Steven Brooks

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, now Steven you live up in the Moravian Falls in the Carolinas.

Steven: Yes.

Sid: And that’s quite a historic spot and many of my friends that live in that area they seem to have such a sensitivity to spirit and they see lots of angels, do you?

Steven: Well there are times when I see into the glory realm and I’ll tell you what I’ve never get tired of it Sid. And the Lord is faithful to open that realm up to us as we seek Him and God can open our spiritual eyes, open our spiritual senses to come into that realm and not to have these little visits but merge into a place where it becomes an ongoing occurrence.

Sid: Tell me the neatest experience you have ever had involving an angel.

Steven: Well I’ve had different angels come to me they all have different purposes, they have different assignments from the Lord. I had a tremendous angel, very powerful angel under the Lord’s command come to me just a couple of years ago and his name was Boaz. And he told me that his assignment was to bring provision to those who are called to establish Kingdom projects. For instance, Sid if somebody is called to establish a Christian hospital of a Christian orphanage or if a pastor is called to raise up a new sanctuary building. What the purpose of this angel is is that he has many other angels that work beneath him and they influence Boaz type individuals to support the work of God. In other words, it says in Ruth chapter 2 that Boaz was a mighty man of wealth. And so whenever you have a Kingdom project you’ll need some money to help complete that project and bring it to pass. So there are angels that go to work to cause people of wealth to connect with a God given project and see that project completed and built to the glory of God.

Sid: Okay, someone is involved right now that’s listening to us in a God ordained project. How do they get an angel like Boaz to go out in the highways and byways and have the millionaire bring the funds?

Steven: One of the most important things that you have to do is you have to know that that project is from God. In other words, it can’t just be this is a good idea I think I’ll try to do this. It has to be an assignment that the Lord has given to you and it’s something that you so know that you’re supposed to do that it centers around a primary life calling that you have. You know that whether… it’s like Noah, he was called by God to build that ark. So you know that God has assigned a project to you and you need help. Often times with these projects even to get it rolling you need somebody to step in and make a sizable contribution, once that happens it seems like now it begins to roll and others come on board.

Sid: Right.

Steven: But how do get that first break? You need a Boaz, you need a person like Boaz in the Bible who is a person of wealth.

Sid: I’m going to take you… you have a project you know it’s from God how would you pray?

Steven: I’d say “Lord, this project is bigger than I am, Lord I don’t have the ability or the empowerment to do this. Now Lord You’re going to have to send help. Now let the angels go forth and bring in the necessary help so that the necessary provision of this work can be fulfilled and accomplished.”

Sid: You said angels have assignments, have you ever seen angels whose assignment might be revival?

Steven: There are angels of revival. Just recently Sid only about a week ago I was ministering in Ohio and I was… I had finished my portion of preaching, now I’m just prophetically flowing in the Spirit, ministering, talking under the anointing and suddenly I walked into an angel, my hand bumped into an angel.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steven: It felt like sticking your hand into some type of heavenly gel substance Sid. It was solid but at the same time you could push it a little bit. I said “Lord, who is this who has come into the meeting?” And the Lord said this is the angel Breakthrough. And when I announced that the angel Breakthrough is here the whole place just broke out in joy and praise unto the Lord. It just created a spirit of faith exploded in that place. And I said “They’ll be a breakthrough for those listening to this voice whoever I’m speaking to there will be a breakthrough within 72 hours. And Sid within 3 days I had a breakthrough in my life. A very very unusual breakthrough, staggering breakthrough. And it happened, the angel came under the Lord’s command and broke something special through.

Sid: Now I know you operate in what one of the gifts is called “Word of Knowledge.” What is the Word of Knowledge?

Steven: Word of knowledge is a breakthrough gift that brings not an encyclopedia of knowledge, not a page of knowledge but a word. Sometimes maybe it could be literally 1 word. Sometimes a short sentence, but it brings a word of knowledge that deals with the past or present information. For instance, Jesus ministered to the woman at the well. Sometimes it hard to really get to minister to people because we put these walls up and we protect and we hide because of pain or failure or disappointment. This lady had walls up and Jesus… it appears wasn’t making too much progress as far as ministering to her until he said “Go call your husband.” She said, “I don’t have one.” He said “You’re right,” He said “You’ve been married 5 times and the man that you’re with now you’re not married to him either.” So that word of knowledge was a breakthrough gift and the moment he released that word of knowledge then He could touch her He’s got her heart. And then it allows the other gifts to come in and the love of God to flood into a person’s heart.

