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Sid: I think that’s a pretty apt description of my guest Bishop George Bloomer. He’s Senior Pastor at Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina. Before we went on the air we had a little small talk if you will, and he was telling me how appreciative he was that because many Christian programs they limit what he can or can’t say about the supernatural of God. Of course what I said to him is “The only thing that limits you is time.” I want you to say anything because… listen here we are at the last of the last days and if God’s people hold back on the supernatural power of God what chance do we have the devil doesn’t hold back an inch.  So on yesterday’s broadcast George you were talking about… I asked you the question “Are people being set free from your new book or do they read it then have to go to a meeting that you’re at or someone else’s?”  And you explained that “People are being set free from my book ‘Weapons for Wars.’” You were working on a book and would you start that story again?

George: Yes, you know scriptures teach us “That ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” So deliverance takes place when you hear the truth. I was working on a book and my family had gone out to the fair and I was the house all alone by myself and was going through the edits on the tape. While I was listening to the tape I broke out into a cold sweat and I felt like I had to throw up. So I got up and I went into the restroom positioned myself in front of the commode and nothing happened. I got up maybe a minute later and went back into the room and turned the tape recorder back on because I had turned it off. Rewound it for a minute listened and when it got to the same part again it happened. Now this happened about 4 or 5 times before I realized that what I was physically experiencing had something to with what I was physically hearing. So I went back to it and in the tape I was dealing with identifying and breaking generational curses and on the tape I was dealing with rejection. Every time my spirit heard the edits from it there was a manifestation. So I went into the bathroom and I got down on my knees in front of the commode and I prayed to God and I renounced all of those spirits of rejection that was lying dormant in me and that was hiding in me and I commanded them to come out. Immediately there was a manifestation and in my physical mind fear began to grip me, and in my spirit mind I began to ask the Lord to cover me with His blood because there was no one there to assist me and I felt like I was choking and I was. I began to release something was coming out of me and I noticed that that day I hadn’t eaten anything. So everything that came out of me came out of my spirit and God set me free. So in the book “Weapons for Warriors” in this book I deal with how to identify and break generational curses. I got set free when I was listening to the tape.

Sid: What are some evidences of curses in someone’s life? What would you tell them to look out for?

George: Mental and emotional breakdown is evidence of a curse. Making enough money to meet all your weekly needs and sufficiency’s and you still have to borrow at the end of the month is evidence of a financial curse. Accident prone people, people who continue to fall down and break things and continue to break the same arm, the same ankle, the collar bone constantly. Miscarriages not able to hold… your womb’s not strong enough to hold the deposit. Those are some of the evidences of the outright evidences of a curse.

Sid: What about things like sickness?

George: Absolutely and reoccurring sickness. You know curses are normally things that were spoken over your life.

Sid: What about just plain depression you don’t know why but you just feel depressed all the time?

George: Evidence of a curse a demonic force oppressing you to bring you into a place of demonic possession. We deal with it in this book.

Sid: What are some of the things that open us up to these curses?

George: Well false teaching opens us up to those curses. A lot of television programs that our children watch and that we listen to opens us up to curses…

Sid: I’m not sure I’m following you exactly what do you mean by bad teaching opens you up to a curse?

George: I believe there’s a true battle going on between the false church and the true church. The religious demons those religious forces that are alive and well. In 2nd Corinthians 11:15 the Lord begins to minister to us and tells us that there will be false ministers that will fashion themselves after the righteous ones but the end shall be according to their works. So we have people who minister to us, the ministry of fear, and they minister to us things that have to do with legalism and what have you. The eclipse the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and so although we are in a religious movement we’re not in relationship with God and this is Satan in disguise and it opens us up to demonic curses.

Sid: What about just a parent says to a child “You’ll never amount to anything. Your stupid. You’re going to spend your life in prison. You’re no good.”

George: I call those word curses: stupid, idiot, black, white, trash those kind of things. “You’ll never amount to anything” or “You’re just like your father and your father was no good.” You know things that were spoken over our life and I believe that that opens you up to a curse.

Sid: Well you know one of the things you said that is so powerful about, and I believe if you tell this story people will understand how powerful their words are. Is you were in 1997 in Durham, North Carolina holding a tent meeting. There were some people trying to stop the meeting and you made a mistake. What did you say?

George: I was having a tent crusade when our church began to open it was just forming. The housing authority and some of the preachers in town wanted the tent to be moved. They brought the media in and I told them I’m not moving you know the devil is a liar and I’m not moving. I had a stake in my hand and I held the stake up and I said “Only the wind can move me.” The next day a hurricane came and moved the tent.

Sid: Hm.

George: I believe it was a curse. Proverbs 26 says “There can be no curse without a cause.” I believe a curse is a thing we speak but I realized I had spoken something and I challenged the wind and it came. So that same night we put the tent back up and our church grew from 4 people 1500.

Sid: Now the wind blew the entire tent down?

George: Not only did the wind blow the entire tent down there was a lady with a baby who was about 3-4 months old up under the tent when the tent blew down under this squall that came out of nowhere, this hurricane that came out of nowhere this down pour. She drops her baby when the tent fell in a puddle of water and the baby literally drowned in the puddle of water.

Sid: What a way to start a new church.

George: And they brought the baby into the trailer where I was at and the media had already gotten to the tent site because we had been battling in the media for the last 8 days and I was in the newspaper, so they were already there. There they were with the camera on the baby, baby’s lips was blue, mucus coming out of its nose, eyes closed, toes blue, and no breathing at all. The paramedic asks for the baby handed the baby to me as she was screaming and hollering “My baby! My baby! My baby!” The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said “Breathe on the baby and tell the baby to live.” I began to breathe on the baby (makes a sound blowing air), blow on the baby and I said “Live, live” and the baby coughed and life came back into the baby. The most fascinating thing happened to me about 2 years after the experience. I was in a church in Raleigh ministering and a lady came up to me and she says “Remember me?” I said “I think so (hesitatingly).” She said “Look at this” and the 2 year old baby came and hugged my leg (laughing). Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Sid: That’s why those curses are so diabolical. The truth is George there’s so many books out on this subject why did you write a book called “Weapons for Warriors?” Why do we need another book?

George: Well there’s a lot of books out on spiritual warfare but they’re so spooky and they are pitched well and high over your head. I wanted to bring people back to the basic fundamentals…

Sid: Some of these books they go after demons, they explain it and… I agree with you it’s so complex you need a PhD to figure out how to get these demons. I don’t think these fishermen that were walking with Jesus had any PhD.

George: They didn’t, they didn’t. So I wanted to write a book on spiritual warfare that dealt with the fundamentals of it out of Acts chapter number 16. The apostles did 3 things:

  • They preached
  • They sang
  • They testified

Acts 16:16 there’s a girl with a spirit of divination and she follows the men of God saying “You men of God will show us a way of holiness.” They turned and said to the spirit “Come out of her” and she was set free. They drew them into the market place to the magistrate rendered their clothes, beat them and put them in the inner prison. The Bible says at midnight they were singing and the jailhouse shook and the prison guard was going to fall on his sword and they testified to him “Do thyself no harm we’re all here.” So the preaching brought the girl to deliverance, the singing set them free, and the testimony set that young man free. That’s spiritual warfare: preaching, singing, and testifying. I wanted to give people an encyclopedia on deliverance with real experiences, real situations where they could apply it to their lives and get set free at the root, and pass it on to another brother or sister. That’s what this book does.

Sid: Mishpocha there are so many books on this subject and most of these books that you read they’re not practical and that’s what you’re saying George. They’re just not practical…

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