Sid: Rodney Howard-Brown you are normal, normal as defined by the Bible. But most people that are not normal would call you pretty strange.  God spoke to you one time and He said “I will move all of the time if you let Me.”  What did He mean by that to you?

Rodney:  Well as a minister of the gospel we have to get out of the way; many times we can come into the pulpit with preconceived ideas; we can have all our notes; we can have this is going to happen. We can even time it down to the minute, but when the Spirit of God comes in and takes over it’s very unpredictable as far as what God is going to do.  It’s like flying a kite you know, you can fly… if you know how to fly a kite you can fly it will very little breeze. Whereas, somebody that doesn’t know can’t get the thing off the ground.  It’s like sailing a ship or your yacht, those that are experienced in sailing can sail a yacht in a very slight breeze where others will just stand stranded.  You got to learn the ways of the wind of the Spirit of God. So when I come into the place of ministry I always say, “Lord what do You want to do, I’ll do what You want me to do, I’ll say what you want me to say.”

Sid: Tell me one time where God told you to do something or something occurred that it was hard for you.

Rodney:  I walked out into a service and I looked and there was a man sitting on the front row.  And the guy looked like he was on the front page of a success magazine, I mean he looked like a million dollars. And we were in a worship time and I looked out and the Lord said to me “Tell him I’m going to give him the miracle and that it’s a half million dollar miracle that he’s believing God for he’s in dire straits.” And I thought “No, I’m not going to do that I… look at this guy I mean I can’t tell him that.”  And the word of the Lord came to me again.  And I pushed it away and the 3rd time it was so strong so I walked off the platform and I said “Sir, I don’t know you but the Lord told me that you are in dire straits and you need a $500,000 miracle.”  And the guy just began to weep and he collapsed on the floor.  And later on after the service he came and he said “Man I came here and I was desperate and he said I need a half a million by tomorrow otherwise they’re shutting my company down.  And if you had looked at the man from the outside you would have never, never had obeyed ever.  But what I’ve learned over the years you can’t go by the outside, you can’t go by what you see, you just have to obey the Lord and do what God tells you to do.

Sid: Now you’ve seen so many miracles in your meetings especially since you’re let the Holy Spirit minister as the Holy Spirit wants to.  Tell me about someone with cancer that was healed.

Rodney:   Back in ’94, and I use this as an example because it’s a pastor a dear friend of ours now came to the meetings diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the colon. It basically… doctors had given him up to die. And we’d had this morning special anointing service and I laid out in the power for several hours.  And he said this is his testimony but he said “When I laid hands on him he said it was like 5 of my fingers on his chest like five bolts of lightning went through him.  And God totally healed him every trace of cancer left his body.  Now he still pastors today, that was ’94 and here we are you know 2014 and so you can imagine he’s pastoring in Atlanta, Pastor Marion Koftin. It’s just phenomenal.  I mean God had burned every trace of cancer out of his body when there was nothing that the doctors could do for him.  Now when I laid hands on him I can’t tell you I felt 5 bolts of lightning, but he said “When I laid there in front of him he felt it was like the fire of God went right into him” and the Lord healed him. So I’ve learned over the years don’t go by what you feel just do exactly what the Bible says. “When the word of God declares “Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”  Our job to do is the laying on of hands, it’s God’s job to cause the recovery.

Sid: Tell me about someone that was confined to a wheelchair that was healed.

Rodney:  I was up in the State of Alaska in the city of Juno, and this is back ’91. Juno is a town of 30,000 where the Governess mansion is it’s the Capital of the State of Alaska. And on the Sunday night a little Tlingit Indian by the name of Dolly Phillips was in a wheelchair and they brought her forward.  I was praying just laying hands on everybody.  And I got to Dolly and I laid hands on her and I felt to ask her, I said “Dolly, what do you feel?” She said “I feel the presence of God.”  I said “Dolly, what do you want to do?”  She said “I want to get up right now.”  So then I worked with her faith. I said “Okay, come get up.” And I took her by the hand and she climbed up and she went around the whole building. What I did not know was that everyone knew Dolly Phillips, everyone knew Dolly Philips.  So over the next 3 weeks 1000’s of people came through that building.  I mean the power of God hit, we estimate probably 3½ thousand which is like 10% of Juno came through.  Hundreds and 100’s were saved, the power of God fell and all because of a little Tlingit Indian lady by the name of Dolly Philips climbed out of a wheelchair. And if you asked me if I felt anything that day?  I didn’t really feel anything other than just doing what God told me to do just lay hands on the people but she felt it and she climbed out of the chair and the rest is history.  A year ago we were in Juno Alaska and there her husband, she’s now gone home to be with the Lord, but they’re was Fred Phillips and we just hugged him and he reminded me of the time when his wife climbed out of that wheelchair and what a miracle. And people were stopping her in the streets and what happened to you Dolly, you were in the chair? And she said “Jesus healed me, it was remarkable.”

