Sid: He saw that Jew and Gentile would have that middle wall of separation come down and become one, echad, a multiple unity and we would be the glorious congregation. Well in order for this to happen each one of us must have our night with the King.  And that’s why we’re featuring this book called “Finding Favor with the King” this week.  It’s written by Tommy Tenney; you’re familiar with him because of his multimillion bestselling books “The God Chaser” series.  But what Tommy does is he take the book of Esther and he shows that there’s a full protocol. It wasn’t accident that Esther was selected and if we follow the protocol that a nobody, and that’s what Esther was a nobody…

Tommy:  She was an orphan; she had no history.  She was a foster child; she really didn’t belong.  She was a minority; she was a Jew living in Persia.  Put that in context today Sid; what if the new Prime Minister or whatever he’s called in Iraq suddenly announced that he was marrying a Jewish lady.  That is the level to which she overcame all of that.  Racial prejudice; no past no history and found favor.

Sid: And the thing that you bring out is so many powerful protocols which I’m looking at page 205 which lists the protocols.  But the one that intrigues me the most; just me personally is favor.  Because you realize Mishpochah if you’re walking in favor you don’t have to be petitioning God for everything.  Why is that Tommy?

Tommy: Favor will find you; favor will hunt you down.  My wife doesn’t have to petition me for everything she wants it’s in my nature to provide for my wife and children.  They’re relationship with me creates that; your relationship with your Heavenly King creates favor.  Your relationship with your Heavenly King will create favor.  The Book of Esther chapter 2 verse 17 says “And the king loved Esther above all the woman.” She found grace and favor in his eyes and he put the crown upon her head.  Coronation comes after favor flows; don’t seek the crown seek the favor, don’t seek the victory, seek the King.  Because favor; that’s protocol number 8; favor is what happens.  Favor is just what happens when preparation meets opportunity. You may have an opportunity; you may have some opportunities for things to happen in your life.  If you’re not prepared you miss your moment.  Here’s a New Testament thing Sid. The woman that touched Jesus’ garment the best I can tell Jesus never passed through that village again.  What if she said “I’ll wait till tomorrow; I’ll wait to next Sunday; I’ll wait until next Sabbath or I’ll wait until the next conference.”  She would have missed her moment and lost her opportunity but she was prepared that when the opportunity presented itself she was ready.  What if when Esther’s moment came to be presented to the king Sid; what if she had walked in wearing and old t-shirt, white bunny slippers with the back mashed out of them.  No perfume spritzed on and slouched in with her hand on her hip saying “Big Boy we got to talk.”  I don’t think favor would have come because she would have dishonored the King’s presence by not knowing the protocol on how to approach him.  By that same token there are people who want to approach the King we tell them here are some protocols. You enter His gates with thanksgiving; come into His courts with praise. You come before His presence with singing.  And they want to say “Ah, that’s not my personality; He’s got to take me as I am.”  My response is pretty simple; you know what favor is going to come to somebody else because worship is the protocol.  I personally believe in Esther chapter 2; oh Sid I really wish we had time to get into the Bible on this – there is a really… there is a secret but there’s a hidden clue in the book of Esther 2 verse 15 that  I uncover in this book “Finding Favor With the King.”  And it says very simply there that Esther on took with her only wore what the chamberlain Haggai the keeper of the women told her to wear.  In other words Esther realized “I don’t really know enough about the King to approach him but this chamberlain guy who’s been… a chamberlain has keys to the inter chamber.  Find somebody Sid; everybody has to find somebody who’s been in the inner courts; who’s been behind the veil who’s been with deep experiences with God to simply tell them “This is what He likes and this is what He don’t like.”  If you listen to a chamberlain as Esther as did.  Said “Mr. Chamberlain you tell me what to wear.”  That tells me it says “She wore only what he told her to.”  My inference is other girls who had a date with King wore what they wanted to wear.  The wisdom of Esther is that it’s not about what I want to wear; it’s about what the King likes.  And Sid people better fasten their seatbelts because I don’t have long and I just have to tell them.  Church is not about you; church is not about us singing your favorite song; going through your favorite religious routine religious ritual.  God has this incredible idea; He thinks that church is about Him.  And when we understand that it’s all about worship we put on God’s favorite dress.  Like Esther said “Chamberlain tell me.”  I can tell people what God’s favorite dress is; in His Bible He says “Put on the garment of praise.”  If I can put praise in your present I can put favor in your future.

