Sid: My guest Randy Clark is red hot for the Messiah; you know when Randy starts teaching on words of knowledge it kind of jumps off of him on to you. And I would like to know Randy how this all got started with you as far as operating in words of knowledge.

Randy: Well Sid, I was in my office and I was telling the Lord in prayer that “I’m glad that I’m not a person that believes that You used to do this stuff but you quit; You used to do miracles but you quit; I’m glad that I’m not after sensations; I’m glad I’m not a liberal; I believe that the Bible’s true that You did miracles and You do miracles.” And I was expecting God to say “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” But instead I heard in my heart “So what.” I sat up in my desk in my chair and I said “God, what do You mean so what.” And then the thought came; you might as well be a liberal or a sensationalist to say you believe these things are for today but you don’t know how to move in them.” That was a big point of turning in my life and I began to seek God and go to conferences and read everything I could to learn about how to actually move in the gift I believe are for today but I don’t know how to move in them. As a result I got a telephone…I called a guy from the Vineyard and he told me on the phone 5 ways that you can get a word of knowledge. And within 3 days of having that teaching which was only like 5 minutes on the phone; within 5 days I began to get words of knowledge.

Sid: Okay, give me a 5 minute teaching on words of knowledge right now.

Randy: Okay, you can receive a word of knowledge by having a thought that’s not usually a thought about a condition; a need, a name. It can be a number; recently I heard the number 7; so I said in the service “I don’t know what it means but it’s got something to do with your problem.” People got healed who they were born on the 7th; they got healed when they got hurt on the 7th, they had 7 things wrong with them; they had the sins a lot of things like that. So as an impression you can think them; you can feel them, the pain is not your pain; you feel what it’s like in somebodies body and 90% I get them that way. You can see them; it’s like a mental picture of how somebody got hurt or what area the body was hurt. In can be an open vision where you see it. So you can feel them, you can think them, you can see them. I’ve never had this but I have people all the time that do; they actually see a word on somebody and you can say them as you’re praying for somebody or talking to them you hear yourself say something you didn’t plan to say and it’s the key that unlocks their soul to be healed. Then I learner recently about 4 or 5 years ago at Heidi Baker that you can dream them. And once I heard that within 2 weeks I had a dream. And what I saw I saw a hand that had like 4 inches of sliver stuck into it sticking out 2 inches past the palm. I gave the word; the Word of God came his pan handle is paralyzed and this sliver had cut his nerves and the tendons in two and his paralyzed opened and he knew it was for him and he was instantly healed. So you can feel them, think them, see them, say them, read them, dream them or it can be an odd experience that the Lord quickens it’s meaning to you. So there are several ways you can have words of knowledge.

Sid: Now, just out of curiosity what if you have a major word you’re talking about and no one raises their hand; what affect would it have on you now?

Randy: Well, if it was a major word I would know that somebody’s got it and they don’t understand or they’re afraid to raise their hand.

Sid: You have more faith in your word than in them raising their hand; is that what I’m hearing you say?

Randy: Yes, at this point because I’m been doing this since 1984.

Sid: But look how someone could get faked out because I have people that come up to me two weeks later and they say “Do you know when you had that word I was healed but I didn’t want to come up.”

Randy: Yes, what do you do when somebody doesn’t respond when words given; how do you pastor that and I try to talk about it. Because when I was pastoring in St. Louis that would come up to me after the service was over after the service was over they would not acknowledge because they were from a tradition they weren’t used to this; they were embarrassed or it was weird but then after the service was over they would come up and admit it and say “Is that person still available could I get prayed for now?” So it does happen that way.

Sid: Now when you teach you then let people come forward with words of knowledge; explain how that works.

