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Sid: My guest is certainly red hot for the Messiah. I’ve been speaking all of this week with Heidi and Rolland Baker. They have the most amazing miraculous ministry in Mozambique, Africa. Their ministry has seen over 17 people raised from the dead. They started… they don’t even know the number over 5000 churches. They have some 2000 orphans that they are responsible for feeding daily. And Heidi you’ve been teaching the words of Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount with real life examples. And as you share people’s hearts are being challenged, I mean all this week we’re being challenged with the   shallow Christianity that we have in the west compared to the real thing. You were sharing in Canada and someone needed a new heart. Tell me about that person.

Heidi: Yeah, well it has to start with Shahango because I didn’t understand about impartation and I did know anything about that and I was just kind of complaining “Why are all of these people coming when we don’t even have beds for our kids and now we have to have these foreigners coming and we suddenly need blankets and beds for them.” And I was just kind of fussing, you know when you work with the poor you don’t always understand why all of these westerners are kind of tromping in needing things. And the Lord stopped me in my tracks very clearly He stopped me between an old dorm and a medical clinic. He said “Heidi, I’m sending them, prepare a place for them, impart My heart to them.” And I heard the word, He said “I’m sending them, prepare a place for them, impart My heart for them.” Then I realized that you know I’m just a little preacher in the dirt I’m nothing special but Jesus said “Impart My heart.” And if there’s anything I feel called to do is impart the heart of Jesus’ pure heart of Jesus that is so loving and so full. And I was in Canada and I was speaking about intimacy and the heart of Jesus and the Lord spoke to me. We see a lot of miracles and I love miracles, but most of all I love intimate love with my King and with my Savior and my lover Jesus. And I said “You know tonight God wants to give a physical heart.” And the Lord showed me this woman, I knew nothing about her. I didn’t know any of her medical history or why she was there and I said to her in fact I chased her, I ran after her and I said “Jesus says “He wants to give you a new heart, He wants to give you a new heart.” I see all the healing evangelists they line up people and knock them down.” I think that’s awesome but I can’t do that I just hug people (Laughing) so I held her in my arms and I just hugged her and I wept with her, and she wept and I wept. Well the next year I went back to that same conference and this lady had a couple of weeks to live, she had a very bad heart that was enlarged. And she came running up to me and she said “I got a new heart, I got a new heart look at these x-rays. She said “I was dying and I got a new heart” and she said “Best of all I got a new spiritual heart, my marriage is healed, my life is healed.” She said “I’m going to be a full time missionary.” And her husband and her were just so in love and they were just beaming with these pictures of this new heart that this lady got.   And she got a physically new heart and a spiritually new heart. Isn’t God good?

Sid: Heidi I believe that if you were to pray and those listening if they were to exercise their faith you could impart a new heart, maybe it’s a physical heart. But for most important is a spiritual heart, intimacy with God and be able to love the way that Jesus loves. That’s what I hear, that’s what’s going on in your ministry, you see these street kids that no civil person in the United States would want to even touch. And yet you see Jesus.

Heidi: Hm. Oh I do.  

Sid: We need to be changed and the “we” includes me.

Heidi: Oh, bless you. Well let’s just ask Him to come and do something. Do something wonderful like only He knows how to do. “Thank You Jesus, thank You Father, You’re so beautiful, and You’re so wonderful and Your so loving and Your so kind.” Oh sweet, sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus my friend (Praying in the Spirit). I ask You to come oh Lord right now and just fill, fill, fill Your people with Your glory. Oh God, oh God I ask You to cause them to be transparent lovers, transparent lovers of God. I ask You Jesus to put Your heart in them, to take their little hearts God, their hearts are too small. Oh God I ask You to cause them to be transparent lovers, transparent lovers of God. I ask You Jesus to put Your heart in them, to take their little hearts God. Their hearts that are too small, oh God, oh God I pray that You take our little hearts that are too small God and give us huge hearts. Because Your heart’s big and Your heart’s beautiful and Your hearts pure and Your hearts holy. Take out our little hearts God I ask you (wow) Jesus to do heart surgery, to do the kind of surgery that only You know how to do God. For those that need physical hearts God You give them physical hearts. Your lower the blood pressure, you take away their anxiety and their stress and their pushing and driving God, teach them how to rest in Your loving arms Father. Give them new hearts, physical new hearts, spiritual new hearts God. Lord those that are so full of all kinds of food and fat just, fat Lord from lack of pouring out and giving away, give them a new heart, give them a heart that is poured out, give them a heart that is full of love. Fill them with Your glory, let them know their loved. Lord I pray that there be no guilt on people but that there would be the beauty of Jesus o people. That they don’t feel that they’re hopeless but that they would feel the hope of Jesus that You cause hunger and thirst even in a western world. Yes it’s like going through the eye of a needle but God take them through the eye of the needle and take them to a place God where their hearts explode with love and where they can see the one in front of them. God take them to the place where they can see the one person in front of them each day and that they can see the Jesus eyes looking back at them, Jesus eyes looking back at them. Teach them how to see, give them hearts, give them huge hearts of love and eyes to see and a heart that beats (wow) in rhythm with You heartbeat Jesus.

Sid: And you know I’m reminded of a testimony where you talk about someone whose eye all you could see was the white and you prayed for them and you got their… you could actually see the pupil form. Tell me about that.

Heidi: Oh yeah, that was great story, you know I had… I think a lot of people hearing this have had prophetic words that they’re going to see the blind see and the deaf hear. Well I had had that prophetic word it was Randy Clark he prophesied over me and I said “Yes, I believe.” And I went out looking for blind people, for a year I prayed for them and there’s a lot of blind people in Africa so you have a lot of practice but nobody saw but they all got saved. Well one day a year after I started praying for all of these blind people, I mean a mud hut church in the middle of nowhere and this lady you know we’re just hugging on her. I’m hugging her, I’m holding her there in this hut. She’s got 2 white eyes she has never seen and she’s just completely blind. And not even a little sight you know and I’m just holding her in my arms and down she goes in the dirt. And she starts screaming and right in front of me after a year of praying for blind people, no one saw this lady’s eyes go from white to gray to brown right in front of me and she starts screaming “I can see, I can see.” And I start screaming and everybody is running around the village except for her she was so overcome from the weight of God’s glory that she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t get up.

Sid: Heidi, very quickly pray for the blind right now.

Heidi:   Oh, Jesus I pray God that what you did for this Idah woman the Lord in the hut and so many since then, Lord I pray that You open the eyes of the blind. Open the eyes of the blind Lord, not just the physically but the spiritually blind too God. I pray Lord that the prophetic reality of this message. God that You would put eye salve on the eyes of Your church that can’t see. And Lord as a sign God open the eyes of the blind, open the eyes. Dissolve cataracts Jesus, dissolve cataracts and open the eyes of the church that can’t see and let them see, let them see, let them see Lord, let the light of Your glory come. (Wow) and just transform Lord.”

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time Heidi….

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