Sid: I have a Jewish person on the telephone that thought for herself my sister Shirley. Shirley and her husband Marc have immigrated to Israel, made Aliyah to Israel; we’ll get into that in a moment.  But Shirley comes from a traditional Jewish background. She felt proud about being Jewish but God wasn’t really relevant in her life and she went to a meeting. And at this meeting she saw deliverance for the first time in her life.  She had been challenged and when she was challenged she started reading the Bible for the first time in her life and thinking about spiritual things but myself, Shirley her husband Marc we went to a meeting and it was a long trip out there.  We were on the Maryland side and this was on the Virginia. So we get there and Derrick Prince gave a wonderful message but it was long. And then he said everyone that wants deliverance come into the basement.  My sister thought that it would be a good show she went there; she didn’t go for deliverance of course she went for the show.  In fact she even figured out what she would say to someone if they asked what demon do you have?  And so they’re sitting there watching the show; and what happened next Shirley?

Shirley: The show had become more than what I propositioned for. And started frightening me when I heard the screams from people in the room.  They weren’t human screams anymore they were like minimalistic and so I turn to my husband to tell him I wanted to leave, I was frightened. My tongue flipped back in my mouth and I couldn’t speak.  And then I was thinking “What in the world is happening and then I looked down at my hands are closed in tight fists and I had very long nails then.

Sid: I have to ask you something Shirley; had you ever had drugs.

Shirley: No, never.

Sid: Had you ever had anything happen to you remotely close to what you’re describing?

Shirley:  Never, never I had no idea what was going on with me; I didn’t think of demons.  Well, let me tell you what happened.  My hands; my palms; my hands were completely closed and I tried to open them because they were hurting me because my nails were digging into my palms.  And I couldn’t open my hands and tears started. I remember crying; tears started coming down and all I could think in my logical mind was “I’ve been hit with an instant paralysis I need to get to a hospital. And this man comes over to me and says “Name your demon,” and I look at him and I’m thinking in my mind “What is he crazy doesn’t he see that I need an ambulance or something I need to get to a hospital something’s happened to me.”  And he just walked away and then 2 minutes later or a few minutes later another person comes over to me and says “Name your demon.”  And my mouth opens up and says “Demon of fear.”  And I’m like shocked myself because I had no idea where that came from; it was not like I’m thinking “I had a demon I need to be delivered or anything.”  It just said “Demon of fear.”  And then the person said a very simple prayer and cast the demon out of me and hands opened up; I could talk and that’s when I really knew that there really is a God and there really is a devil and the way to Him is through Yeshua; to God is through Yeshua.  And that’s when I lifted my hands and accepted the Lord because I knew He was real.

Sid: That was over 30 years ago.

Shirley:  Yes, but let me tell you something; a little side.  That demon of fear I never realized I had it but all of my life I was very very shy. I was really afraid of people.  And had maybe 2 or 3 good friends and I accepted myself like that and I said “That’s my personality I’m a shy person so what if I’m not real friendly and you know sociable.” Any way after the demon of fear left me I loved people.  It’s not something I try to do; all of a sudden I had such a love for people.  I wanted to meet people; it was so amazing to me it was truly something binding me up all my life that spirit of fear that made me so shy; so afraid of people.

Sid: Let me take you back a little bit; you were digging your finger nails into your palm; what happened with your tongue?

Shirley:  It like did a flip flop in my mouth and I couldn’t speak.  Tears, I was crying because I didn’t know what was going on with me. 

Sid: Alright; when they said identify your demon and you said “A spirit of fear.”  You had never even thought about that.

Shirley: No.

Sid: How did you know that?

Shirley: I told you I have no idea where that voice came from; I couldn’t even talk before that and all of a sudden my mouth opens up and says demon of fear. I was thinking what is he talking about I need an ambulance.

Sid: (Laughing) Okay, you said demon of fear.  And then they very gently not screaming or anything commanded it to leave.  And then what happened?

Shirley: And my palms opened up; I could speak again; I had such a peace over me.  I just knew that everything I’d been reading; everything I’d been hearing was truth.

Sid: Alright I want to hear from my brother-in-law; your husband Marc.  Would you put him on right now?

Shirley:  Yes.

Marc: Hello.   

Sid: Hi Marc I want to take you back a bit; tell me about your own Jewish upraising.

Marc:  Okay, I was brought up in a conservative type of Jewish background; more secular than anything.  But I did go to an Orthodox Synagogue 7 days a week.  I was studying for my bar-mitzvah.  Which took me about 5 years and I learned Hebrew, meaning I learned to speak it, write it, and read it, but not understand it.  Which is the real draw back especially when you move to Israel.

Sid: Okay, let me take you back you had a cousin of ours; Terry living in your house and she was talking about suicide.  She was into drugs; you didn’t know that when she moved in. But you had that problem and I invited a friend of mine by the name of Don Tobias over to pray over Terry.  And he started talking about Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and I couldn’t believe my eyes you were one of the people that said a prayer of salvation to believe in Jesus.  That was before this deliverance thing and everything else.

Marc: Oh yeah.

Sid: Why did you?

Marc:  Well, I was just like it felt like to me I was mesmerized at the time and I just said the prayer and later on I said “I don’t know if this is right for me; I’m Jewish.” And I wasn’t brought up believing in Jesus.  So I just as a conservative person I am; an accountant I just sat back and it took me a year watching my wife.

Sid: So you rejected that prayer almost immediately the next day.

Marc: Yes I did; yes.

Sid: Okay, Shirley your wife becomes a Jewish believer in Messiah; your brother-in-law me, Sid, becomes a Jewish believer in the Messiah You’re the one holdout; did it bother you that Shirley became a believer in Jesus.

Marc: No, no I was just moving along with my own life just enjoying being married to my wife and having our children and life was normal.

Sid: It was okay that she was a believer in Jesus?

Marc:  Oh yes, yes.  

Sid: Okay.

Marc: In other words like if she felt like she needed to believe in Jesus.  I said “That’s up to you that’s your own decision.”  I felt that mine was I believed in God and being Jewish; I didn’t have a need to have to, at that point, to ask Jesus into my life.

Sid: And then one day a tragedy happened.

Marc:  Oh yes.

Sid: What happened?

Marc:  Our daughter who at that time during the summer was 21 months old, and she fell into the swimming pool that we had in our backyard and she drowned.  

Sid: We’re out of time.

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