Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have such a Spirit of boldness they’re not ashamed of the gospel.  You see before I started this radio interview I was in a store  and I just started a conversation with a woman next to me and she was from Brazil and everyone’s around there watching us.  And I led her to the Lord and it was so easy I thought “How can it be so easy?”  I just believe my guest by the way is Robert Gay; Robert I believe that we’re coming into a new season of God.  I sense it; what is God showing you?

Robert: Well, I believe that we’re definitely coming to a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  And I believe that God is setting us up right now for the greatest awakening that we have ever experienced.

Sid: But you know the reason that I’m interviewing you is because God spoke to you recently something that you were almost was shocked over.  But if people don’t get this connection they may miss the great outpouring of God’s Spirit.  And what  God  spoke to  you was about the connection between grace and the Ten Commandments.  “What did you think when God said to you?”

Robert:  Well, I was actually of course I had been pasturing at that time when God spoke that to me which was about 3 years ago.  I had been pasturing for about 13-14 years and of course I have been in ministry for much longer. But I had never really focused any type of attention on the Ten Commandments.  You know occasionally would have a message that I would teach on one of the Commandments whether it had pertained to the Commandments.  But I had never actually did an entire series or focused much attention on them what-so-ever.  The Lord began to speak to me about the connection between grace and the Ten Commandments and it really caused me to get into the Word even more.  I’ve always been a student of the Word but it really caused me to begin to study that out and really begin to search the scriptures and begin to see what Jesus had to say about the Ten Commandments.  And of course Paul spoke of the Ten Commandments; James spoke of the Ten Commandments and you would think that when God gave the Ten Commandments that he could have said anything.  He could have made a commandment to…instead of just having Ten Commandments there could have been 20; there could have been 100 or more.  But there were 10 very important things on God’s heart and those are the things that He originally carved in stone and now because we’re born again they are now written upon our hearts.

Sid: Yes, but there are many Christians that have literally cut out the Old Testament portion of the Bible.  What would you say to them?

Robert: Well, I would say that the only Bible that Paul ever preached out of was the Old Testament.  And we know that everything that was ever written there in the Old Testament there they are written there for our example.  The Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I think that it’s very interesting that we hear these phrases the Old Testament God verses the New Testament God.  And you almost think from hearing some people talk that God’s a schizophrenic.  It’s like He was one way in the Old Testament and now He’s another way.

Sid: Well, you know a lot of Christians are confused on this because we read in the Old Testament the way God destroys whole groups of people.  And then in the New it says that He’s love; and then the only conclusion that a lot of people come up with is He was schizophrenic.

Robert: (Laughing) Well, of course one of the things that I’ve always said is John 3:16 which is a very familiar passage of scripture to all believers. “For God so loved the world that He  gave His only begotten Son.” We have to remember that was the God of the Old Testament that did that.  There was no New Covenant that God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whoever would believe in Him would perish but have everlasting life.  So you have to realize that anything and everything that God has ever done has always been birthed out of a heart of love.  It’s because He loved the Man He created; the wages of sin is death. And so sin always brought forth death; destruction; and brought forth the curse.  However, obedience to whatever God declared, obedience and adherence to what God spoke always brought forth the blessing that He desired to pour out on man.  We have to understand that God has always been and will always be a blesser and He will always and has always been one who loves all of mankind.  But we have to aline ourselves to receive that and do the things that are necessary in order to take full advantage of His blessing that He desire to bring forth within our lives.

Sid: Now you said, that people must understand the connection between grace and the Ten Commandments or they may miss the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that’s going to hit the United States. And interesting enough you said Israel too.

Robert:  Yeah, I believe what the Lord is going to do in these days  that we’re living in and we’re coming into I believe that we are right now very ripe for the greatest outpouring.  You know the Bible says “Wherever sin abound grace did much more abound.”  And and so I believe that we are positioned right now for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  I believe there are millions that are going to come into the Kingdom of God.  And of course this is my personal opinion I believe there is a connection between the Church and Israel.  And I believe what God does within the Church I believe it is reflected in Israel.  And vice-versa what God does in Israel begins to be reflected within the Church.

Sid: Well, I have to tell you my spiritual DNA says for-sure not believe that you’re being kind Robert.  I go so far as to say “If you don’t understand God’s plan for the Jew and Israel and the last days and you end up on the wrong side of the fence you’re going to end up on the wrong side of God.

Robert:  Yeah, I agree with that and I think that it’s real important for most Christians law has almost become like a cuss word.  It’s become like a profane word.  What we have to understand is that law is not a bad word; and the Ten Commandments are something that God released in the Earth in order to produce life.  It’s very interesting whenever the rich young ruler he came to Jesus and He asked Him the question, he said “What do I need to do in order to inherit eternal life?”  And of course the Greek word for eternal life there is “Zoe.”  It’s the life of God; we’ve learned that. And Jesus answers by saying this, “Keep the Commandments.” Obviously Jesus had and understanding of the importance of the Ten Commandments; because of course then the rich young ruler asked him “Which ones.” And Jesus begins to quote all of the Ten Commandments.  And so Jesus makes a connection here between eternal life and may I…if we can define it this way “The life of God experiencing the life of God in the Ten Commandments.”  What I’ve found there is a difference between being saved and then actually experiencing the very life of God. So we know we’re saved by the blood of  Jesus.  By believing upon the Lord; we call upon the Name of the Lord; we are saved; we are born again.  And then to fully enter into the fullness of everything that God has for us then I believe there is this aspect of obedience God begins to expect out of us that brings us into that place of experiencing His life in abundance.

Sid: Well you go so far to say that to say that the key to life is keeping the commandments.

Robert: Well, that’s exactly what Jesus said.  He actually again said when asked the question about eternal life and experiencing the life of God that the key to experiencing life; the Zoe of God was keeping the commandments.  If you think about this on purely just a natural level; one of the Ten Commandments is “Don’t steal.”  Well, the reality is “If you steal you end up going to jail.”  That’s not what I call experiencing the life of God by being in prison because of a crime that you committed.  Another Commandment is “Don’t murder.”  You know obvious if somebody commits murder there are penalties that go along with that.  And so what you do is you begin to take yourself out of the position to receive of the fullness that God has for you as a result of disobedience. Verses whenever you obey then you align yourself to receive of everything that God has for us and everything that God desires to release within our lives.

Sid: You have found with the revelation God’s giving you of grace and the Ten Commandments that once people get this revelation the blessings of God literally overtake them.  They move to new levels of intimacy with God; you’re a pastor are you finding that among your people that hear you teaching?

Robert: Well, we are and the ones that we’ve found that have begun to apply these principals within their lives you begin to see them getting promotions on their jobs.  You begin to see financial breakthrough happen within their lives; you begin to see healings come forth within their bodies.  Because what we have to realize is that disobedience is always the door and sin is the doorway by which the enemy can come in and steal, kill and destroy.  That’s what Jesus said. “But He said “But I’ve come that you might have life.”  And of course  that’s the word Zoe; and more abundantly.  And whenever people begin to do what Jesus said; whenever they begin to obey what He’s commanded us.  Whenever they begin to adhere to the commandments that God has given to us as believers then what it produces is great blessing; great breakthrough; miracles and a manifestation of the supernatural power of God begins to come forth within their lives.

Sid: Well, I can’t wait for our Mishpochah to get this full revelation; we’ll teach on it a little bit this week.  I believe it’s necessary; it’s essential that you and your entire house understand this.

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