Sid: Now distinguish between a word of knowledge and word of wisdom.

Steven: Word of knowledge deals with past or present information. Word of wisdom will always speak towards the future and the word of wisdom is a word to you from God that reveals the perfect plan and the will of God concerning a specific situation.

Sid: Can you recall one that was very meaningful in your life?

Steven:   The word of wisdom is such a precious gift it is worth more than all of the gold, all of the riches in the world. And when the Lord speaks these words of wisdom to me it just makes you want to so thank and love and honor the Lord. Sid the most often way that I receive the word of wisdom is through my Bible, sometimes I won’t even be thinking about anything but maybe I’ll just pick up my Bible randomly and set it down and there’s times it seems like it a scripture just lifts off the page in a 3D hologram form. I remember recently while talking with my daughter late into the night about God’s plan for her life and how the Lord loves her, and we had such a wonderful talk about the Lord. I put her to sleep and she went to bed, I went down stairs and before I went to sleep I thought I’d just grab my Bible maybe I’d get one more scripture in. I opened it up and this verse lifted up off the page it looked like the Holy Spirit highlighted in a 3D hologram and it said “Great will be the peace of your children.”

Sid: Hmm.

Steven: And it was so timely, it was literally the Lord speaking that word to me, it was a word of wisdom for my child.  

Sid: You know when word of knowledge started operating in my life I had no mentoring, I had no examples, I had no one to show me what to do and so for a while I would hear it and do nothing with it.

Steven: Right.

Sid: Then I got the idea what if I called the people forward. Like I would hear the word back, everyone with a back problem come forward and I’d pray for them and everyone would be healed. And then I went to the next level with that gift I began saying “Everyone with a back problem if you will just stand up and bend over where your seated you’ll be healed right where your seated.” So what I found is it… you know what it is I guess it’s what you talk about in the book, the new book and the 3 CD set. The more information you have, I wish I had had this when I first started.

Steven: This book will fast track your walk in the Spirit. This book is years and years of experience I learned in the ministry operating at times in very adverse situations and I took all the good points and I put them into the book. So a person can take this and apply it and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel you’ll be up and running.

Sid: What if you first started you had all this information what difference would it have made in your life?

Steven: I’d be 15 years ahead in the ministry if I knew some of those things, like your saying you’re getting these words of knowledge, or I’m getting a word of wisdom I had no clue of how much profit that would actually bring into my life if I would actually obey it. I thought that it was optional. The word of wisdom particularly is never optional you must obey it or you will suffer lost or harm. So if you do exactly what the Lord says then you’ll always move ahead toward your purpose and fulfillment of your life calling.

Sid: Out of curiosity, it’s a brand new book and a 3 CD set of “Experiencing Miracles in Your Everyday life,” but you’ve been teaching this for a while. What happens with people that aren’t operating in the gifts and they sit under your teaching?

Steven: One of the most important things is that a person will see the value of these gifts. What happened to me is when I began to realize the power of the Holy Spirit coming forth through these gifts Sid I almost wanted to pull my hair out in frustration of all of the missed opportunities from previous years. I thought “Oh my goodness that was the Spirit of God moving, if I would have just stepped out and followed that manifestation of that gift there’s no telling what tremendous miracle would have happened.” So when I caught on to this I was always keen to take advantage of those opportunities when the Spirit comes forth. So a person will receive tremendous joy and happiness in their life as these gifts come for and they yield to the Spirit it will bring great blessing into their life.

Sid: Now one of the gifts that you really flow in is and you actually flow in all nine gifts but one of your dominate gifts is the gift of prophesy. When did you… what is prophesy for starters?

Steven:   Prophecy is declaring and speaking forth through a known language what is on the heart of God that God wants to express to a body of Believers or perhaps even to an unbeliever or to an individual.

Sid: So it could be a teaching that He wants expressed to a group.

Steven: It could be or it could be something more revealing. I was preaching one time in a Baptist Church and I turned to the pastor and I said “Pastor Mike the Holy Spirit just told me that God’s going to give you a church building, your own church building and it’s going to happen within a year.” Well 51 weeks went by and on the last week of the year just before the year was up somebody gave him a church building, gave him the keys to it, the whole building was paid off the prophecy came to past.

Sid: I’m going to turn you loose with the gift of prophecy on tomorrow’s broadcast….

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