Sid: Now my guest Gordon Robertson is so excited about the ministry God opened up for him in Asia. He started the first 700 Club throughout Asia; their ratings have tripled; even gets his dad’s attention. Did you have any desire to come back to America Gordon?

Gordon: No, I thought my life’s calling was to be in Asia and you know that was the promise and that was the vision.

Sid: Okay you’re sitting one out of 25,000 people Bill Hamon is speaking he didn’t know who you were; you were dressed even not in a way that you’d be singled out in any way but he does single you out he prophesied; what was the prophecy?

Gordon: Your face and your words will go around the world through television.

Sid: And what effect did that prophecy have on you?

Gordon: (Laughing) I tend to resist these things, it was you know I didn’t want to be on TV that was part of I guess my rebellion.

Sid: And so when you started all of the CBN 700 Club India things you were not on TV you were just the business side of it.

Gordon: I was the producer; you know some of the 700 Club Asia’s because the Philippians understand English I was in those but I was trying to transition to a full Tagalic program. You know part of my realization was that the gospel needs… for India it needs to look Indian, or Indonesia it need to look Indonesian. You have to make it culturally relevant you can’t be a foreign religion; It has to be what does Jesus do for people today where I live; can Jesus walk with me on the Indian road; can He walk with me on the Thai road and is it for me? The more you can break that down to speaking to them in their heart language of miracles that are happening today the better results you get.

Sid: Okay you have the prophesy and you don’t know what to do with it because you feel very satisfied people are hungry in Asia for the gospel your experience is that they’re pretty dead in America not that open for the gospel that’s the last thing you want to do. And then in 1999 a prophet comes to you and give you a strong word what is it?

Gordon: Well I needed to move back to the United States to help my father. His name was D.G.S.Dhinakaran and he’s known as the Billy Graham of India. I learned to preach in India working with him in his Institute of Power Ministry and I knew him very well and his son Paul and their whole family and felt very highly of them. Again I get this prophesy I go “No, I don’t want to do that.” And then he gives the word to both me and to my father, then Alice Smith comes as a guess on the 700 Club a week later and has the identical word you know Gordon needs to come back to help you here. So I did it was a quick change I need to transition leadership and all of these startups in Asia and frankly wanted more time to do that but in a way quicker transitions work better. So God has unusual ways of taking care of things. And He took care of it all and it’s actually thriving all of those ministries are now thriving now in Asia without direct oversight with me being here in the United States.

Sid: In that same year, again there’s that pattern I see on April 1st April Fool’s Day 1999, you were hosting your first show of 700 Club. Out of curiosity I’ve seen you move powerfully in miracles was this something when you were a young child you got this gift of words of knowledge or when did that kick in?

Gordon: I’ve had gifting’s spiritual gifting since I was a child. Really having the faith to believe for miracles for words of knowledge came gradually because we’re so used to what our eyes tell us, what our ears tell us, what the symptoms tell us that to see pass that and to what God tells us you know to stand on the word.

Sid: You know what you’re saying everyone preaches and everyone hears but I think few people really hear what you just said. I think you have to reach past… and you’re probably a fairly intellectual person being an attorney that it’s so simple and yet until you take that leap of understanding what you’re saying you don’t see anything.

Gordon: Right if you start to doubt and wavier you know what the Bible says in James is true you’re going to get tossed you’re not going to breakthrough it to that miracle. And there’s just something to the that you know that you know that you know, and you’re not basing it on a tingle your basing it on the Solid Rock, then miracles are natural they’re not… it’s a natural result of that.

Sid: My guest Gordon Robertson is red hot for the Messiah we’re just getting to know him as a person I mean he’s just a person like you and like me but God gave him a vision and a passion for souls. Now he’s host of the 700 Club. But it wasn’t always that way he was in India and God had told him to raise up Filipino Missionaries and take them to India and he was at a meeting he wasn’t out there speaking and praying for the sick and God whispers in his ear “Heal the sick,” how did you react Gordon?

Gordon: (Laughing) my reaction wasn’t very good I was like “No, I don’t want to.” You know it was… you know I didn’t want to be known as a faith healer if that makes any sense.

Sid: I understand you saw the good and bad and the ugly throughout your lifetime.

Gordon: (Laughing) So I’m in a small church with a group of 9 Filipino Missionaries, and it’s a mentoring sort of trip where I preach one service and they preach the other services. It’s kind of a trial basis but it’s a 30 day adventure. And so we’d seen all kinds of things and just wonderful outpourings of the Holy Spirit but we hadn’t moved into miracle healing, I think a lot of that was I didn’t want to. So any way I’m getting ready to speak in front of a small church 75 people and that still small voice whispers to me “I want to heal the sick today.” And my gut reaction was “No You don’t you know You’ve got to find somebody else.” And then I realized that’s not a good thing to do with the King of the Universe and you got to say “Okay, if You want to heal the sick today I’ll do that.” And so I spent the next 30 minutes not preaching to them but preaching to me and preaching everything I knew about faith and so broke open the Hebrews and faith is substance, faith is evidence, and you know and ended that message. And said “Is there anyone here sick; God spoke to me that He wanted to heal the sick today.” And when you announce that in an Indian village you’re more than likely going to see a lot of hands raise and to my amazement there was only one hand that went up. And I think “This is great God’s going to take me the easy route.

