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Sid: Now I can tell you my guest Gene Mullenax I’m speaking to him by way of telephone in North Little Rock, Arkansas is red hot for the Messiah. Why? Because he had a creative miracle. I love creative miracles because I believe they are contagious. As a matter of fact he then prayed other people and they had creative miracles. Back in the 1950’s he had a cist that grew on his lung and it was hemorrhaging, so he went in for some exploratory surgery, they did not know what was wrong and when he woke up they had removed his right lung and 3 of his ribs. He pretty much couldn’t work full-time the rest of his life, and he had a wife and a couple of small children, he was a mess. One day he was driving home and he saw a tent. Now he wasn’t a religious man but it was some sort of Christian meeting, he was curious, but then heard rumors that it was all fake. It was a man by the name of A.A. Allen who had a big revival meeting in Arkansas at the time. So the last night of the campaign he got enough nerve and… even though he thought it was phony something, it was a compulsion it was pulling him, he couldn’t even get his friends to even go there, but he got in line and he’s standing in line this last night, and he had seen people healed but there were things that were on the inside of people. So he didn’t think it was really true, but something was driving him and he got in that line. So you’re getting closer to this A.A. Allen and what’s going on in your mind at that time Gene?

Gene: Well my mind as going crazy because I could not believe that there was anything happening. I finally was able to get a prayer card in the 2:30 meeting and you have to go back that night. So I went home and I got the prayer card, and I went home and I told my family that I was going to that meeting and I was going to be healed, and they showed up, they came. The phony friend that I had…

Sid: Wait a second Gene! How could you have said “You were going to be healed?” You thought the whole deal was phony!

Gene: Well that’s the only way I figured I could get them there was to tell them…

Sid: But why would you want to get your family there?

Gene: I don’t know I was just wanted them… I wanted to be healed so bad because I knew that I couldn’t and I had a family to take care of. First time in my life I had somebody to love me, I left home when I was 12 years old and I had the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world. Had a beautiful young family and there I was staring death in the face.

Sid: Okay you’re standing in line now your family is watching this whole, as you called it “Circus.” What happened next?

Gene: Well I was standing in line and of course I was so weak that night I was so weak they had an usher that had a chair that sat… they had assigned to me an usher and he had a chair. When I got tired I sat down in that chair. I was sitting in that chair and I looked up in front of me was a man that must of weighed 400 pounds. He had a little baby in front of him and every once in a while he’d put that little baby over his shoulder and I looked up and I saw that baby had a huge growth in his mouth. This baby must have been about 2 years old or less. The thought came to me “That baby might be healed. If that baby could be healed I know the rest of this they couldn’t fool the kid.”

Sid: Now describe to me what you saw in that baby’s mouth.

Gene: A huge growth and a big old purple veins down his throat, on the outside… of course the baby was eaten up with cancer, but I didn’t even know what that was. I heard the word but I didn’t know anything about cancer. This little baby had a huge growth and he was sucking on that big old growth like it was a pacifier…

Sid: Now this was back in the 1950’s and the baby… can you picture this Mishpochah, I mean he’s standing in line waiting for this evangelist A.A. Allen to lay hands on him, not sure about what’s going on. Just kind of something’s driving him and sees this little 2 year old baby with a growth and the growth is so big. The growth is being used by the baby like a pacifier. Okay go ahead Gene.

Gene: Okay, and I kept wrestling with that because there was about 500 people in line and I was about 250 down so I had a lot of time to think and to see and watch this baby. All this thought came to me that “If this child is prayed for and not healed, I’m going to grab that microphone and I’m going to tell the entire audience that he’s a fake, that he’s really a fake.” So I wrestled with that and we kept going towards the front and finally got up pretty close, and it got close enough to where he said he told about this baby, this little baby. He said “I’m not even going to pray for this baby,” he said “I’m just going to point at it.” I thought “You’re a bigger fool than I figured you was.” I thought “If that thing doesn’t go like he said it is… if it’s not going to go I’m going to grab that microphone and he’s going to eat the big end of it.” I mean I was so stirred up it’s a wonder the Lord hadn’t struck me dead (chuckling) the way was acting.