Sid:  Tommy it’s been many years that God has been teaching you these principals.  Out of curiosity “What is your personal time with God like today, what do you do exactly?”

Tommy:  You know this morning; actually my personal time with God started late last night.  I spend more time listening to Him then I do talking to Him.  Actually He’s got a whole lot more to say to me then I do to Him.

Sid:  Are you more interested in what He’s saying or He’s more interested in what you’re saying?

Tommy:  My prayer time is mostly “Hmm hm; yes; okay.”  Primary it’s what it’s about.

Sid: Hm.

Tommy: And I simply want to do what He wants.  If Esther would have you know “You told me Mr. Chamberlain you told me that the King likes blue dress but I’m going to wear a red dress.”  No wonder Esther found favor with the King; she said “Tell me what He likes,” she wore it.  Find out what God likes and we know He likes worship.  He likes praise; give that to Him and see what happens and that’s what I do in my private time.  I give Him worship; I give Him praise.

Sid:  So what do you do if you’re like every one of us and you have your days and you have your days and all hell breaks out against you and all you want to do is go home and sit in front of the TV and have your favorite food and stuff your mouth. What do you do?

Tommy:  Well, first of all when I’ve had a bad day the thing that turns things around and turns around bad days; first of all if I can get a hug from one of my kids.  And a hug from my Father everything gets better.  So I do both; I’ve had a bad day at the office and two of my daughters work here and I go find them and say “Give me a hug,” that helps.  I’ll also retreat into His presence; “Father just give me a hug.”  And instantly things get better; it doesn’t mean the circumstances change but favor begins to flow and I pursue His hand. I mean His face and I get His hand; that’s my concept of it.

Sid:  When you praise God you said you spend a lot of time being still.  Does that mean you’re not singing?

Tommy:  Not being still; I just said quiet.

Sid: Alright, are you singing when you praise God or are you just being quiet.

Tommy:  Sometimes it could be I’m just humming a little bit.  Sometimes I’m just sitting in the rocking-chair.  And other times I will have read something; I would call it “The contemplative lifestyle” I thing about things a lot.  Like the things that I would just tell you today; those thoughts; those concepts come into my mid from God and I sit them and roll them over until I can still them down to one word.  And I’d say “Okay, that’s what you’re saying and that’s what I’d do.

Sid:  And then just out of curiosity do you write this down?

Tommy:  Most of this stuff is not written down until it becomes a part of a book I carry it in my spirit.  Right now I’m studying the book of Ruth and carrying it in my spirit; nothing is actually written on paper yet.

Sid: Well, my goodness those are two very very Jewish books that the Holy Spirit has you emphasizing.

Tommy: Well, I don’t want to give away the Book of Ruth but it’s going to rock the world.  It’s going to rock the world; it’s kind of really different.

Sid:  Listen where we are in history right now with tsunamis and wars and rumors of wars I’m not going to say when Jesus is going to return but I’m going to say that there were five wise virgins and there were five foolish.  And your book motivates people in my opinion to end up being five wise virgins.

Tommy: Well, it’s time for favor; never underestimate the potential of favor.  That one night with the King can change everything.  And really Sid it somebodies night, it’s their day; it’s their turn.  Oh here’s a scripture for you.  I love Esther 2 again.  Esther 2:15 from the King James Version says “Now when the turn of Esther had come;” as were speaking I felt like it’s time to tell your audience it’s your turn; it’s your time.  Go for the Kings presence.

Sid: If not now, when?

Tommy:   That’s right; oh that’s another chapter that’s tomorrow.  We’re in the middle of Purim.  We’re all about Esther; we have to save something to tell them tomorrow.

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