you.

DAVID: I turn from this world.

SID: I turn from this world.

DAVID: And I turn to you.

SID: And I turn to you.

DAVID: Forgive me.

SID: Forgive me.

DAVID: Save me.

SID: Save me.

DAVID: I believe.

SID: I believe.

DAVID: You are the Son of God.

SID: You are the Son of God.

DAVID: I believe.

SID: I believe.

DAVID: You rose from the dead.

SID: You rose from the dead.

DAVID: And I believe.

SID: And I believe.

DAVID: That you’re saving me now.

SID: That you’re saving me now.

DAVID: In Jesus’ name. Now I want to pray for you to receive the, all you have to do, just right where you are, just lift your hands and receive all that God has. So Father, you said that if we would ask we would receive and you being the good Father, Lord, if we ask for bread you’re not going to give us stone. So Father, I pray in Jesus’ name that Jesus the baptizer will pour out his Holy Spirit on that one who is receiving it now, for that one watching who’s saying I want that. Lord, I pray for an infilling with power right now in Jesus’ name. Amen. Now you may say I didn’t feel anything. Some of you did feel something. But whether or not you felt something is not the issue. The issue was that God keeps his promises and if you ask for the Holy Spirit and you trusted that God would give it to you, no matter what you felt if you did praise God, if you didn’t, I want to encourage you, you received it. Just allow that river to flow from in to out.

SID: I know something. I know when we come back there are going to be words of knowledge released. I know there’s going to be major healings. Don’t go away.

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