Sid: Hmm.

Gene: But we made our way on up there, this little baby it’s the honest to God’s truth he was 20-30 feet away from this baby and he just pointed and said “In the name of Jesus,” I had my head stuck around there right in that baby’s face. It’s a wonder that thing didn’t go down my throat, but I was looking right at that baby not 6 inches away from it and he said “In the name of Jesus” and that thing left just exactly that quick. That little baby brung his tongue out trying to find that bump he had been sucking on (chuckling), and all that blue veins and all purple veins down his throat was instantly changed the little baby’s natural skin, I mean in an instant.

Sid: How many people would you say were in that tent at that time?

Gene: It was over 10,000 inside and they said there was over 20… 20,000 total. So there must have been another 10 outside. It was all the way around the tent outside several rows deep.

Sid: Okay now you see this miracle before your very eyes. You must have been shaken, what are you thinking, what’s going on inside of you now?

Gene: I had made such a spectacle out of getting out of line every time somebody got prayed for I’d go up and see if I could get in… see what they’re being prayed for as fast as I could. So I made such a spectacle of… when it came my time he said “You come up here on the stage,” everybody else had been going on the platform, and he’s setting in a chair and he’d pray for them. He said “You come up here I want to talk about you a minute.” So I went up on the stage with both hands doubled up, I didn’t know what to expect but I was going to fight my way out of it one way or the other even though I weighed 118 pounds and could hardly walk. Either way they had told me before the stage was wired so I was expecting that…

Sid: Mishpochah in other words he thought the stage was wired which caused people to shake, he didn’t know that was the power of God. Okay go ahead Gene.

Gene: No I had no idea. He told about my story, he told part of my story and while I was up there I looked out over the audience, and by the way I’d say 70% of them were black. I had all my life I didn’t like black people at all, I had such a hate for them, and all of a sudden I saw a big black man sitting about the 2nd or 3rd row, the thought came to me “Wouldn’t you like to go out there and sit down in his lap and put your arm around him?” I thought they’ve got this stage wired with something making me thing like that.

Sid: (Laughing)

Gene: I’m trying to find out what was making my thought life go crazy. All of a sudden Sid I heard myself crying deep down inside and I left home when I was 12 years old so I was kind of hard to make cry. I heard myself crying and for the first time in my life I began to be healed from the inside.

Sid: You know as you’re saying this Gene, I don’t know what’s going on because we’re doing this by way of telephone but I can tell you the compassion of the Lord is coming over the airwaves right now. I mean I can feel it’s tangible, God’s compassion is moving right through our voices right now, continue Gene.

Gene: Okay he had asked everybody to pray for me and if I didn’t have a miracle I was going to die. I heard those big ol’ speakers behind me say “Die, die, die,” and I knew that I was going to die and the doctor told me that, but I never heard it that loud and that clear. All of sudden he asked everyone to pray for me and all those black people scooted out on the edge of their seat stretched their hand towards me and Allen asked everybody to raise their hands, and I raised mine as best as I could. My right one I couldn’t get up there for him. Standing in that condition that was when I thought somebody had poured something on me it felt like somebody poured something real thick warm over me and I turned around with my fist rolled up to get whoever was behind me but there wasn’t anybody there.

Sid: What do you mean there wasn’t anybody there? There had to be.

Gene: There wasn’t anybody pouring anything on me.

Sid: So what was pouring on you?

Gene: I found out later…

Sid: Alright no, no, no, but at the time what did you think?

Gene: I didn’t know. They had me… I was so messed up mentally, I mean I thought they was pouring something on me, I thought they had the stage wired.

Sid: (Laughing)

Gene: I was told everything in the book. I was scared of people anyway and there was 20,000 of them looking at me. I just raised my hands as best as I could, is what he told everybody to do. The only way I can explain what happened was it felt like somebody just opened my mouth, I had my eyes shut. So it was like open my mouth and put a rubber hose in it and “Pow!” and I blew up and I mean I’ve been blown up ever since. Everything the doctors cut out went back in in a split second…


Sid: Oh were out of time!

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