SID: People today are so fearful. They’re fearful of the political arena. They’re fearful of terrorism. They’re fearful of disease. They’re fearful of the economy. And not only are they fearful, many are so beat up. Why, Billye?

BILLYE: Well of course, we have an enemy. He’s God’s enemy. He hates God, he hates mankind and he especially hates believers. And he is called in the Bible a terrorist and the terrorism that is going around right now is frightening people, scaring people. But you do not have to be afraid. God just really got onto the children of Israel about being fearful and he said, “You’ve forgotten me and here you have made alliances with these others.” The reason that fear was so wrong for the children of Israel was that it showed forgetfulness of God. Whatever you are afraid of that’s bigger to you than God in that instance. Let’s say you’re afraid of heights. Well I love the Lord. I trust him and everything, but I’m afraid of heights. Well then heights somehow are bigger than God. So you don’t have to—

SID: So this is idolatry in a sense.

BILLYE: Yes it is. And you don’t forget God. You don’t say, well you know, I have to depend on myself to make sure that I’ve got enough money, that I’ve got enough food, that I’ve got enough of this and that. You cannot forget God. Now you cannot forget God and magnify. Whatever you magnify is going to be magnified.

SID: You know, I’m in favor of doctors. But I think most Christians forget God when they get sick.

BILLYE: They do.

SID: They just go naturally, it’s like automatic pilot. I’m going to a doctor. And don’t misunderstand me. I’m for doctors. We’d be dead without doctors. But where’s God in the equation? It’s so important for believers not to forget the most powerful weapon.


SID: Pleading the blood.


SID: I would like you to pray the blood of Jesus is over every family, over every home, over every community of those that are watching right now. And you know, there’s another thought because you brought it up, and that is most Christians think their enemy is flesh and blood. I want you to comment on that. It’s not their husband or their wife, or their children, or the boss.

BILLYE: What does the Bible say? “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, night and dominion.” Well that’s in the Sixth Chapter of Ephesians, but you’re seated far above them. So when a situation comes, behind it is Satan, and Brother Hagin used this example. He said, a pastor in a church, he was a pastor in a church and this trouble comes, Deacon Brown over here, he stirred up trouble all around. But Brother Hagin senses that’s not just Deacon Brown. Something is behind him. So at a time back in his parsonage he meditates on the name of Jesus. He meditates in Philippians on the power in that name and then when he senses the anointing from his living room, he says, “Satan, in the name of Jesus, you evil spirits that are working down through Deacon Brown, I bind you. Heaven binds you. You act through him no more. Cease and desist in your maneuvers against this church through Deacon Brown.” Next time he sees Deacon Brown, all is well.

SID: Now I want you to pray for the people right now that their real enemy will be bound. The blood of Jesus, the blood line is over them, over their family and over their home.

BILLYE: Right now, Heavenly Father, there are people in the studio audience, there are people there watching through the wonders of television in this age. If they’re making contact with us, eye contact in some way, then I put them in the realm of this prayer. Oh and you’re so big. You’re so powerful and that’s not too many for you. And so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, hallelujah, praise him, that when you quickened Jesus and made him alive, you made me alive. And when you raised him, you raised me. When you seeded him, you seeded me. You told me to rule and reign over him, so I’m doing it right now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I draw a blood line around every human who has a point of contact with me right now. Satan, cease and desist in your maneuvers. Let that woman’s mind go in the name above every name. Alcohol demon, in the name of Jesus, you come out of that man and you come out of him right now. Friend, you are free in Jesus’ name. Peace. I speak peace. Father, help them feel your peace. God of all comfort, ah, there’s a woman and you lost your child and it’s all right to grieve a while, but it’s been too long. That spirit of grief is trying to get a hold of you. You spirit of grief, in the name of Jesus, I demand you let her go. Go right now. And Lord, God of all comfort, I’m asking you to put her in that bubble of comfort. I’ve experienced it. Help her, too. In the name above every name, amen and amen.

SID: And it’s time for you to stand up. Stand up in your home.


SID: Stand up with the demons going after your children and grandchildren.


SID: It’s time for you. Do you know how much authority you have in your home?


SID: Do you know how much authority you have in the name of Jesus? Do you know how much authority you have in the blood. So stop just feeling sorry for yourself, and moaning and groaning, but stand up like Billye just did. It’s time to take over your home in Jesus name.

BILLYE: Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! That’s the truth.

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