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Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at his home right outside of Los Angeles, California, Hal Lindsey. And we were talking about the times that we’re living in and Daniel says that in the last days that there would be codes that would be deciphered right in the Bible. And you know Hal there is no way people could understand what these prophets were talking about. For instance, the revived Roman Empire, the One World Government, there’s no way people could understand about that. In Daniel explain about the revived Roman Empire.

Hal: Yes, in Daniel it talks about… actually it gives the pageantry of 4 great Gentile world powers that would succeed each other, one right after the other one would destroy the other. And of course the last one was Rome, but this 4th World Empire Rome is the carefully predicted as never being destroyed actually but simply disintegrating and then reviving in the times just before the return of Christ. And it says that it would be composed of 10 nations out of that old culture and people that would rise up and become a revived Roman Empire. Well of course, in the book of Revelation indicates that Rome will once again be the Capitol. Well I started talking about this back in the 60’s and then when I wrote the “Late Great Planet Earth” in 1969. I said that Europe would become the United States of Europe again and the base of this new Roman Empire. And a Cardinal from the Vatican pronounced me a false prophet for saying such things. But I don’t think that anyone would dispute that Rome and the European western European culture has revived into the United States of Europe. I believe that the foundation for power that will lead the west is laid there. So that means the United States which has been the supreme power of the west since World War II, somehow is going have to fade from power. Well I think that maybe these new assaults of terrorist maybe the cause.

Sid: You know when the European Union started and their even dollars their Euro dollar it was worth less than the US dollar. Now it’s worth more than the US dollar, it’s amazing.

Hal: Rapidly changing all of that and you know all that it’s going to take is another major strike from like Al-Qaida to push us over the line economically the rest of our power goes with it.

Sid: Well, you know I was in Israel recently and I’m not one of these people that hears audible voice, I wish I was, but I heard God’s audible voice three times in my life and I heard His voice just recently in Israel. And it was something I wasn’t expecting at all and He said “Economic judgment.” And I felt like what He was saying was this is the next thing that was going to happen in the United States of America so I find it interesting that that’s what is coming out of your mouth right now.

Hal: Well this is what I’ve seen for sometimes that economically we’re going to be hit and you know all it’ll take is another real major strike. And I believe that there will be one and that’s going to push it over the line because you know what happened September 11, 2001 is still sending shock waves through our economy.

Sid: And you know that last month some college student was able to put box cutters on an airplane without being detected. I mean if he’s figured out how to do it how about these top intelligence agencies.

Hal: Oh man. You know I don’t believe that we’ve by any means stop the threat of terrorism but you know there’s so many ways the world economy could be hit by these devoted Muslims. The Moroccan Straights which flows underneath Singapore is another place probably the hottest seed bed of terrorists in the world right now is in that area around Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sid: Now at one time I don’t know how it is today but at one time they had some very very wealthy people in that part of the world.

Hal: Oh yes still do and the problem is this terrorist could take a merchant ship load it with nuclear waste blow it up in the Moroccan Straights and make it impassable. Well a third of the world’s commerce goes through that straight and that would disrupt the world’s economy.

Sid: My goodness that sounds like the book of Revelation to me!

Hal: It certainly does. And Osama bin Laden has made the cryptic prophecy that he will die in the belly of the eagle sometime in this year or the next. And that’s not hard to figure out that they call the United States the eagle. And he has what has been described as the Al-Qaida navy 17 merchant ships and it would be very easy for Al-Qaida to sail one of these ships into the harbor or some place like Seattle, New York or San Francisco and blow it up. Have one of the containers filled with nuclear material blow it up there and it would kill literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. And this could push us over the line economically but those sort of things certainly are a possibility of the near future.

Sid: I want to go back to the revived Roman Empire; you made the statement that you thought the Anti-Christ would come out of that arena.

Hal: Yes and the reason is because he definitely comes to Rome and then he uses that as the seat of power and it would be virtually inconceivable that anyone other than a European would be received by the Europeans as their leader. So a…but Daniel Chapter 9 actually seals that issue for me because Daniel says that “The people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the temple.” Now that was a prophesy that was talking about the destruction of Jerusalem which happened in 70 AD with the temple. And it says “It would be done by the people of the prince who shall come.” Well the prince who shall come is the Anti-Christ so if he is…if it was his people that destroyed the city and the temple in 70 AD they were Romans so that means the prince who shall come, the Anti-Christ will be a Roman.

Sid: Now I’ve heard some people say that he would have to be Jewish to be accepted by Israel, what do you think about that?

Hal: Well, I think certainly the second anti-Christ will be Jewish the one called the false prophet but there is a possibility that the prince of Rome would also be Jewish. And it’s interesting that there is a Cardinal right now that is one of the top contenders to be the next Pope.

Sid: Now there’s a number of prophecies written hundreds of hundreds of years ago that kind of prophesied this next Pope would be a very serious player in the end times.

Hal: Yes, and these are rather unusual kinds of prophesies.

Sid: Now is that Cardinal that you’re thinking of is he Jewish?

Hal: Yes, he is. He is a Cardinal who was actually his parents were sent to concentration camp and they were killed and some French a French family hid him and adopted him. And so he was raised Catholic but he is of Jewish parents. And I’m trying to think I think it’s Huntsinger but he is Jewish and he is a Cardinal and he is one of the top Cardinals in contingent for the next Pope.

Sid: Hm. Let me ask a question, what do you see as the next event that’s going to happen in Israel.

Hal: Well, it’s difficult to say but I think something very dramatic has to happen soon in order to give them a much greater economic base. I am watching very carefully a group called “Zion Oil” because I have seen some of the geological findings that they have made and the people who are drilling really understand some prophesies about the last days and I believe that they may hit oil in Israel.

Sid: I don’t know about the specific company that’s going to do it but I absolutely believe that they’re going to hit oil because Israel at some point has got to have a reason to be invaded.

Hal: Right.

Sid: Beyond just the Islamic reason.

Hal: Right and Ezekiel 38 says that “They would have great wealth.”   Well, about the only thing that would give them get wealth right now that they would hit an enormous reservoir of oil and that’s possible.

Sid: But you know of all of the brain drain so to speak from Russia all of these top Russians scientist and computer whizzes that have gone to Israel. I believe and it’s already starting. That Israel also will be the high tech capitol of the world too.

Hal: Oh, I think that they already started that. Once…if they hit oil it’ll change the whole balance of power in the Middle East and this will give them the kind of assets that would be necessary to truly develop the tremendous brain power they have there.

Sid: Now back in 1991 you actually predicted that “Islam would be the most dangerous system to world peace” how did you know that in ’91 it’s easy to see today?

Hal: You know it’s another one of those things where…

Sid: Oh, I’, sorry we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow broadcast Mishpochah.

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