Sid: My guest Perry Stone President and Founder of Voice of Evangelism in Cleveland, Tennessee. I have his latest book here and if you’re not red hot for the Messiah by the time you finish this you must be. It’s called “Unlocking Secret’s in the Second Coming Scrolls Searching for the time of the Messiah’s Return.” And Perry you have some facts that I don’t hear in today’s headlines; they should be in the newspapers; they should be on television but they’re not. For instance you talk about a Muslim belief in a great Muslin leader that will come on the scene in the last days and introduce Islamic justice. And actually interesting phrase “Bring peace to the entire world.”

Perry: Well, let me take people on a quick journey here. When Mohammed who was the founder of Islam died the religious split to two groups the Sunni and the Shite. The Shites had 11 leaders that the Sunni’s murdered and killed because there was a battle who was in charge. The 12th leader was the son of the 11th and they hid him he disappeared; they never found his grave; they don’t know what happened to him. So they believe that this 12th leader of the Shite religion has been supernaturally preserved somewhere in Iraq or in Saudi Arabia. He’s either hiding in a cave or he’s in the desert and he will appear at the end of days. And okay they call this man Al mahdi which is the enlightened one. People are going to find this extremely interesting; they believe because there two places in Iraq Carbolah and Samara, Iraq. Carbolah is where Mohammed’s son-in-law son was Hussein was murdered with 70 of his followers. But Samara, Iraq is allegedly was where the Al mahdi is supposed to appear. And the Shite Muslims are so excited that Soda Hussein is out of power. But they want the American’s out because Iran wants to take over the country of Iraq. Because the Shites believe that their Mahadi will appear in Iraq and they want control of the country. Now here’s what’s interesting, the Sheikh that has been fighting the American forces in Fulja it has formed what is called…this is in the paper the Mahadi Army. And this is how convinced they are that sooner or later this man is going to rise to power now. Without going into great detail if you don’t follow you’ll be beheaded, and of course Revelation 20 speaks of that. He’s suppose to appear on a white horse according the Muslims. Oddly enough in Revelations 6 you have this man on a white horse going forth conquering and to conquer. It just goes on from there; the prophets reached out in the future and saw what was happening oddly enough sent what the Muslim’s are planing to do in the world. Therefore I believe that the anti-Christ will be of the Muslim background and that he will absolutely take over all of that Mediterranean Sea area where the Muslims nations are strongest. And that’s where he will make his final attempt to attack the Jewish people there inside the country of Israel. And of course we know that Mashiach returns and to save the remnant of the Hebrew people. And of course that’s when He comes and defeasts the armies of the world according to Revelations chapters 19; Zachariah chapters 14 and sets up His Kingdom. So but we can see what…what is amazing we can see how all of this is beginning to develop and just fits the scenario of what we read in the ancient prophecies of the Bible. And to me that’s the part because we talked on yesterday’s program about people wanting to know “When do you think it may happen, how long do you think?” This is how we know there is so many things happening now that we’re never happening before. I mean who would have thought; let’s go back to ’99. You know people were worried about Y2K back then. Who would have thought that we would be in a war against terror and then we’re constantly on alert. I mean I know for a fact that there have been 7 terrorist attacks stopped in the United States. Different places, different things, some of them could have been very tragic; but they were stopped. And that’s not counting maybe the ones that eve I don’t know about from my sources.

Sid: So many times when they have this top alert and we see nothing has really happened it really was stopped, is what occurred.

Perry: It was stopped or either they caught somebody planing to do something and they raised that alert. You see it’s best for them not to tell people because you know how our media is; our media will just take something and just…it’s like the other day when they were showing the pictures of those men who were captured. And what they were actually doing anyone in intelligence know that they were interrogating those men; they were not torturing them; they were interrogating them and breaking their will down to get them tot talk. But see all of the Arab world went crazy and just went into this riot over those pictures. But I didn’t see anybody in the Arab fussing when they burnt those American’s up and hung their burnt bodies up on the bridge. Isn’t that strage.

Sid: And there are manners of terrorism but in your book…

Perry: But they just didn’t think that was wrong.

Sid: Well, it’s a blinding; it’s a spiritual blinding by the world.

Perry: It has to be, it has to be. It is a spiritual warfare just the way the scriptures teach. And we say spiritual; it’s not just with spirit; it is spiritual in the sense of dealing with eternal life and eternal death in a person’s life.

Sid: Perry, in your book you do a very interesting tie in between the Islamic leaders and the Vatican, explain.

