Sid:  My guest Nick Griemsmann had incurable schizophrenia; 1000’s of pages of diagnosis and God step by step showed him how he could get free of his mental illness and how anyone could get free of any mental illness.  How anyone could be free of any addiction or any harassing spirits having to do with sickness, or having to do with emotional problems, or fear, or paranoia of any kind.  And Nick it’s so simple the way you teach this but before we even get into that we found out on yesterday’s broadcast you get born again; you get miraculously set free from an alcohol addiction.  You’re looking for a church.  And you get on the internet and you find a place he says that he’s one of the end-time prophets and what do you know.  It’s free room and board; you go there and it turns out to be a cult.  As a matter of fact the cult leader was arrested and he’s now in prison for 175 years for abusing little girls and a whole lot of other things.  So you’re at the cult before he got arrested and you begin to notice something is wrong.  Before we went on the air you began telling about it; would you explain that again.

Nick:  When I was at the cult I started having red flags.  Like I started noticing different things.  And one thing that they would preach is that they’re sinless; that they never sin or anything.  One night and I’m sitting in one of the offices and I heard like an audible voice say “Get up I want to show you something.”  Immediately this man said “Help us; help us.” And so I come out the door and there’s these 2 older Christians they call them; they were supposed to be the mature Christian’s and they were getting almost in a fist fight and they were swearing and they just had an altercation.  And the whole time I was sitting there watching this and trying to break it up I was thinking; “Wow, these people say they’re sinless but look at what they’re doing they don’t even love their brother.” And that was one of the major red flag that made me think “Maybe this isn’t the place for me.”

Sid: But by this point you had been so brainwashed and so mixed up that you’re beginning to hear voices.   And what did this voice say to you in 2003?

Nick:  The voices began to say that they’re angels and that they were God.  One night I was out on what they call tracking cruise where they hand out these anti-government literature and these voices started talking to me a lot and I started having just odd hallucinations where I thought I could be like an angel myself or that I was Jesus, or the devil.  And I was so scared because of the teachings that I couldn’t reach out for help or I just didn’t know what was going on.  So I decided to I felt like I needed to run away from the group.  So I ran away to the city of Nashville, I was in Nashville and I ran out.

Sid: Okay, you ran out; you ended up in the airport. You’re acting like an insane person; you’re screaming and they arrest you and they put you in a mental hospital.  What was the diagnosis?

Nick:  They diagnosis with psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia.  And when I was in the mental hospital there I was having I assumed that I blasphemed the Holy Spirit.  And there’s many Christian’s and that’s one of the number 1 tricks the devil uses against Christians especially young Christians is that they blasphemed.  So I believed that I blasphemed because of the teachings from the false prophet.  So it gave I believe the evil spirits I believe a right to torment about that fear.

Sid: Alright, so why did they release you from the mental hospital?

Nick:  What happens is you go into a mental hospital and then they give you a lot of medications.  A lot of times the medications don’t heal you but they kind of patchwork things up kind of like a bandage.  So once I started getting a lot of the medications in me the voices stopped because they kind of numb your brain.

Sid: Okay, so did they put you in a halfway house when the voices stopped?

Nick:  Well, the voices weren’t totally gone but I wasn’t acting out like I was before I first got in.

Sid: What I’m trying to find is did they just release you or did they put you in some sort of program?

Nick:    Yes, so I was in for observation and then they let me go back to my family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sid: But instead of that you go to Hollywood?

Nick:  Well, once I get back to Phoenix, Arizona I was staying with my mother and I had so much anxiety in my stomach.  It felt like a ball of fear in my stomach that I would walk back and forth in her house and all I could say was “Praise You Jesus; thank You Jesus.” Because I had this torment that says “If you don’t praise God all day long then you’re going to burn in hell.”

Sid:  Hm.

Nick:  That’s what I took from it; so that’s what I was doing all day long.  I was saying “Praise You Jesus; thank You Jesus” all day long and I was like insane. I was walking back and forth in my mother’s condo in Phoenix.  And the voices told me that if I took the medications then there is no way that I could go to heaven; so I wouldn’t take the medications.  And I’d only take them when the case managers would make me take them, and then I decided to run away again back to the cult because they said I could come back.

Sid:  So you go to a cult they had various locations one in Hollywood, California but you started acting so bazaar. You were suicidal and they decided that they were going to just get rid of you.  And they put you on a bus and they bought you a one way ticket.

Nick:   That was actually the last time I went back.  I actually went back twice because I was so afraid.  So the first time I went back I went back to the outpost outside of Hollywood and I started having so many hallucinations there because I still felt like I blasphemed that I was so afraid and I couldn’t speak.  And I felt like I was feeble minded and I eventually said “Get all your stuff together you’re going to go hand out some tracts.”  And so I said “Okay” and I grabbed all my tracks or all of my personal possessions and I got in the van and they dropped me off at a sandwich restaurant in Hollywood.

Sid: What happened there?

Nick:   I woke up in the morning I fell asleep at a bus station. I was having a lot of hallucinations, but I I don’t want to talk about the hallucinations I just want to glorify the Lord.

Sid:  That’s fine.

Nick: I was at the bus stop and I woke up in the morning and immediately the voices came to me and said “If you’re really not ashamed of Jesus prove it to us; prove it to the world.”  I looked up at the sky and it looked like Jesus was coming through the clouds I was having a hallucination and I thought Jesus was coming back for the world.  And I thought that I blasphemed Him and I wanted to show Him that I would still serve Him and that I still loved Him. So they said if you’re not ashamed of Jesus. They said “Take off all your clothes and show the world.”  And so I took off all my clothes and I was 23 years old; and I took off all my clothes and I walked down the street naked in Hollywood.

Sid:  So they naturally institutionalize you at that point and you’re still having hallucinations and you leave that institution and you end up in another cult place same cult, but this one is in Arkansas.  You’re acting so bazaar that they put you on a bus; a one way ticket to Phoenix and that’s when God stepped in.  Tell me about what happened when you went into the Assembly of God Church.

Nick:  Well I left the cult and I came back and I was really, really ill and my family completely did not know what to do they just pretty much gave up.  I would pray just a little bit every night probably for just one minute because the voices wouldn’t let me talk.  I’d ask God to have mercy on me and I told them if I did blaspheme then I’d still serve Him because I’d loved Him. (Crying)  My mother said “Why don’t you try this church by their house it seems like a really good church.”  So I went to this little Assemblies of God Church and you know it’s a Spirit Filled Church and I went there.  And I would go there and things and one night I was down at the altar and you know the place where people worship and pray and I was down there and these people prayed over me and this spiritual force left my brain.  It felt like it got sucked out of my brain; and it felt so good and I felt so thankful.  And I had the revelation that night that I had these things latched on my mind like they were wrapped around my mind; intertwined like a spider web and that I could be free.

Sid:  Over a period of 3 months step by step God shows you how to be free and then the voices stopped and you came in… You know I’m reminded of the scripture “To him whose forgiven much they love much.”  And I would have to say that’s got to be your life scripture Nick.  I sense you have even in that craziness and even though the bazaar behavior you were still to the best of your ability taking little baby steps trying to get free; trying to get close to God.  But now that you’re free that’s the flip side of this that you teach….

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