Reinhard Bonnke

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to know that people are being raised from the dead. That the same miracles that we read about in the Bible are taking place before our very eyes. We have the most documented miracle I have ever seen anywhere, short of course in the Bible, of a man that was dead for 3 days. He was dead according to the doctors, he was dead according to the mortuaries, so dead they injected chemicals inside of him that he had not been dead he would have died from the chemicals at the mortuary. But his wife received a visitation and was told he would come back to life and she tenaciously went to the mortuary took the body under false pretenses not… she wasn’t going to say “I know he’ll be healed.” She said “I just want to bury him.”  So she takes the body, she brings it to a meeting that Reinhard Bonnke is speaking, Reinhard doesn’t even know about this. They decide it will cause too much confusion for a hearse, and a casket, and a body inside being taken into the meeting. So they finally decide “We’ll take him out of the casket and carry him to the basement so it won’t be any disturbance.” During the meeting they see signs of life and they start praying for all… now he’s down in the basement but they see he comes back to life. Reinhard Bonnke what happened next?

Reinhard: Well he comes back to life, I had finished preaching, I was already in the office of the pastor, I had to hurry by chartered aircraft back to Lagos to make my connection to my gospel crusade which was imminent. I had just gone to Onitsha by way of a detour  and as a favor to a friend of mine and then while I was in the office the announcement was made in the church that in the basement a man was raised from the dead. I mean I have never heard such hysteric, joyful shouts in my whole life. I thought the roof of the cathedral was caving in. It was awesome and we were told that this man has come back to life, he has come back to life! They carried him up into the church. He still was oblivious of everything that went on around him.

Sid: Was he… you said he had rigor mortis that set in he was like concrete.

Reinhard: He was like concrete they massaged his body, the limbs began to move and everything, and that’s when they carried him up. So it took a few hours before he was able to recognize his wife and his son, and when he was able to respond to questions. His first word was “Where is my notepad?” He actually used the word that is used in Nigeria, file. He said “Where is my file?”

Sid: Why did he want this?

Reinhard: Well I will come to that a little later because this is connected with the second part of this great miracle. Because when he died we know what happened to the body, that’s what we had been talking about so far. The second part is what happened to his spirit. Later on I asked Pastor Daniel, I said “What about the injuries you suffered from? The accident when you came back to life, have you had pain?” He said to me “I have pains.” I said “What pains do you have? From the accident?”  He said “No not from the accident I have great pains from the terrible massage” (Laughing).

Sid: (Laughing)

Reinhard: You know there was not a scratch on his body from his injuries. It all totally vanished and his heart was perfect, his ribs were perfect, his lungs are perfect, it is absolutely incredible, absolutely incredible! So Pastor Daniel was then taken by his family. He went back to his home village, there was great, great rejoicing. He went back to the doctor who had issued the death certificate. The doctor said “I am absolutely shocked!” He went back to the mortician who fell on his knees and got gloriously saved and born again with his whole family as a result of it. Then neighbors came, the people came, they had to hide him just for a couple of days just to kind of recuperate. Now he joined me on the conference in Vienna. In Austria he gave his testimony there. It is amazing! He has framed his Death Certificate; I think is the only man on earth who has a framed Death Certificate hanging in his own home.

Sid: What I would like to know Reinhard is during those 3 days that he was dead does he have any recollection of what happened?

Reinhard: He has no recollection of what happened to his body, but this is his story. He says that when he was in the ambulance telling his wife what to do with the church, and what to do with the children, and the home and the house and she was crying and weeping and wailing. He said that suddenly 2 angels entered the ambulance, he knew he was going to die. He said one angel took him by the left hand and the other by the right hand and he left the ambulance. He said to me later “I did not know that I left my body behind.” He was totally oblivious of the fact that he had died and sense of just… in terms of just leaving his body behind. Those 2 angels handed him over to a great majestic angel he said who had treated him as a friend. The first thing that great angel did was given him a notepad, a file as they call it in Nigeria.  And he said to Him and that he would take him to places and he would have to write down everything he sees. The first station he took him to was Paradise where he saw the saints worshipping the Lord. He said at first he mistook them for angels but he said these were the saints. He was told that these were the saints worshipping the Lord. My question to him was “Did you see Jesus?” He said “No! I saw a white bright light.” He said I shaded my eyes I tried to penetrate it but my eyes could not penetrate it.” But he said “The saints could look through that light and they were worshipping.” He said “It was so wonderful” he wanted to go in and join them there and just worship and worship and worship. The great angel said to him “No I have to show you more I want to show you the mansions that Jesus has built for His saints. He said “We never travelled, the moment the angel spoke in the twinkling of an eye we were there.” He said “I saw many mansions, fabulous mansions.” He said “So glorious I can’t describe them. It’s like like like like this… like like like that… like like like the other.…”  He lacked words to describe what he saw. He said “You know I saw flowers music came out of the flowers. They were waving in rhythm.” He said “It was so fabulous, it was so glorious he just wanted to remain there and stay there. So the angel said to him “The mansions are ready but the saints are not.” So then the angel said to him “I’ve got to show you hell as well.” And he said within a nanosecond he stood with the angel in front of the gate of hell. And he said “Above the gate of hell was written in great letters ‘Welcome to the gate of hell.’”

Sid: Hmm.

Reinhard: He said it looked to him as if those gates hadn’t moved in a thousand years. The mighty angel next to him lifted up his hand and when he put down his hand with an awesome noise those gates began to open. In these and he looked right into hell. He said he saw multitudes upon multitudes of people in hell. He said they were all dressed like we are. He said “There were all races, there were black and white, and brown, and yellow, and all shapes and sizes and forms.” And he said “Although I could see no fire these people were in great great torment.” He said “They were cannibalizing themselves, they were eating themselves” he said. “They wanted to die and ate themselves but when they ate themselves the flesh jumped back to the place from which it had been eaten,” then the torment started again. He said “It was so horrible.” He said he saw people screaming at him, they could see him he said but not the angel next to him. One man shouted to him and said “I was a pastor on earth. I was pastoring a church. I stole money from that church. Help me to return that money!” But he said “I could not help anybody,” he said “It shook me so much because I was a pastor myself.” He said “The horror he felt was indescribable and these people were in torments of hell which could not be addicted.”


Sid: Ah Reinhard we’re out of time.

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