Perry: Well, let me just explain it this way; a lot of people don’t really realize how linked the present Pope is to Islam. Now the big difference between let’s say a person who would be and just put it this way; let’s talk about Europe; let’s talk about the Mediterranean area. The two strongest religions around the Mediterranean would be Islam and Roman Catholicism. Now if you were to sit down with someone who is let’s say a priest in the European area and with someone who is a Muslim Emum. And say “What’s our differences?” The differences would be Jesus being the Son of God. Someone who would be a Cardinal or a leader or a priest; he would say “Jesus is God’s Son from the Catholic perspective. But the Islamic people say “Absolutely not; God does not have a son, he is not begotten; neither does he begot.” So what happens is this there is this movement that is rising up in the Roman Catholic Church which is quite frightening and I have a lot of people that are Roman Catholic background that send me information or they were formally would send me information. And there is thing about Jesus being the son of God making making Mary in other words the intercessor and in other words lessening the rule of Jesus. And if a Pope for example would ever come to power and he were to say that Jesus is not the son of God he would be 100% accepted in the Islamic world and he could even be a leader in the Islamic world. Because and I don’t want to get into all the details as to why that is so but it is interesting that in Rome Italy they’re allowing the Muslim’s to build one of the largest mosques that has ever been built not far from the Vatican. And someone says “Now this doesn’t make sense because we know that are fanatical Muslims that would want death to anybody or anything that looks like it’s Christian or Christian in name. However we have to understand this link, the Vatican link with Islam is very strong in the Middle East and here’s the reason why. And this is going to be tough to say and I know that there are people who that there are some that will be controversial with. But if you go which I have into Jordan, into Egypt and into Israel and you look at people who are priests; whether they be Greek Orthodox or they be Catholic most of them; and I’m not going to say all but most of them are anti-Jewish and pro-Palestinian. And therefore they have a lot of Muslim friends or Arab Christian friends but they have a lot of animosity towards the Jews. Now this is not coming from me reading a book or someones opinion. I have been there 26 times to do my research and talk to people about this and so…

Sid: And yet there are things within the Catholic Church repudiating the antisemitism of the past.

Perry: Right, that’s right and we want to make that clear that that has been publicly stated. But when we look and we go back to the end-times; when we look at what’s going to happen in the end-times many of the Catholics in the United States who study Bible Prophecy and I do agree with this do teach that the false prophet of Revelation 13 of verse 11 who is identified who is the lamb with two horns comes with a counterfeit form of Christianity. And many of them believe it will be a defective Pontiff or a defective Pope that will come to power in the future who will aline himself with a Islamic leader. And actually move the headquarters out of Rome to Jerusalem. And that’s one reason that the beast that rises out of the pit or the anti-Christ burns the city with fire ruling over the kings of the earth mystery Babylon which is identified in Jewish history as Rome.

Sid: Hm.

Perry: I mean this gets into some really unusual scenarios. W

Sid: Well,the current Pope is sickly, he’s elderly. There will be a new Pope soon, any speculations on your part?

Perry: Well, there was a prophecy and this is well known given by St. Malachi about the 12th century where there would be a certain number of Popes until the last one would have to battle the Anti-Christ. And I think we’re at 110 now and he dies and then there will one more and after that one is the one that Malachi says would actually fight the Anti-Christ. And he gave a prophecy about every Pope that would exist and the next one he claimed would be the glory of the Olive. And that either means a very dark complexion person or maybe someone who is involved heavy with peace or peace negotiations. And so it it’s interesting; I went to the Vatican to do some video taping and if I counted right there’s only a slot for like 2 more Popes to be buried in the basement. There’s only enough room for about 2 more to be buried.

Sid: Hm.

Perry: But all of that’s interesting.

Sid: And now you say the Jewish understanding of Babylon was Rome and then in Revelation we read that mystery Babylon is going to be destroyed. Which is obviously a judgment; it gets pretty interesting I agree.

Perry: Yeah, in that verse if you read it it says “This is the city ruling over the kings of the earth. In John’s day the empire was ruling over all the kings of the earth. And so that’s a little clue there as to why many people. Of course John could never had used in the book of Revelation the word Rome because they would have felt like he was politically attacking the empire and the book of Revelation would never been allowed off the Island had Rome been put in there. But in Jewish historical writing of the first century they use Babylon and used it synonyms with Rome because both the Babylonians and the Roman’s destroyed the temple, took the Jews captive and burned the city to ground.

Sid: Perry, we’re out of time.

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