Sid: My guest by way of telephone is in Tampa is Physician Dr. John Miller, he’s a Chiropractor. He has spent a lifetime in medicine, in alternative medicine in vitamins and herbs the whole works. And He’s saying you can’t be double-minded if you want the benefits that God has provided in the atonement. And the benefits we understand very clearly about sin. We know that if we repent of our sins the blood of Jesus washes away all of our sins not part of them, but so few understand that the body of the Messiah that was broken for us paid the price for all of our diseases in the atonement. Now Dr. Miller there’s a technical word that many people from a Catholic background believe as truth and I really have to know what your… I mean for a guy that has your background and has spent 20 years studying communion I want to know what your position is on transubstantiation.

John: Okay transubstantiation is the doctrine that when the priest blesses the bread and the wine it literally becomes the body and the blood of Jesus. Jesus was sitting at Passover and he picked up the bread and He said “This is My body which is broken for you.” So He was holding this piece of bread and he said “This is My body.” He was sitting in his body so that bread obviously was not His body what He was saying is that this bread represents My body.

Sid: Did the first church believe what the Catholic Church teaches about the transubstantiation?

John: No the first letter on transubstantiation was written by a priest in 831 AD so about 800 years after the church. And then sometime later the church adopted the doctrine. The problem with that is the miracle occurs in the element and in Biblical communion the miracle occurs and the one who takes the element.

Sid: Explain to me that’s something you touched on yesterday, a lot of people do not see the need for daily communion and when it says that they broke bread from house to house to house they think that was a fellowship meal. Explain why that’s wrong.

John: Okay this came about God spoke to me in 1991 and told me that I was going to meet the singer Johnnie Cash and I was to give him the teaching on communion. I found out that he’d been very ill and had just had surgery and he was going to be in the Tampa Bay area doing a concert. I later found out from June Carter his wife that when he left Nashville to come to Tampa he had only rehearsed 4 songs because he was so ill. And through a series of miracles God put me with Johnnie Cash the night of the concert. And I gave him a communion kit that I had made up two glass goblets and a wine container and unleavened bread container and a cassette tape where I had taught on communion. This was Saturday night he sang the 4 songs and he told the crowd I’m sorry the Carter Sisters will have to finish the concert. Well the next day Sunday he was in bed sick all day. Well the next day he had to go across the state to Melbourne, Florida in which he played my tape in the Johnnie Cash bus. He wrote me a letter I’ll just read it right now.

Sid: And for those that don’t know Johnnie Cash is a very strong believer, but go ahead.

John: It says

Dear Dr. Miller,

Thanks for a great blessing today. First I listened to your tape all the way through taking notes and copying scripture. Then I set up the little communion set you sent. My wife and I held hands, had prayer broke the bread and drank the wine. Healing has set in I know it I feel it in body and in spirit. This will be a daily thing for me alone or with June or another of the family circle.

Thank you may God continue to inspire you and teach you,

Johnnie Cash

Well one line in that verse of scripture or in that letter kept going through my head I couldn’t get it out of my head “This will be a daily thing for me.” I said “God what did Johnnie Cash pick up out of this that I’ve missed?” And this is what the Lord revealed to me in the New Testament in the Bible we have the actual body of Christ; in the Old Testament it was likened by the manna that came down from heaven. The bread that came down from heaven and that bread sustained them physically for 40 years in the wilderness. Jesus said 3 times in John 6 “Your father’s did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead but I tell you I’m the real bread that came down from heaven unless you eat my flesh you have no life in you.” So Jesus was saying that manna was only a type of Me. So I looked how often they took it remember they gathered it remember they gathered every morning except Saturday they couldn’t gather it so they had to gather it so they gathered two days’ worth on Friday. If on Monday they gathered enough for Tuesday then it turned to worms and they tried and sure enough it happened. So the type of the Body of Christ the bread type in the Old Testament that likens the Body of Christ was taken daily. Then God led me to Acts the 2nd chapter on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came and sat on the people of cloven tongues of fire and they all began to speak with tongues.

Sid: Yes.

John: The people said “These men are drunk” and Peter said “No they are not drunk as you suppose.” This is what the Prophet Joel spoke of ‘In the last days I’ll pour out My Spirit on all flesh your Old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.” And it says that those 3000 people were saved when Peter preached that sermon and that was the beginning of the church. In Acts 2 says that “They continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrines in prayer, the breaking of bread and the giving of thanks.” So that tells us the 4 doctrines that the New Testament did on a continuous basis. Then when you drop down to verse 46 it said “The continued daily in the Temple and breaking bread from house to house.” Now…

Sid: You know most people when they read breaking bread they think “Oh they have a ministry of hospitality it’s a fellowship meal.”

John: I have a collection of commentaries that I made copies of in the Leigh University Library about 20 Bible commentaries all of those Greek Scholars said that the breaking of bread was talking about communion.

Sid: Hm.

John: So when you… and you can see it when you understand that that verse said that “They continued in the Temple daily.” Well the Messianic Jewish believers would go to the Temple and meet on Solomon’s porch and discuss issues, but they couldn’t do the communion there at the Temple because the Jewish leaders in the Temple did not go along with that. So they would meet at the Temple and then disperse to their homes to have the communion. And all almost every Bible commentary that I’ve ever read in those verses agree that they took communion daily from house to house.

Sid: What difference has this made to people that get this insight to do it daily as opposed to once a month when the pastor does it at church?

John: It’s the only way that I know that they could walk in divine health.

Sid: Alright I have to ask you a question “How’s your health?”

John: Wonderful, wonderful. I was asked one time by a preacher that his father who was a great Pentecostal Preacher that had a great ministry and a spiritual father of the same caliber both died within 3 days of one another from the same cancer. And he called me up and said “What’s going on all of these old heroes of healing dying of cancer?

Sid: Hm.

John: And I told him I only know one thing that’s missing in their life and that was daily communion. I told him I know one preacher who died the one way he should have that knew a great deal about the atonement and that was Smith Wigglesworth. Smith Wigglesworth who turned 2 continents upside down, 3 people were resurrected from the dead under his ministry. He attended a funeral and at the funeral he stepped up on the platform to shake the preachers hand and God took his spirit out of his body just like he took Ananias and Sapphira when they lied to Peter about how much they had sold their property for God just took their spirits out of their body and their body collapsed.

Sid: Now that’s my kind of rapture we’re out of time today.

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