Randy: When I teach this I basically say “God just told me this is what I’m to do there is a call on my life and I’ve been doing this since 1984 and every time I’ve done it God has given people a gift of the word of knowledge. Then in the next 2 minutes or over the next few weeks you’ll recognize it or know what it is now that you wouldn’t have before. So I just have enough faith to know that it’s going to happen so I say …I pray and I wait 2 minutes and I say “All of you who think you’ve just got a word of knowledge if you wait until your certain you’ll miss 90% of them but if think you may have had a word of knowledge come on up; this is a time to learn, you’ll learn if you were write or not.” And usually 90% of the time they’re right. And so and that’s been happening every time that I’ve taught this since ’84.

Sid: You know I feel such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit right now Randy. I believe that you have taught for a little bit and if you would pray a prayer of impartation for people to have activated the gifts of the Spirit in their life.

Randy: I’d love to do that and I do want to say that I believe when I pray this God is going to start giving people gifts but the only way they’ll learn they’ll have to go for risk it. “Father thank You that Jesus died, that the Spirit could be poured out according to the Old Testament prophets upon all flesh; we thank You that our sons and daughters would have dreams and visions and the old men would prophesy. And we thank You God that the Spirits been poured out; so in Jesus Name I pray for the activation of word os knowledge that people heard what we just taught the they would begin to recognize that it’s not intuition, that it’s not weird pain, it’s You are showing them something you want to do for somebody. So Father I bless the people that are listening; I speak faith to them; I pray for this release of the Holy Spirit and activation of words of knowledge in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sid: Amen now I want you to talk to people that just received that impartation again what they can look for for words of knowledge. The various different ways it occurs.

Randy: Yeah, the most two common ways that it occurs is that people begin to feel pain that’s not their pain. The second most common way is that they begin to have impressions of condition at church or while they’re at work or when they’re with somebody and it’s just that impression that comes of a need of a physical problem. And then probably the third most common way is they basically see like a daydream of how somebody got hurt or an organ or a part of a body. Those are the most common ways, though you actually see a word on somebody; or you can dream about how somebody got hurt.

Sid: Now you told me when you went to Africa that’s when you understood God really want to talk to us through our dreams. You began believing this and then it started happening. Tell me one dream and the result.

Randy: I just mentioned one I saw the guys hand that had the sliverer in it; both hands actually. And I saw nobody, no arms just the hands in this dream. I woke up that day I gave that in the service; I wasn’t sure it’s God because it’s the first time I had ever had that. And a guy was…he came up and before I could pray in the Name of Jesus he was already healed.

Sid: You see if most people if they had a dream like that would have done nothing with it.

Randy: And if I had not had that teaching from this guy I had interviewed that had raised the dead, several people from the dead actually in Mozambique I would not have known myself and I would have discounted it. And that’s the whole thing, part of learning to flow and move in the Holy Spirit’s gifts is understanding the ways of God and how these gifts manifest so that when they do happen God get’s the glory instead of us missing what He’s saying to us.

Sid: …so that you can start being activated. The reason to be activated is because this is God’s plan A for evangelism. And plan B is so far removed but the church works on apologetics rather than demonstrating the Kingdom. And the reason they do that is they don’t know how; faith comes from hearing….Randy very briefly God uses you in very dramatic prophecy; I was looking at a few of the people that you’ve prayed for. For instance I’ve interviewed this fellow Lief Hetland; tell me quickly what happened to Lief.

Randy: Well the prophetic word was “God was going to use him powerfully; make him a bulldozer and make a way where there’s been no way in a dark place and he would be light. Any way more than that; but the power came on him knocked him to the floor and he shook for 2 ½ hours. And he’s lead 1 million people in Pakistan alone to the Lord since then through healing, miracle crusades; not crusades the calls them I forgot what he call them but he doesn’t call them crusades there in the Muslim world.

Sid: Right.

Randy: But any way he has had a million in Pakistan come to the Lord. And many more; I mean lots of other people in other countries. The same thing with Heidi Bakker and oh about a million people in her ministry since the prophesy came for her. Another guy by the name of Henry McDova Ukraine had a million people in his minstry come to the Lord since he had a prophetic word for their church and there’s been several people like that.

Sid: But you know what? You may not get a prophetic word like that….


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