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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Henry Wright, and I’m talking to him about his book “A More Excellent Way.” Which is a teaching on the spiritual roots of disease and most people don’t even have a clue about this. Henry I’ll tell you something that’s coming to mind right now, I know a Jewish believer in the Messiah who graduated from a what was called “The Word of Faith” or well I’ll mention it Rhema Bible College, a fine Bible college. She would go around saying “I’m coming down with divine health.” And I understood what she was saying and I agreed with what she was saying and she would say this all the time and yet she died of many diseases a little before her time. Now we can’t talk about her specifically but is it enough to go around saying “I’m coming down with divine health in the name of Jesus” and be healed?

Henry: Well that brings us up to a very difficult theological question. First of all it’s not confession alone that produces health even though confession is a form of meditation of what God has said. When you go back to disease prevention in Deuteronomy chapter 7 beginning in verse 11 through 15 in the Torah, here’s what God said through Moses. “If you’re a doer of the word and you practice the principles that I’ve taught you then I’ll put none of these diseases evil diseases of Egypt upon you but put them upon those that hate you.” And the key issue is this it’s not confession even though you know the truth shall make you free.

Sid: Well in Joshua God said “If you’ll mediate on God’s word.” It’s saying God’s word causes you to believe it.”

Henry: I know but let’s talk about some theology. Today in the name of Yeshua we say we do things. Jesus said “Whatever you ask in My name that shall I do and that shall the Father do.” And were going around with confession and using the name of Yeshua like guaranteed something is going to happen. Except we’ve got a problem we can’t take scripture out of context you can’t take promises out of context without responsibility. Because in Psalm 138 verse 2 part b it says this “He exalts His word even above His name.” And so if we can confess all we want but if we’re participating with sin in our life then confession. You know listen “Obedience is still better than sacrifice.” You can give the sacrifice of praise, you can give the sacrifice of confession and mediation but obedience to God’s word is first principal, repentance from dead works is first principal.

Sid: But give me some examples of some sins that people need to repent of before they’re going to get their healing.

Henry: Well I will say this to you from 1st John chapter 5 and I hope the audience is ready for this one. It says “If a man sees his brother sin a sin unto death he shall not pray for him.” All unrighteousness is sin and there is a sin that is not unto death. Now that brings up a big conversation you know over 50 or 60 major incurable diseases that I deal with ministering prayer, the gifts, the anointing, anointing with oil and prayer, whatever you want to is a waste of time because that disease is unto death because they have committed a sin that is unto death. Now I am told I shall not pray for them; well what do I do I bring them back to 1st John chapter 1 “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” Now what sins are sins that are unto death? You have not asked this specifically but I’m about to tell you.

Sid: Well I sure was thinking it I was waiting for you to come up for air but that’s okay go ahead.

Henry: Most Christians don’t want to think this way. Most believers don’t want to think about responsibility for sin they don’t want to go here so I’m in rough territory so you pray for me because if somebody comes to me…

Sid: Listen we need some answers go for it.

Henry: And the answers are found in God’s word and if somebody comes to me with over 60 incurable diseases I know those diseases are unto death because they have participated with a sin that’s unto death and I shall not pray for them. But I can do is disciple them, bring them to a place of recognition to bring them to repentance so what Yeshua paid for us at the cross will now work for them. And key sins that are sins unto death Number 1 is: unforgiveness. How do I know that? Because it says in Mark 11:25 and 26 in the King James Version it says this “If you from your heart do not forgive your brother his trespass neither Your Father which is in heaven forgive you yours.” If I can show a person that behind this major incurable disease is a sin issue that needs to be repented for but if they have unforgiveness in their heart towards any person living or dead, then I’ve got a problem I want God to forgive them. But God has said “I’ll forgive you in relationship to how you forgive others” because we’re asking God to have mercy on us but we’re not showing mercy to our brother. This is a sin unto death because God intends for us to be a forgiving people.

Sid: Okay, we know about that so just in case someone needs a clarification there are sins unto death but if someone repents they will not be unto death is that what you’re saying?

Henry: What I’m saying is if we meet the conditions of how God has told us to deal with our lives and we’re become doers of the word again. See back in the Torah in Deuteronomy chapter 28 it’s so very clear “If you will be a doer of the word all of these blessings shall come upon you.”

Sid: But Henry there are so many Christians that are mature enough to know about the unforgiveness as you but they’re still in their diseases, what are some of the other bases’ that have to be touched.

