Sid: My guest by way of telephone is John Caver I’m speaking to him at his office in Baltimore, Maryland. And if you’re like me Mishpochah the whole arena of physical healing we know a lot but there’s so much more we have to know. And when I found out that John Caver has spent 30 years commissioned by the Lord to study the gifts of miracles and healings and the various gifts of the Spirit I thought he’s a man that I want to interview. Let me take you back John to 1968 and you had a very unusual dream tell me about it.

John: Well I was running from God like most sinners are and I had a visitation by God by dream and Jesus Christ appeared to me and let me know that He loved me. Nobody had ever told me that they loved me as far as God was concerned they always told me that I was going to go to hades but never to heaven so therefore this visitation from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was a great experience to me and I didn’t know what to do with it.  But He touched my hand and when he did touch me the powers of darkness totally released me I woke up out of the dream saying “Somebody’s in our room” but startled my wife something terrible like “Whose here, whose here?” And after that it was probably a week or 2 maybe even longer before I actually started to attend the church.

Sid: But previous to that it was quite a transformation…

John: Oh yes.

Sid: Tell me a little bit about your lifestyle previous to that encounter.

John: Well my life style was 2 packs of cigarettes a day, I was a barber and drinking pretty heavily, come from a broken home, abused, my father was an alcoholic. And this transferred but I found my dad dead and immediately I sensed the powers of darkness of Satanic grab a hold of my life.  I felt like I had a monkey on my back somebody followed me around for 6 solid years and finally I thought I was losing my mind literally thought I was losing my mind.  And so I drank in order to escape this insanity and consequently it got a hold of me really bad and consequently I was drinking and driving back and forth from work a 6 pack on the seat and you know a half a pint in my hand.  So you know alcohol became a real crutch and I was running from God as well. At 8 years old He tugged on my heart and at 10 told me to minister but I didn’t want any part of it.

Sid: Now you had an unusual occurrence a magazine had had pictures of AA Allen and his great healing healing ministry came into your hands what affect did that have on you?

John: Well it had a tremendous affect on me after giving my heart to the Lord and having Him delivering me being very ill from all of the bad living from all of those years I needed a healing in my life and Christ did that.  And so my brother who worked for AA Allen and my sister consequently put me on his mailing list I didn’t ask for it they put me on his mailing list and I was getting his magazines. And this one particular magazine it had probably 6 or 7 photographs on there of Allen praying for the sick. And as I was looking at it the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said “If you pass your test one day I will use you like this.” And I can say today 30 years later that that’s what happened.

Sid: Well I have to ask you the question “Was it a series of tests or was it one test?

John: Yes a series of tests and yeah it was a series of tests.

Sid: Can you tell me one?

John: Well one was learning to trust, I was a person who was raised never to trust anybody.  And when you have an alcoholic father who kind of was a street brawler you kind of put your back to the wall. Even today when I go into a restaurant I’ll put my back against the wall it’s just habit. But when you were raised on the street and I was raised on the street and you just didn’t trust and so the hardest thing in the world for me and even today I struggle in trusting God.  God is my Father my heavenly Father and if you have an earthly father that taught you never to trust anybody that’s deep seeded that if any man be in Christ he’s a new creature.” You’re told that new natures in you but your still battling those old bruises and I had a lot of them.

Sid: And you went into ministry but you kept having a reoccurring dream this fascinates me tell me what that dream was.

John: Well I was first saved and converted one of the visitation that I had from God was a constant, when I say constant well you got to figure it’s been 30 years so in those 30 years probably a dozen times would be America being brought to her knees. And in various ways metaphorically God would show in symbols and things would show me.  We even put one article in a magazine that we produced years ago called “Remove Not the Old Landmarks” where it showed the not the destruction of America but humbling of America.  We need to get back to what our forefathers did in trusting God like Washington kneeling down and praying for guidance, the first president of the United States. We need that desperately especially the hour were living in today especially after what we just seen.  We need that trust I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching here tonight but that’s what that’s what I saw many ways, many times.

Sid: Actually I was shooting for another reoccurring about the church dressed up for a party.

John: Alright that was really something; early on just…I didn’t know I didn’t know what word of knowledge was. Here’s a guy who comes off the street I don’t know anything about gifts of the Spirit.  I would have these… then I didn’t know what they were and this vision that I had was I stepped out of the pews the pews turned into wheat fields and each area of the wheat field there was either a person or an animal that represented a certain culture or peoples that were in different nations. And when I turned back to the church to get their help to help me harvest the people they were having a party they were blowing whistles the kind the little kids use at birthday parties and confetti was going everywhere and they were having pointed little hats and they were just dancing and having a good time but nobody was concerned for the harvest; no matter what I did I couldn’t get their attention but I knew that it would take the church not a superstar ministry in order to deliver the world. The harvest is great and its white to harvest now and hopefully the church will do its job.

Sid: You went on a vacation to Arizona but something very strange happened to you there.

John: We hadn’t had a vacation in 10 years and we were in the process of leaving Arizona and the Spirit of God would not let me leave and this went on for quite a long time several hours. And after coming back home and God dealing with me again about going out to Arizona and a very strong scriptural way and not some kind of crazy stuff but very scriptural got me to go back to Arizona. When I did I found a warehouse full of material that were the tools to help train people for the ministry of signs, wonders and miracles.

Sid: Now for those that aren’t familiar with AA Allen tell me a little bit about him.

John: AA Allen probably in my estimation was looking at the healing movement and I’ve studied it from end to end for 30 years. Is one of the greatest characters on the healing movement scene.  He was well versed in God using him in various gifts, raised in a hard, hard life like myself had a father was an alcoholic and a mother. Raised in various difficult time during the depression his body was emaciated just like myself the doctors only gave me a little time to live. His body was emaciated from the hard living that he went through not to make comparisons I’m not comparing myself with anybody. The point is that AA Allen had a visitation of God and God told him that he wanted to use him in a certain way and these were the things that were standing in his way and he gave him 13 things. In the process of dealing with his character, and that’s what that whole books about the price of God’s miracle working power is dealing with our characters.  Getting the things it’s not that we’re not saved but there are things in our characters that doesn’t please God so there for God told Allen he nailed down 11 of them and finally God began to move him into a ministry that is still going on today through the literature and films and tapes.

Sid: And so what did you do with all of this vast resource that most people didn’t have available of what God taught AA Allen in the great miracle ministry he had.

John: Well I’ll tell you what I spent a lot of years just gleaning the material and trying to save them. My biggest point that I took I can’t tell you exactly how many years but I can tell you it was over 50 trips that I made to Miracle Valley Arizona to harvest or collect because I was only allowed a carful at a time and then we pay for them and we would bring them back and then when opportunity knocked again and I had to wait for them to say you could come I would drive back and forth to do that.  So we literally took out 10’s of 1000’s of Bible studies of books and films and initially captured the whole mechanics of Allen’s ministry.

Sid: You know we’re out of time right now but Mishpochah I definitely want you to listen to this week because you’re going to understand some mysteries that should not be mysteries to you.

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