SID: You know Eddie, when you were doing that last song, “As a Deer,” what was really going on inside of you? Tell me if you can.

EDDIE: He really is the longing of my heart. He’s accomplished a real—

SID: People don’t know this, but you alone, I mean, eight hours a day, studying the Word, worshiping, is this what goes on when there’s just an audience of one, just God?

EDDIE: Yes. And this is what makes this sometimes difficult to do in public because this is what happens to me when I’m by myself with God. It’s really intimate. It’s really special, you know. He takes you into that, you know, secret place with him. You can have an appropriate expression, but it’s very powerful when it’s you and God. And I’ve been touched in that place. And when I do this, I relive that moment when He just, I’m just so full of His goodness right now, His, it’s like a river of living water springing up in my soul. And I just encourage everyone that’s watching this, you can have what I’m sensing right now in your home, wherever you’re at, in your car. He will visit you and it will be this real. When He comes, He makes a difference. When He shows up it is really supernatural. It is really powerful. And so when I say I yearn for you, when I say I long for you, that’s not just buzz words in charismatic Pentecostal circles, it’s the cry of my soul. Is there anybody here saying, it’s the cry of my soul. It’s the cry of my soul. I don’t want church as usual, the fake stuff. I want the real deal.

SID: You know what? It’s not just Eddie that wants the real deal? I want the real deal.


SID: You want the real deal? You want the real deal. I tell you, you want the real deal. Aren’t you tired of playing games?


SID: Don’t you want to know what life is all about? This is eternal life that you might know him.

EDDIE: Yes, yes.

SID: This is eternal life that you might know him and there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved, but the name of Jesus. Eddie, put yourself, just you and God, and the piano, and minister to God right now. Would you do that?

EDDIE: Yes sir. [music, singing]: Let it rain, let it rain. Open the floodgates of Heaven. Let it rain, let it rain. Open the floodgates of Heaven. Lord, we need rain. Let it rain. We are longing for your presence. We are longing to see your face. Nothing else will do, no one else will do. We want you. We want you Jesus. Our hearts are long for you, Jesus. Pour your spirit, God. Let your presence come Lord. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is real, there is liberty. There is power where your presence is. There is joy where your spirit is. We need your presence, Jesus. We are hungry for you. We are hungry for you, Lord. We are hungry for you. We are longing for you. In the cry of people, God, we want you more than life itself. We’re tired of religious games. We’re tired of plastic things. We want more. We want more of you, Jesus. Open the floodgates of Heaven. Pour out your presence, Jesus, for we need healing…

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