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Sid:  I am finding that the guests that I have on Messianic Vision and It’s Supernatural Television are handpicked by God to give you a certain portion that is not being taught properly in the churches that God wants His believers; His people to understand.  I was just visited a church when I was on vacation a few months ago and I went into the upstairs of the church and there was an artist gallery there.  And I saw a painting that so captured my heart.  It’s a picture of an orthodox Jewish man at the Western Wall; Christian’s call it the Wailing Wall.  It is the Western Wall, it’s the only thing left from the temple that we have.  It’s considered the most Holy Place in Israel today and he has His hand touching the Wall.  That’s his way of touching God but on the other side of the Wall you see Jesus and you see Jesus touching his hand, the Orthodox Jewish man and praying that the spiritual scales would come off.  And I’m going to tell you we have put it in a beautiful frame and we’re making it available with the most unique book you will ever be able to read about Israel.  It’s a fresh approach for the end-times that we’re living in.  It’s called “Why Still Care About Israel?”  I promise you you will have questions this book is going to answer.  And you will have friends that are going to have questions this book is going to answer.  The research was done by a Messianic Jew from Israel who happens to be an attorney; she has dual citizenship.  She’s American as well as Israeli, Sandra Teplinski.  Sandra let’s get right into some very very basic things the Abrahamic Covenant.  Many are saying that it is conditional.  What is the Abrahamic Covenant; why is it important and why is it unconditional?

Susan:  The Abrahamic Covenant Sid as you know begins in Genesis 12 verses 1-3.  Most people are familiar with that passage.  God tells Abraham to leave his country; go to a land that God will show him and then promises that He will bless Abraham and make his name great.  And that God will bless those that bless Abraham but whoever curses him God will curse; yet all peoples on earth will be blessed through Abraham.  Now time goes on and Abraham approaches God at one point in Genesis 15 and he has no children and he hasn’t settled in the land. And he asks God “How can I know that I will gain possession of this land?”  God answers him an extremely unique way.  What He does is He instructs Abraham to slaughter and to sacrifice different pieces of animals and to lay the cut up bodies on the ground.  Then God puts Abraham into a spirit induced sleep and God Himself, according to the scriptures, passes as fire between the pieces.  This ritual would sound strange to us in the 21st century was actually the identical procedure used in Abraham’s day to formalize a legal covenant.  Animals were cut up covenanting parties would walk between the pieces in order to promise that the oath to one and other would be performed.  But what is especially important about this transaction with Abraham is that Abraham did not walk between the pieces only God Himself as Holy Fire walked between the pieces.  What that meant according to the laws of the day is that the covenant that was being made between God and Abraham was unconditional.  Meaning that Abraham would not have to do anything in order for the covenant to be fulfilled God was the one who would do it all.  The unconditional nature of the Abrahamic Covenant should demonstrate to us one of God’s most supreme acts of mercy and grace because through Abraham all families are blessed. God’s blessing of the nation of the Gentiles into the Jewish rooted household of faith into Covenant with God is by mercy and grace. So that’s why we can see that Abraham and his descendant’s sin.  They don’t always follow; we don’t always follow the Mosaic Law let alone God’s New Covenant words.  But by mercy and grace God has promised on His word alone that He will fulfill and bring to completion His promises to Abraham and Abraham’s descendants Isaac and Jacob. Later on in the Book of Genesis chapter 17 God promises that Isaac will inherit the Covenant and specifically not Ishmael, although Ishmael will get blessed, and that Jacob in Genesis 28 will inherit the Covenant and not Esau.

Sid: And of course these are the father of the Arabs will not inherit it and that the Jewish people will.  How does Galatians 3 tie in with that?

Susan:  Well Galatians 3 confirms what God did in the Book of Genesis.  Galatians 3 says that “The promise that God made to Abraham came before the giving of the law and therefore cannot be altered by what transpires in connection with the law.”  More simply put it means that if the Jewish people sin God’s Covenant with them through Abraham; Isaac and Jacob still stands.

Sid: Speaking of still standing just the Genesis 12:3 where God says “I’ll bless those who bless the Jewish people.  I will curse who curse them.”  Tell us a little bit of history of nations that have gone against the Jew in Israel and what’s happened to them.

Susan:  Well we see that the blessing and curse verse actually goes into effect almost immediately when Abraham deals with King Abimelech in Egypt.  Abimelech if first cursed and then blessed on account of his treatment toward Abraham and Sarah.  And we can follow that trend through the scriptures, but in post Bible history we can trace how nations sadly have more often cursed then blessed the Jewish people. And how that has been seemingly connected with their down fall soon thereafter beginning with the Roman Empire.  The Roman Empire after it overtook Israel began to enact virulently and violently anti-Jewish and anti-Messianic Jewish laws not long thereafter the Roman Empire fell.  We can go on in history to the crusades sponsored mostly by England and France.  Dispatched by Popes they dispatched their soldiers down to liberate Jerusalem but liberate almost unfortunately almost meant liquidate multitudes of unarmed Jews and Muslims along the way.  Well, shortly after that England and France turned their weapons against each other in the 100 years’ war.  Then we can go on to the Golden Age of Spain where many many Jewish people found refuge for 100’s of years.  Then as you know with the Spanish inquisitions in the 1300 or 1400’s Jewish people in Spain were forced to either convert or leave the country.  Shortly after that the Spanish Empire fell never again to be resurrected in history.  Then we had the British Empire; many many Jewish people found refuge in the British Isles 100’s of years ago.  And as long as England treated the Jewish population well things went well for her.  The empire expanded it was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire.  But then England sadly made decisions that turned against the Jews; that turned against Israel in particular.  Because  England played a key role in the restoration of Israel as a nation state.  But was not sadly always faithful to the responsibility given her and shortly thereafter the British Empire fell apart.  Then we go on to the former Soviet Union which treated the Jewish population there very cruelly.  Shortly after there was a prolonged campaign by the west for the USSR to allow the Jewish population to immigrate and to loosen its grip on the Jewish People.  The Soviet Union became the former Soviet Union when it imploded from within.

Sid: And how about Germany, when they turned against the Jew with Holocaust?

Susan:  Well Germany certainly suffered greatly but thankfully a critically mass remnant of sincerely repented afterwards and had blessed Israel. And as you know Germany is relatively prosperous among western nations today and doing fairly well.

Sid:  So that Genesis 12:3 “I will curse those that curse the Jewish people;” we saw Germany cursed.  And then they turned around to bless the Jewish people and then we saw Germany blessed.  Now what about all the turmoil going on in Arab countries now?  What’s causing all that?

Susan:  Well, I think that we have to say that one reason is that from the beginning Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and North Africa have all cursed the day of Israel’s rebirth.  They continue to this day to issue curse upon curse over Israel and Jewish people worldwide. And that’s a good part of the reason why they’re in the condition that they’re in.

Sid:  I have documented through friends of mine and actually you cover this in your brand new book because it’s just so well documented.  That every time the United States as a nation goes against Israel there’s either an economic judgment or a catastrophe of an Earthquake or a tornado or flooding.  I mean it’s the most phenomenal thing and no doubt the reason the US is the most blessed country in the world is we have been a friend from the very conception of our country Israel.  But this works for families too.

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