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Sid: I’ll tell you Shane Wall and I are having so much fun here I’m glad you came for Something More because you’re going to get it I promise you.  When was the last time you heard a message on understanding. How many times have you heard or you said “I just don’t understand this, I don’t understand why this good believer got a horrible disease and died?”  Well this is what the Bible says in Proverbs 4:7 “With all of your getting get understanding.” You looked up the word get in the Hebrew what does it mean?

Shane: To get means to acquire for ones self, in other words when you get understanding you have it for your need your usage and we get understanding from God Himself.

Sid: This is such an important topic 300 times it talks about this understanding it’s a supernatural dimension that comes from God Himself. But I’ve never heard a message on this subject and everyone is questioning so much today that this going to be something more for you to put everything together.  Now Shane you came from a Pentecostal background you got saved as a child.  As a matter of fact when your mother was expecting you…

Shane: Yes.

Sid: There were prophecies about you what did they say?

Shane: People one person picked my mother out of the audience and ministered to her and they said “That child that’s in your belly is anointed.” So my family knew from that point “That wow!” We have had preachers because her uncle’s were preachers. My mother had 5 uncles who were preachers and they wanted a boy. I was a miracle baby, after my mother heard from the doctor “You can’t have any more children.” And 10 years later here comes Shane.

Sid: (Laughing)

Shane: (Laughing) So it was a miracle.

Sid: Now it says here that at 15 you began preaching.

Shane: I started preaching.

Sid:  Did people know that you were going to be in ministry?

Shane: They did growing up in church everybody knew that I was going to be a preacher, the words of knowledge that would come, the words of prophesy from the visiting evangelists that would come through would just pick me out and “God has a great work for you to do, God has put His word in you.” And so I just knew coming up I am going to preach.

Sid: Tell me about the dream that you had at age 4.

Shane: I was 4 years old Sid and I dreamt that my family and I were out in the den just watching TV as normal. After eating and there was a certain scene, it was a black and white TV movie, and there was a certain scene that came up and this woman’s face was on the screen. And she was making an expression with her face for something that just happened. And I got up and I went to the restroom when I went to go to the restroom I saw my father sitting on the side of their bed crying.  And so I ran back out into the den and I said “Momma daddy’s crying” and that was that was the end of the dream.

Sid: Hm okay.

Shane: That was it the very next night just a regular family time eating I’m sitting there watching the movie and at 4 years old I see the same scene, the same expression of the same woman’s face and at 4 I remember this Sid as if it happened this morning.  I said to myself “Oh, this is when I’m supposed to go to the bathroom because I just had the dream.” And so I felt like this was like a play and this is my part in the play.

Sid: You’re just playing out what you saw in your dream.

Shane: Exactly and so I got up went to the bathroom and was shocked my father was sitting on the side of his bed crying. I ran out…

Sid: Exactly what you saw in the dream.

Shane: Exactly what I saw in the dream and so I ran out to the den and I said “Momma daddy’s crying.” Sadly enough someone had just murdered his brother in Washington, DC.  And so that was the beginning…

Sid: How do you process this as a 4 year old?

Shane: I just thought…

Sid: It was natural maybe.

Shane: I guess so, supernaturally naturally supernatural to the point to where I didn’t even think about it it was like I did what I was suppose to do  I did what I was shown and it was natural for me.

Sid: And it was nat…I mean talk about you know the Bible says you’re supposed to provoke the Jew to jealousy but this is ridiculous at 5 you start seeing angels.

Shane: Yes exactly.

Sid: Now when you would see them they were just conscious they were there or did you actually see them?

Shane: I actually saw the angels it started in Mrs. Bearings class I was 5 years old in kindergarten when I first started seeing the angels. And I wasn’t afraid of the angels they were very comforting and they still are very very comforting when I see them.  But sometimes you don’t know why the angels are there so I ask the Holy Spirit “Why are the angels here or why is the angel here?”  And sometimes the angel is there because sometimes he something that he came directly out of the very presence of God to deliver.  Sometimes Sid I’ll see 2 angels. I remember a few times specifically when I’m ministering I’ll see 2 angels and the Holy Spirit said to me “One is a warring angel and one is a ministering angel.” The warring angel came through some stuff through the spirit realm so that the ministering angel could deliver what he had to deliver.  So sometimes the Holy Spirit said to me “Sometimes God will pair a warrior angel with a ministering angel.”

Sid: Okay when you see the angel could you describe the way one might look of what you see?

Shane:  You know for about the past 7 minutes Sid there has been an angel standing right behind you.

Sid: You know I was going to ask you that (Laughing).

Shane: For real there’s an angel standing right behind you and he’s about 9 to 10 feet tall and around his belt is like a blue cord and the blue cord is tied in the front. But off of his shoulders are like blue fringes there’s some blue fringes very muscular built standing straight.

Sid: Straighter than me okay.

Shane:  Yeah exactly standing straighter than you are and his expression is as if he is waiting for a command. He’s standing there as if he’s waiting for a command but I sense so strongly that he’s assigned to you, that he is assigned to you.

Sid: Well you know what sometime during Something More I will hear what to command and it will happen.

Shane: Hallelujah.

Sid: Now when you’re ministering.

Shane: Yes.

Sid: There’s many times there’s angels in fact you see them lined up.

