Sid: My guest is Freddy Hayler and as you know I love music that’s on the frequencies from Heaven.  Freddy every worshiper and people that do CD’s they have distinctiveness to the anointing on their worship.  From the feedback you get what would you say you’re tapping into; what frequency in Heaven when you minister?

Freddy:  Well, I just that it’s simply a tool to help the true pure worshiper get to a higher level.  And I just truly believe that these songs are like light rays and beams of God’s glory.  Really that’s what music is, it’s light; but this is anointed light that will literally transport you into the throne room of God Almighty and into innumerable company as it says in Hebrews 12:22.  So I just believe that the angels are here to help us; they are in Heaven but they’re also on Earth. Zechariah saw them; talked to them; he was a pure worshiper and he walked among them.  And so it’s time for the church in this hour to be transported into their spirit man like Paul was in paradise to see the glories of Heaven and to experience that tangible in spirit and body.  And then go forth into the world as a light as a great soul winner as a missionary with that glory and that beautiful presence of God.

Sid: How much prayer and fasting went into these albums?

Freddy:  Countless hours, days, years.  This is the fruition of about 10 years of work; of seeking the Lord; of combining the best music writers and noticeably I came into an Italian Jewish group of writers writing guild and together we worked on songs and I did some adaptations.

Sid: I mean; I think that the musicians and the arrangements is so Heavenly I mean “How did you bump into these people?”

Freddy:  Well, they write for the greatest writers in the world and I wrote to them.  The Lord told me to write to them and say “I would like to get together with your writers and put together beautiful music that glorifies the Lord.”  And some of these were Catholics and many of them were Jewish and said “You know what we think that this great.” I couldn’t believe it; they write for Universal, and Sony, and some of the biggest record labels.  And they’re geniuses God has really gifted them. Together with my ideas for music and for lyrics which I wrote they just gave us the most intricate timeless; eternal music of Heaven that…

Sid: So what goes one inside of you Freddy when you’re singing a song such as “God I love You?”

Freddy: “God I love You So” you just get caught up in the love of God.  You know the Bible says; Jesus said in Matthew 22 that “We’re to love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.” And David said “I will love You with all my heart in the Psalms.”  And that’s what this song does; it just exudes with the love of God; this anointing of God’s love on it.

Sid: Alright get ready for that anointing “God, I love you!”

Excerpt “God, I love you!”

Sid: I’m speaking to Freddy Hayler.  Freddy when you were in college you went to some meetings for the fellowship of Christian Athletes and you got born again and you got filled with the Spirit.  And something very supernatural happened to you when you were filled with the Spirit; tell me about that…

Freddy:  Well, I was studying hard and I’d been dealing with some issues from my past sin and some… I was in a gang and I was in a rock band and my life was totally a mess.  I was raised Catholic but I didn’t know the Lord personally.  I went to a fellowship Christian Athletes meeting and after the meeting a brother who was on the football team shared with me about how to be filled with the Spirit from Acts Chapter 2.  So about 9:00 at night on April 15, 1976 we went out to the Sunken Gardens in Colonial Williamsburg where I was going to school at William and Mary.  And he told me about the power of God and how to be born again.  And right there I stopped him and said “Yeah I read Acts Chapter 2” and I said “Yeah, I want Jesus and I Him to save me and fill me with the Holy Spirit.”  And he said “Just ask Him right now;” and when I did there wasn’t a sound of thunder but there was a bright flash of lightning and a sound of a rushing wind. And when that lightning hit me that was like warm honey and hot oil just poured all over me.  My mind was instantly healed; and I jumped off a 4 or 5′ wall and I just did a somersault forward and I landed on the grass.  There must have been angels or the Holy Spirit just kept me from breaking my back.  But I landed very lightly and I remember just praying in the tongues and Heavenly languages and just getting up from there and yelling out. “He’s alive, He’s alive!” You know and all the students were studying you know for the final exams and the windows and they all heard me on the campus.  And later on about 300 students came to know Christ; there was revival on the campus.

Sid: I have to believe though in the Heavenlies when you started yelling at the top of your lungs you opened something up in that University.

Freddy:  That’s right, the Bible tells us that to declare His glory; you know King David declared His glory in the sanctuary; declare His glory every place you are. I don’t care if it’s your house; your car; your recreation at the gym; wherever you are declare the glory of God and speak into the Heavenlies God’s love and the Name of Jesus Yeshua and just enjoy His presence.  It’s like a magnet and people will see the glory of God on your face; and even as Moses came down from the mount of glory, and Steven spent so much time in the presence of the Lord they said His face shown like an angel. You can actually see the physical manifestation of the glory of God in people’s face and eyes and countenance.  And so that’s what this “Song of Angels is about.”  It’s bringing people to that place; it’s a tool.

Sid: Well, you used to lead at least for a season worship at Benny Hinn’s you would minister and worship God.  And I know that is the key to his miracles; the worship that he has is what releases those great miracles.

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