SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest’s father was the devil. I’m serious. He has a new father now, God. And his passion based on his former knowledge is to keep you three steps ahead of the devil. You know, all of us have had real challenges in our lives, but John, you really had challenges. Your father practiced something called Santeria.

JOHN: Santeria.

SID: Which is just a demonic religion I assume.

JOHN: Yes. It’s the number one demonic religion in the world today.

SID: And your father and your mother, constant turmoil. He used to beat her. But when you were eight years old your mom took you to a Tarot reader. What happened?

JOHN: My mom was going with my aunt and basically when I got there the lady, the witch that read the cards, she focused on me. She didn’t focus on my mom. She didn’t focus on my aunt. She told my mom that she saw in the spirit that I was going to lose my eyesight and if I didn’t get a ceremony done within the next 30 days I was going to be completely blind. So my mom panicked as any mother would and my mom allowed me to get the cards read. The lady read and they went on and a couple days later they initiated me to the dark side at the age of eight years old.

SID: And when at 13, you actually were willing or praying for your father to die?

JOHN: Yes. I remember my half-brother and brothers, and we would stay up all night, and he beat my mother all night long. So he would beat my mother all night. So we would be in the room. Sometimes we ran out of the room to try and help my mom [to keep him] from beating her, and he would throw us around, and then we’d go back into the room. And so one day I sat on the bed and started to pray, was just praying. I wasn’t even praying to God. I was just praying and saying, I hope he dies, I hope he dies. I hope someone kills him. And at the age of 13 years old, my father got shot at the age of 33, in the face, from a woman at a social club when he had a wife at home.

SID: Did you feel guilty about that?

JOHN: I was rejoicing, to be truthfully honest. I was rejoicing because I know the torment and the hate in my house, and the pain to go to school and put up a face as a young boy, and act like everything was okay at home, to put up a face and knowing that there was nothing but torment in my house.

SID: You began to really grow in the demonic and you, why did you feel Satan was your father?

JOHN: My father was a devil worshiper and that came from a generation of devil worshipers on my father’s side, generation to generation, Santeria, spiritualism, card readings, Palo Mayombe. Palo Mayombe is when you sell your soul to the devil and you make a contract with the blood, which I did later on in my years. And I would sit with the devil and speak to the devil all night long. I was going to demon church at the age of eight years from seven in the evening until five in the morning to be trained with principalities, demonic spirits, territory spirits. I was learning stuff in the spirit realm beyond the age of eight. So to me was, I told the devil, when you kill my father, you know, you can have me. So I told the devil, you can have me, and the devil said, I replace the old with the new.

SID: But God had a secret weapon, a beautiful woman and she invited you to church. What happened?

JOHN: Actually, she was a backslider. She was a backslider. So God got two for the price of one.

SID: So what happened when you went to that church?

JOHN: Actually, I went to the church. I asked the devil permission. I asked the devil, could I go to church. He said, “Go to church. People are weak. They don’t have no strength against us. They don’t have no power against us. You can go to church.” I was after the girl because she was a pretty girl and she lived in the neighborhood, so I didn’t have to move my car around, so we could go eat anywhere. So I thought that was a good deal. But you know, God was setting up a game plan, you know, for my life.

SID: You really got upset one time with the pastor. What happened?

JOHN: Well you know, the devil, I went to church a little too much without asking permission any more. And then the devil said, the devil showed up in church. In church, the devil showed up and I hear the devil whisper in my ear and tell me, “I didn’t tell you to come this Sunday. I didn’t give you permission to come this Sunday.” It was strange because the pastor did an altar [call] in the middle of the service. Usually they do that at the end of the service. So I got up. I said, well if I go by the pastor the devil won’t blast me. He will leave me alone. So when I went up, people came up to the middle, so I was one of the last ones to be prayed for. So I stayed here by the time he came. I didn’t want him to pray for me anyway. But by the time he gets to me he’s tired and the devil is gone. That was my plan. But when he came up to me, the devil possessed me right there, and I grabbed him by the throat and I picked him up in the air, and I said, “Today is the day you’re going to die.” And then all this foul stuff came out of my mouth and people jumped out of their seats, and I mean, big men jumped out of their seats, tried to grab me down and peel my hands off the pastor’s throat. He was turning purple.

SID: But he goes home and he prays a prayer, an unbelievable prayer. Listen to this. John cried out to God, “If you are bigger than my god,” with a small “g” although he didn’t know it at the time, “than my god that I serve, show me tonight or just leave me alone.” When we come back, we’re going to find out what happened from that prayer.

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