Shane: Yes there was one particular time in the small town, small church and the angels appeared they had 2 sections in the church which made a middle aisle and they lined up. And so I’m just beginning you know thank you all for inviting me and things like that nature and the Holy Spirit says to me “Count the angels.” So you know I’m still talking but in my head I’m counting the angels and then he lead me to declare it and I told the people “There are 9 angels here tonight they are lined up in the center aisle.” And so then Sid I preached the message and as I often see some of the angels will line up at the back of the room and while I’m preaching or while I’m about to finish or whatever they start flapping their wings violently.

Sid: What does that mean to you?

Shane: To me the Holy Spirit said to me “When you see that it’s time for you to move in the gifts of the Spirit, it’s time for you to move in deliverance.” So at that point I saw those angels and so I began and I always like to start with salvation an altar call for salvation. So I called and I just really, really gave my heart for what the Holy Spirit said so at that point the people came up.  I was about to pray the Holy Spirit said “Count the people.” And so I’m still about to pray prepare myself to lead into He said “Count the people.”And I did it was 9 people.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: And so I said to the audience I said “Do you remember how many angels the Lord said were here earlier that He showed me? And He said 9,” I said “How many people are up there?” It was an uproar it was an uproar.

Sid: One angel for each person.

Shane: Exactly exactly the 9 people who were there.  God assigns angels many times to individuals sometimes the Lord has something He wants to give to an individual and He will use His angelic host to come and bring His gifting to that individual.

Sid: Tell me about of this lady that had a lump on her side for 6 years.

Shane: Oh that was remarkable another time that the angels lined up at the back of the church it was the building that our church had before the one that we currently have.  And they were lined up. So I began to minister and the Lord said “Call for those that need healing.” And so I did and this one lady came up and she and her family would visit every Sunday morning. So she came up for prayer and so I asked her “What was going on? And she said “I’ve had this lump on my side and I don’t know what it is.” So I prayed for her, now we talked earlier about being a nice Christian I don’t like my hands especially on certain parts of a lady so I asked one of the sisters of the church to put her hand there and I put my hand on top of hers. And so I prayed and so after that she told me Sid the lump got larger (Laughing).

Sid: Wait a second now that not the way it’s supposed to be scripted look at my script (Laughing) no.

Shane: Exactly and so it got larger and she said “Pastor Wall I’ve got to tell you.” Her name is Penny I’ve got tell you what happened.  “Pastor Wall I told one of my co-workers what the doctors said “It was a cancer and what type it was. I started crying because my co-worker said ‘My sister died with the same cancer.’ But the doctor told me… asked me ‘How long have you had this?’” And when she told them they said “No way” so they did a biopsy found out that it was cancer.  But they found something else out all of the tissue that had grown after I prayed isolated that cancer so it could not spread so they were able to go in tear it all out, clean it all out no complications she has had zero complications, so that was the miracle when it grew.

Sid: Well that is a great miracle now I am so intrigued with how God has taught you about understanding from the Bible.

Shane: Yes.

Sid: And it really, it really started in 2008 when your mother unexpectedly died.

Shane: Yes Sir.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Shane: Well my mother she passed away in her sleep. It was a Sunday morning I didn’t know what was going on my father called me and we were just “What in the world was going on and so I rushed to their house and once I got there I saw her on the stretcher and they were rolling her to the ambulance. And they said “Just meet us at the hospital, just meet us at the hospital and so we went and we go there and they said “Well go in the waiting room.” I kind of felt what had happened I mean she wasn’t ill deathly ill of anything of that nature.

Sid: There’s no preparation for this.

Shane: None whatsoever.

Sid: Okay.

Shane: So the doctor came into the waiting room and he asked us what happened and so we told her she had like a cold.  And we said “Why don’t you go to the doctor for what for what I just get a little pain right here whenever I’m breathing in my clavicle but I’m fine.” Well I said “I’ll call an ambulance.” She said “For what?” That night is when she passed away.” And so I told the doctor everything and he said “We did everything we could but she did pass.” I said “Okay.” So he said “After we get thing kind of cleaned up back there we’ll let you come back.” So we went back there and then there was a moment Sid that I with her alone.  And I was at the foot of her bed and I took my hands and I hit her feet and a said “Get up in the name of Jesus Christ.” And I felt the glory of God come all over me, all over me Sid and I looked at my mother’s face literally believing expecting for her to breathe and open her eyes but she didn’t. By that time my sister and some other people came into the room so that they could have their time with her I just moved and leaned on the wall I was disappointed, I felt defeated. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “I heard what you said but that’s not what I want to do.”

Sid: You know that is the last thing that I would have expected the Holy Spirit to say.

Shane: Yeah.

Sid: I’ll tell you what why don’t you just hold that thought right there. But how would you like to have supernatural understanding in every situation of your life? Three hundred times in the Bible it talks about understanding it tells us to get understanding. Give me one sentence understanding of the word understanding from the Biblical perspective.

Shane: “In all thy getting get understanding we get our understanding from God.” The clearest thing in the world is whatever you face in life there is an understanding that God has for it it doesn’t matter what it is. This is I believe the sentence I really really want people to grasp “Whatever God says is the understanding.”

Sid: You know that is so simple it’s deep (Laughing).

Shane: (Laughing)

Sid: Now you’re going to discover power that you have to defeat every demonic foe you have in your life. You’re going to flow with an instant increase and accuracy in the spiritual gifts.  Practical ways that you can obtain this revelation supernatural understanding from God in every situation how many times have you prayed “God I don’t understand this love one did everything they were supposed to do they’re young they shouldn’t have been taken!” Well I’m going to tell you something there is a force, that’s the word that comes from heaven to give you understanding in every circumstance of your life….find out what God meant when He talked to Shane be right back with Something More.

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