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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Dale Fife and I’m speaking to him about his book that has just… it’s made such an impact on me and I know that it’s going to make an impact on you it’s called “The Secret Place.” And Dale believes and I believe this too that an angel accompanies each one of these books to help you get into God’s secret place. Now there’s a whole portion in your book in which you talk about the “Well of His Presence.” For those that are perhaps tuning in for the first time Dr. Dale Fife on January 1st 1999 prayed a prayer. This wasn’t premeditated but it was out of desperation for intimacy with God. He said “God, I want to walk with you the way Enoch walked with You, I want to have sweet fellowship with You.” And that prayer that day changed his life and I believe as you read this book and especially as you receive the prayer that we’re going to pray over you right now this day is going to change your life. Dale, tell me a bit about what God showed you of the “Well of His Presence.”

Dale: Sid one day I was sitting on the front porch of a friend of mine and I had my journal open and I had just in the morning I was drinking a cup of coffee and I was ready to just wait in the Lord’s presence for what He might have to say to me. And so I said “Lord what is it that you have to say to me today?” And instantly like a Polaroid snapshot I saw a picture in the Spirit of a well. It was a stone well about waist high, circular well and it had a roof over it an A-frame style roof and a beam across the center with a rope wound around it. And I’ve learned now in my walk with the Lord that when I see something spontaneous like this that it’s unpremeditated or unstimulated by myself that it just comes spontaneously that the Lord is trying to say something to me. So I said “God what is this? What is this picture?” And immediately I saw another scene, and now I was not just looking at the well as it would be sitting on top of the ground but I was seeing what appeared to be like the earth was cut away and I could see down into the depths of the well like I was looking at it from the side view a cutaway. And I could see all of the different layers of the earth so I could see clay and the different levels of different types of soil. And as the well went down into the earth it got wider and wider and wider until it opened into this huge underground river. I said “Lord what is this you’re showing me?” And the voice of the Spirit said “Son this is the well of My presence and I want you to come here and drink in My presence, this is the well or my presence.” And then the Lord said “Most people know this as the well of salvation and they have come to drink only of the surface.” And immediately I thought of the verse in Isaiah which says “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation, everyone who is thirsty let him come and drink of the well of salvation.” And of course immediately I realized Sid I have experienced this but there was a sadness in the heart of the Lord as He spoke He said “I want My church to drink deeper in the well and the majority of My church only knows the top and they know it as the well of salvation, the top surface of the well.” And I could see immediately underneath the surface was another layer called the “Fullness of the Holy Spirit.” And the Lord said “Some have even tasted of the fullness My Spirit they know Me as their Savior and they know Me as the baptizer in the Holy Spirit. But underneath that level and this was just almost at the very top of the well was the word I could see this word it said revelation. And beneath that was another word that said “Mysteries.” And then this scripture came to me “There are secrets hidden in the heart of the King and the wise man draws them out.” And suddenly I realized I was looking at a picture of what God wants in terms of intimacy with us that He has saved us and filled us with His Holy Spirit but there is so much more depth in God that we haven’t even tapped, that we haven’t experienced. And so after I had had this vision Sid I began day by day when I would take my Enoch walk with the Lord I would come and stand by the well of His presence and say Lord I’m here to drink of the depths of Your heart today.

Sid: And you know the tragedy most people want to drink to the depths of other people’s revelation rather than get it for themselves.

Dale: You know that is so true in fact you said earlier about being stuck. One day I came to the well and I know that in the well of His presence in intimacy with Him is incredible revelation and creativity and an endless supply I mean the wisdom of God far exceeds anything. The love of God far exceeds anything we could even comprehend. And we have just begun to tap the truth and the revelation and the mysteries that are in the heart of God. And one day as I approached the well I saw all around the well all of these weeds and bushes and brush. And the Lord pointed to them and He said “Son do you see that?” I said “Yes.” He said “That was never my intention, My intention was that people would have free access to the well of My presence but men and woman have come and they have drawn up revelation out of My heart and they have planted themselves by the well. So that when people come they will drink of that revelation instead of coming into My presence. And then the Lord said “And these are denominations and these are cults and these are things where we have become stuck Sid as you say because we had worshiped the revelation of truth instead of the truth giver Himself.”

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