Sid: (Laughing)

Gordon: Because it was a woman and she raised her hand and she stood up. And so I immediately started thinking “Okay, she could hear me, she’s looking at me so she can see, she can stand up so she can walk” and so I’m going okay He’s given me an easy one.” And then she bent over to pick up a 12 year old boy who had had polio as a child and he had never walked and his legs were all shriveled it’s kind of like when you step on a spider and the legs all turn in and the legs on this young boy were turned in and she had a little girl with her as well and she has to carry her 12 year old boy up to the front. I’m in it now I literally don’t know what to do. So I do what I think is good and I break out James Chapter 5 and “Let’s call for the elders and let’s anoint with oil and let’s pray.” And so we had elders in the church and so the elders came forward and they had anointing oil and so we got oil and we anointed that little boy with oil and we prayed over him, and we started interceding for him and nothing happened. I get a little angry with God and I take a step back and I pray “Lord I’m doing all I know.” And He answers me and says it’s also a voice of anguish, “When will you rely on Me?” Something deep within my spirit welled up “Well how about now? Can I rely on You now?” And it came as a flash it was like this insight Jesus never prayed for the sick he commanded it and that seemed like the best idea that I had ever had its like yea that’s the way to do! And so I took another step back and I pointed at the boy and I said to him in English “Get up and walk.” I can’t explain it, his eyes like locked onto mine and something happened; where I just preached that faith is evidence and faith is substance and there was a substance that happened in that moment and he believed and he got up and took a step. And was kind of like a young horse when they’re first born those haltering steps where they’re just kind of just trying to get their feet and balance and he’s taking just a couple of steps. So I go over to another side of the altar and say “Walk over here” and with each step it was like you could see him grow each one was stronger, each one had more balance. And it was incredible he walked with a boy who was 12 who had never walked because he had polio walked. And then I found out that his sister had never spoken she was 8 years old; she could hear but she had never spoken in her life. I got a little bold on this one and I just said to one word to her “Speak.” And her first word was hallelujah!

Sid: Hm.

Gordon: The second word was “Hosanna” and then she realized she was speaking and she got afraid and she said in Telagu “Ama Ama” which is “Mommy, mommy” and she ran to her mother’s arms. That place that tiny little church erupted it was absolutely amazing we had preaching for a couple of weeks on this tour and had seen amazing things but had never seen people demand to be water baptized because if you’re water baptized in India you’ve turned your back on the community and you become outside of the caste system your now a Christian you’re outside of caste. And baptism water baptism is the signal to the rest of the community that you’ve done this. Within that church of 75 there were 18 of which said “We need to be baptized now we don’t want to wait we have to be baptized now. This God that you preach is real, this is the Living God.” And so we had a great baptismal service and I’ve since learned that when Jesus speaks He speaks for all eternity.” When He said “I want to heal the sick today He means every day.” He is the same yesterday today and forever, He wants to heal the sick.

Sid: Does He want to heal the sick right now?

Gordon: Right now!

Sid: Pray for them.

Gordon: Lord, we lift those that are listening right now and we ask for that substance of faith to come to them. Your word says that you have given each one of us a measure of faith and so we put our faith in You. We rely on You for You are the same yesterday, today and forever. We change, we doubt, but You don’t change and You don’t doubt ever. So Lord we lift the sick to you now and we ask for Your healing power to flow through them that the substance of You would come to them. The word would be made flesh in their bodies now. And we command sickness and disease and pain and infirmity to leave them now in the name of Jesus. There’s someone listening right now and you have arthritic conditions in both of your shoulders. And I’m getting this word bursitis, God has healing you of that and giving you back movement in both of your shoulders. What you couldn’t do before do it now in Jesus Name. And there’s someone your name is Ivana and you’re just heartbroken there’s been so much loss in your life. God wants to come to you and be your comforter and be your help right now. Just open your heart to Him and let Him come in and He can heal that heart wound. He wants to heal the brokenhearted and that’s you. He’s talking specifically to you. He’s called you by name and He wants to give you righteousness, peace and joy in Him. So just receive it now in Jesus Name.

Sid: You know Gordon there’s such a flow God’s healing Spirit it’s almost like a river at this moment. And I heard that there’s someone with a problem with your knee if you will test it right now you’ll see that the Lord is good the pain is gone and restored. And someone with problems in their fingers and carpus tunnel you are healed and wrists you are healed and (Whoa) I’m it’s a river of healing.



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