Sid: Well my guest is red hot for the Messiah the presence of God is all over this studio. As a matter of fact I pray in Jesus Name that my staff on the controls and everything will be able to do it with excellence because they’re all getting zapped by the Spirit of God right now Lindell. So revival breaks out Father’s Day 1995, Pensacola, Florida, Brownsville Church, you’re the Worship Leader, but you had a previous commitment your over in the Ukraine. You get a phone call from Pastor Kilpatrick and he says “It’s happened, revivals broke out” you start weeping. Now your first night at the revival your leading worship, the truth what was going on in your mind based on what you were observing?

Lindell: I was amazed because it was just in our church at that point. The world hadn’t come, even the region wasn’t coming it was just Brownsville. I was amazed at how free the people were all of a sudden. Because I led worship Sunday a few weeks before before I went on the trip I couldn’t believe the freedom that was there. It’s almost like the floodgates of heaven had opened and people were free and they were worshipping. They were all about the presence of the Lord and we were wrapping up to it, I didn’t know what it was it turned out to be revival but this was something fresh, and new and different.

Sid: Now I asked you a question when I spoke to you yesterday on the telephone, I said “I’m just curious Lindell many people were hit so strong during this revival.” I’ll start out with the Pastor. Pastor Kilpatrick he couldn’t even function, for weeks. He was just under the power of the Spirit of God. And I said to you “Did that ever happen to you?” And you said to me?

Lindell: I said to you that about 6 months into the revival because you have to understand that when the Lord starts restoring you it’s a process. If you’re out there listening today the Lord wants to restore everything that’s been stolen from you. He wants to return you to His presence, if you’ve known Him in the past, He wants to know you that way even greater. And that’s what happened to me because I had this experience with God and then I moved to Pensacola and started this… this revival started every night I would sit there and weep and feel unworthy to be on the platform. I felt like I had no business being there and I’d sit in the choir loft and cry when we’d go to pray for people. And the spirit I’d say “I just don’t need to be here, I shouldn’t be here.” So about 6 months into the revival every night the Lord was just working on me. Six months into the revival on a Sunday morning and it was high church and I was singing a song called “Yahweh.” The song literally had a phrase in it “Faithful One You’ve Been faithful to the end, or faithful to the end.” When I got to the word faithful I broke and started crying and I literally lost control. I could not play the keyboard, fell on top of the keyboard made a horrible sound. By this time we’re 6 months into the revival so we’re kind of used to that at the church we’re seeing people fall. So the ushers come and take me off of the keyboard and lay me down on the floor. And about 4 hours that day I laid in the floor.

Sid: Four hours? Was God speaking to you during those 4 hours?

Lindell: Yes Sir He was, He was telling me “Son you’ve allowed this to get on you, that to get on you I want to take these things off I want to remove these things.” And layer by layer by layer the Lord was just removing things. And as he removed things I’d weep because people don’t understand the Lord. You get so much stuff piled up on you in this world that when the Lord starts to take it off some of it is dear to you and you think “I can’t part with that.” But I promise you friends that when the Lord is trying to remove it let Him remove it because the other side of it is freedom. And so after 4 hours I get up and I’m a mess I’ve got tears everywhere it’s awful. I get up off the floor and the Lord says to me “I have restored your innocence to the days that you were 12, 13 and 14 years old when you loved Me and danced before me and did not have any of this stuff on you I return you to freedom. And I’ll tell you what Sid from that day forward I’ve never been the same person, never have I been the same person. I don’t care as much about what people… I used to worry what people thought all the time. And now it’s like it’s about His presence and it’s about the Lord and it’s not about whether you approve of me or someone approves of me it’s about Him approving and can I minister to Him and can I care for Him and can I give back for what He’s given me.

Sid: Now what you you’re describing to me the opposite of what mainstream Christianity in America is like. America is seeker sensitive, you’re describing a man that becomes God sensitive.

Lindell: Yes Sir, yes sir. Well see God has to be the central force in the focus of the universe because He’s the only one worthy, He’s the only one who has premium worth, only God. And if that is not in order in all of us regardless of your belief background if Yeshua, if He is not the center of all things, if He’s not, then nothing else in the kingdom works.

Sid: Well you know what you remind me of as you’re talking right now? Your reminding me there’s a word it’s called lukewarm. And that’s what American Christianity has become and it’s about ready to change. And there was a man most of you were familiar with by the name of William Booth that founded the Salvation Army and he wrote a song for the same problem, people were lukewarm and it’s called “Send the Fire.” And that’s what we need today Lindell, now William Booth got the fire to start the Salvation Army… I think most people think of you as a Worship Leader but God anointed you as a teacher. The most important thing you teach is how to get your first love back. How to really worship based on the Bible; how to capture God’s presence so you can change any situation in your life. I want to play a little bit of “Send the Fire.” Worship Excerpt.

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