Sid: My guests are red hot for the Messiah but you know something I believe Betsy and Chester just knowing a bit about your background that even if you hadn’t gotten free in these various areas of your lives you’d still be red hot for the Messiah.  But you certainly would not be having your prayers answered to the degree that you do now; you’d certainly would not be hearing God’s voice to the degree you hear now. The good news is as you’re personal journey set you free God directed you step by step you have helped I mean there’s hundreds of churches that are going through your materials and setting their whole congregations free, but God has shown you better ways, easier ways for people to be set free.  But you told me on Monday, Betsy Kylstra, your biological considered an abortion and you didn’t even know this but it affected your life, you dealt with fear of dying, you thought you were a mistake, you never understand why these things were going on with you.  You had a failed marriage, two children from that, but one day God showed you the cause of your inner turmoil tell me about that.

Betsy:  Well, I would love to tell you about it. It happened one day in my living room with a very godly woman friend who had come to visit and she said to me “Betsy I feel like God just wants to speak to you He has something He wants to do in your life.” Well, I did not know that God spoke to us and I didn’t know He wanted to do things in our personal lives.  I knew He did things kind of worldwide and universally but personal was a whole new thought to me and I didn’t know anything about this whole arena of God healing our hearts, but because I trusted this woman I said “Well, tell me what I’m supposed to do.”  And she said “Well, just close your eyes and just say “Jesus You just come and show me whatever You want to show me.”  And so sitting right there on the floor I did that and I said that and it was like I saw a moving picture screen in the back of my mind in which I never experienced before. I saw Jesus walk into this room where a little baby girl had just been born and I thought, “That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen what on earth am I seeing this.”  And then I saw Him walk over to this little girl and pick her up, this band new little one and He looked at her with all the love that anyone could possibly have and He just began to speak His heart for her and He said “You know I have waited for you, I love you with an everlasting love, I have such wonderful plans for you I can’t tell you about all of them right now but they will unfold in my timing.”  I was confused about why I was seeing this and then all of a sudden I knew that that little baby girl was me. I knew that the very God of the Universe had come to welcome me into life and into the world.  Where when I was born in the Salvation Shelter for unwed women there was no one to welcome me and I now knew that I was welcomed that I had a place that He had given me a place of belonging just as He wants to do for each one of us.

Sid: What about these thoughts that you had these reoccurring thought of fear of dying, thoughts you were a mistake things like that?  Just the dread and the insecurity and the self-doubt that you had, do you deal with those things today?

Betsy:  I do not deal with those things today and I’m so thankful that I don’t.  I think the whole thing it was interesting after that wonderful encounter where Jesus came to welcome me I knew that I knew, that I knew that I wasn’t a mistake, that I was His plan and chosen one.  And later I met my birth mother and experienced and she said to me on the phone when I first talked to her she said “I want you to know that I prayed for you every day of your life and I loved you so much and want two parents for you.”  Then besides that after that encounter with the Lord scripture began to just jump out at me, it began to become real to me; scriptures I had ignored in the past.

Sid: You know what you’re telling me?  There was a block, a degree of a block in your relationship with God even though you were going to go to Heaven, even though you were going to love God with all of your heart, your whole life there was a block.

Betsy:  You know there was…a lot of that block was removed right then in the encounter with Yeshua but there was another really significant experience I want to share with you because I continued to have some of that fear of death until my mid-thirty’s even into my 40’s.  And one day I was in Bible college and I was registering for the course and the registrar looked up at me and said “Lady if you ever want to get rid of that spirit that demonic spirit of the fear of death I know how to help you.”  Well, I was so embarrassed that that would be evident to her and I didn’t quite understand but I knew I had struggled desperately all of my life with this fear, this gripping panic about death. So I went, my husband I went prayerfully to her and she just stood, we did some repentance, some breaking generational sins and she and her husband we there praying for us and they had a word of knowledge about generational sins and deaths.  And then they came against in the Name of Yeshua they came against that spirit of the fear of death; commanded that thing to leave and I choked and coughed and felt it leave. I went home and I’ve never ever in 30 something years since that time I’ve never experienced that fear.

Sid: You know for a lot of Christians they don’t know the reality of deliverance. Chester Kylstra you said something to me before we went on the air, that deliverance is easy if you get the healing in these integrated four areas that you deal with.  Comment on that.

Chester:  Yeah, you heard it said “The devil is a legalist and actually so is God.” God puts His Word out and so as long as there are legal rights into our lives we have these problems and these four sources are from which come all of our problems our ancestral sins and curses where the curse of the Second Commandment is the iniquity of the Fathers will be visited to the children for 3 or 4 generations.  It’s a family curse and each generation enters into it the curse sort of we look at it as bouncing on down to the next generation. And so that gives the demons legal right in fact there are family demons their called familiar spirits that just past down generation after generation. And so by dealing with the family sins and curses and Jesus made a way for us to do that and it’s on the ministry card that you’ve been talking about that legitimates that one of the four legal doors. And then the ungodly beliefs we have the lies we believe like mine like “I was abandoned, rejected person and it was not safe to be around other folks.”  Every time we believe a lie we’re actually in agreement with a father of lies, and we all know who that is. That gives another open door of legal access into our lives.  And then the wounds of our heart which come out of our dysfunctional families and our friends, so called friends and our growing up and even in adult life they’re many disappointments and wounds in life.  Out of those we sin against other people, we talk about having a tender spot or how we somehow give access. So the devil uses other people to poke into our tender areas and then we sin against them and we get mad, we yell, we holler, we do nasty things.  So all three of those areas provide more legal rights; so as we deal with them then we can deal with the fourth area which is the demonic it’s easy to cast them out if we take away their legal rights first.

Sid: Now you had a problem with anger, how did you get rid of that?

Chester:  Yeah, well I didn’t know it was a demon at the time but we went to, and it was more than a demon it was all four areas, but we went to this couple and that’s when we had our first experience in having demon’s removed from influencing us.  They had me forgive and they had a more simple version of what we do now because they didn’t have the revelation God just continued to expand. But basically we took back some of the legal ground and then in their authority they commanded demons of anger to leave me.  It wasn’t very dramatic, neither Betsy and I had major manifestations we just sort of yawned and burped a little bit.  But my life was changed, thereafter I never again went into what I’ll call uncontrolled rage.

Sid: You know I’m so excited that it’s wonderful that the two of you got free, but God showed you and revealed these keys and you’re finding more streamline ways of doing it and setting so many people free.  There are 100’s of churches that are using the Kylstra’s material.

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