Henry: Well they may know righteousness but are they really practicing it?

Sid: You mean if they say I have forgiven someone but any chance they have a chance to slam that person they really just deceive themselves.

Henry: Well conversion is of the heart not of the intellect.

Sid: Woe! You’re getting deep on me now.

Henry: (Laughing) You know I can give mental ascent to a God Sid but it doesn’t mean I have a true heart conversion. And there are blocks to healing in the book “The More Excellent Way.” There’s not only roots to disease listed but there’s 33 blocks to healing that have to be recognized. I suppose what I’m really saying is “Do we really know how God thinks?” Because how God thinks is the best that we can be in our own thought process that’s called the mind of Christ.

Sid: But wait a second I have to go back to unforgiveness forget the other 32. But you’re saying that someone could intellectually forgive but not forgive in their heart. What if they’re deceived and they think that they have forgiven and they haven’t? Is that why a lot of people die that should not?

Henry: Well I have a litmus test. I ask a person who I believe… they say “Well I have forgiven them” but I see the disease is still in their life. And I say when you think about that person you see their face in your minds heart and I use their name do you have a feeling on the inside of you that is still there that rises up the minute I use their name? If they say “Yes” they have not forgiven from the heart.

Sid: Hm. Do you think that… I’m going to do it right now, do you think it’s a salvation issue, forget this life?

Henry: Well…

Sid: (Laughing) I set you up.

Henry: It’s a salvation issue there’s two sides to this you don’t have to be sinless to obtain heaven as you know it’s still by faith. But what is in our lives here you see that’s what it says in Isaiah chapter 5 Sid “My people have gone into captivity because they have enlarged herself and opened up her mouth with a bout measure and has swallowed their great and famous up into it.” And that’s addressed to covenant people, so the issue is this I don’t think they’ve lost their salvation I don’t think it’s a salvation issue. I think that salvation is more than being born again and most Christians don’t understand that.

Sid: My goodness we just keep opening one can of worms after another. But let’s just go back to something we can deal with. I want to deal with unforgiveness someone that says “I know God says I should forgive therefore I have intellectually forgiven that person. When I think a bad thought I’ll even pray for them but I know that I have these bad thoughts how do I get rid of it I do want to forgive them, how do I get rid of it Henry?”

Henry: Well first of all people don’t understand that what was in the other person that victimized them wasn’t even them. Paul taught us that in Roman’s chapter 7 very clearly. And our fallacy in forgiveness is this that we’ve made the person sin. Now the person may have sin but they’re not sin and we’ve made the person evil along with the evil they did to us. So when God saved me I had lots of stuff in me that wasn’t right, I was a sinner. And God saw past my sin and saw Henry and wanted him. We must have that heart in forgiveness that we don’t judge people according to their sins but we judge them according to what God saw in them from the foundation of the world. But many people stumble over people’s failures, well if God stumbled over my failures He would have rejected me. But aren’t we supposed to think like God in this area? People that need to forgive you have a right to hate sin, you even have the right to hate the sin in the person but we do not have the right to hate the person and that’s the big issue.

Sid: Cancer? Give me an example of someone that was healed and the cause.

Henry: Cancer of course on “It’s Supernatural” your show the lady with the face cancer when she dealt with self-hatred.

Sid: But many people have not heard that testimony, you can say that again.

Henry: I can say it again, when she came to our “For My Life Program” and she had cancer on her face. And when she repented for participating with the sin of self-hatred sincerely from her heart and had lied to her for all of these years and she had become one with it. And her spirituality and her psychology and the disease was the fruit of it and when she repented of it. In that very day the cancer fell off of her face and on to the floor and today she’s well. And other people with cancer we’ve dealt with cancer of the uterus ovarian cancer, where a person hated their feminity, they hated being a female. Maybe their daddy said “I wish I had a boy baby whatever when they made their peace that they were female. Male and female created He them when they made the peace with themselves about their femininity God is right there to restore to them the cleanness and help in those areas. Brain tumors, fibroid tumors are rooted in bitterness and self-bitterness. The big issue is this when we have bitterness for example our body creates toxins, those toxins destroy the centuries of our cells allowing cancer to get a foothold any time we want. Not only that because most anxiety disorders that I deal with are in fear 1st John 4:18 says “There is no fear in love.” So you’ve not been loved perfect that there’s a type of fear that comes and that releases a destruction of the immune system and thereby you can become what is called cancer-prone.

Sid: Hold that thought Mishpochah we’re out of time again…


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