Sid: You believe that if someone get’s hungry enough they’ll be able to do everything they read in the Bible and everything that you do.  Do you really believe that they’ll be able to operate in the nine gifts of the Spirit? Do you believe that?

Rodney:  Beyond a shadow of a doubt because the promises are not just to those that are called to the 5 fold ministry. That when Jesus gave the great commission He said “God out into all the world and preach the gospel.” And then He said “These signs shall follow them that believe.”  In didn’t say the signs will follow the apostle, or the prophet or the evangelist, or the pastor or the teachers. The signs will follow the believer, “These signs will follow them that believe in My Name, they’ll cast out devil, they’ll lay hands on the sick, if the eat any deadly thing, or drink any deadly thing it will not harm them, they’ll take up serpents.”  That means there is supernatural protection with the great commission comes the great protection that God will protect you en route while you are carrying out the message of the gospel to the lost and the dying world.  And so we just have to be obedient to obey the Lord.  And the Bible says “The disciples went forth, they preached the word of God and God went with them confirming the word with signs following.” So yes beyond a shadow of a doubt.  All those that are hungry, all those that are thirsty, if you cry out for the Lord He will come and He will touch you and use you.

Sid: What advice would you give someone that says “Yes, I want more but the degree of hunger I’ve heard that happened to Rodney Howard-Brown when his oldest brother died, do I need a catalyst like that to be hungry.”  I mean answer that question.

Rodney: No, I don’t say that for everybody there’s a switch somewhere.  But I will tell you this you need to shut off your television, you need to shut off some of the outside attractions, take your Bible and start in the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and underline all of the miracles of Jesus.  Go to every one of His crusade meetings and then go through the book of Acts and get down on your knees and cry out and say “Lord if you could do it in Bible days you could do it today and come and touch me. But then promise me if you touch me and You use me I’ll never touch the glory, I will always give You the glory, the praise and the honor, but Lord I want to be used of You. I’m hungry for You, I’m thirsty for You. As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after You.”  And then the Lord will come and touch you and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a church service it can be in your bedroom, it can be in your hotel room, or your hospital room, it can be on a death bed.

Sid:  What is going on, you have a church in Tampa, Florida. What is going on with the members; are they like more members in a church sitting there and going for entertainment every Sunday?

Rodney: No Sir, these are radical people.  These are people that love Jesus with all of their heart they worship God; they’re the biggest givers, they’re radical soul winners, they… (Laughing) I was sitting in church this last Sunday morning just tears in my eyes. We got kids that are preaching tonight, we have a crusade happening in Clearwater, Florida in a tent.  People are coming… I mean Sunday night was probably there were 1500 in the tent. Tonight I got all the kids preaching, I’ve got kids 9, 10, 11, 12 preaching laying hands on everybody tonight, it’s the kids doing the whole service, so from the littlest child to the oldest saint is being mobilized in this hour. And I’ve actually…I’m doing myself out of a job basically. (Laughing)  People are grabbing a hold of it and they’re going out and they’re laying hands on people, they’re getting them saved, miracles happening on the streets, people are sitting on city buses literally I mean it’s something to behold.

Sid: You tell your people… I’ve never heard a pastor say this “Go have your own meeting.” So you really tell your people to do that?

Rodney:  I tell them they are the meeting, you are the meeting at the coffee shop, you’re the meeting at the store where ever you go Jesus is on the inside of you. Go out and let His power flow through you. We come on Sunday’s to celebrate but what are you going to do Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s.  You need to go out, let Jesus be seen in and though your life. Just like Peter’s shadow in the book of Acts.  The Bible says “Peter’s shadow passed over people and they were healed.”  A shadow doesn’t say anything, a shadow doesn’t preach, a shadow doesn’t pray but the shadow means that someone is there with a greater light behind them and that shadow cast upon the people and the people were healed.  And so….

Sid: You did it again, we’re out of time…But I’m going to tell you something, “How would you like to take Rodney home with you?”

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