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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Lance Wallnau. I’m speaking to him at his home in Cranston, Rhode Island. Just before we went on the air, and it’s too good Mishpochah for you to miss it, I took Lance back to 1975. He was on a 40 day fast and someone gave him a prophetic word. Which has literally, it startled him, but put a bit of destiny into him. Tell me about that prophetic word Lance.

Lance: Well you can imagine, let’s see I am 48 now so that’s a while back in my 20’s, at a Full Gospel Businessman’s meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The speaker is Burt Singer who spent his missionary career in Israel. He comes bounding off the platform and grabs me by the hand and says “Yong man God is going to use you to reach your people.” Curious thing was my father has a Jewish background but he had hidden that from me. So I looked him and I said “I’m going to be reaching Episcopalians?” [Laughing]

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: He shook his head “No you’re going to reach Jewish people.” I said “Why would I be reaching Jewish people?” He said “I want you to go home and talk to you father and ask him about you.” So I thought “Well okay.” So I called my dad up who was an attorney in Philadelphia. I said “Dad I had a crazy experience. This missionary from Israel comes and tells me I’m going to reach my people the Jews.” There was an awkward silence. [Laughing] He says to me “Maybe you want to come home we’ll talk about that.”

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: Home I went. My dad got up and shut the study door and he explained to me his life growing up in the south and how persecution, he wasn’t a believer at that point either; I got a chance to pray with him later. He explained how persecution cost he had seen it hurt many of his friends and careers. So he made a decision that he would marry a Gentile and that he would try to distance himself from the repercussions of the Jewish roots. Then he went on to say something interesting Sid; he said “You’ll always know there’s a part of you that is Jewish; for the first moment in my life somewhat mystical spiritual if you will. There’s a part of you I can’t explain where it is you’ll just know it, and you’ll always resonate with Jewish people. Then he said this salient warning “Whatever you do don’t tell your brothers you found this out by sovereign circumstances I’d like them to discover this on their own. If you don’t mind I’d like you to respect their privacy.” So now that I’m on the radio it’s out of the bag.  [Laughing]

Sid: [Laughing] Oh for sure! Okay, now you had a couple of more supernatural things happen in reference to this call, and it is a call. You were in swimming pool in Israel and what happened?

Lance: I was in Arad, Israel and I had gone down to visit some friends and family down there. When I was there in the pool I was disappointed because I thought there would be some kind of divine appointments, receptivity to the gospel; I didn’t know what to expect I was looking for a rendezvous with destiny with my own background. As I was in the Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw children splashing and He spoke to me and said “The day they become the generation in control of Israel is the day you will see the move of God they will be receptive to Messiah.” It was so clear to me that I looked and I thought “Woe” so they’re about 5 years of age 6 years of age playing in the pool. I made a note of that. Frankly Sid I hadn’t really talked about it till you brought it up.

Sid: What I said to Lance, Mishpochah, is that I recently had been to Israel and witnessed with my own eyes a move of God’s Spirit. I mean I’ll never forget this one Jewish woman because over 50 Jewish people in 2 nights made first time professions of faith in the history of modern day Israel, this is unprecedented. One Jewish woman said to me, and here’s the exciting thing Lance, after she received the Messiah she said “For 3 months before this meeting I’ve been thinking about Jesus.” So what I’m saying is yes I’m a 5-fold evangelist, yes I move in signs and wonders, but everything is God’s timing and God went ahead of me on this trip. Then I have friends, I told Lance this, that have… for native born Israelis it’s only in Hebrew and in his congregation for the first time every Shabbat one or more Jewish people are coming to the Lord. God is even opened up a door in the land of Israel for me to go back this year where potentially there will be 25,000 I think mostly young, get that Lance, Israelis that potentially could come to know the Messiah. Literally the world is in turmoil over what’s going on in the land of Israel. We’re talking about “Should there be 2 states. Should there not be 2 states. What to do with the Palestinians situation? What to do with the Israel?” In the meantime God is up to something on His own track. I am so excited… Oh but there’s one more thing that God told you about what you’d be doing with this generation of Israeli’s that are coming the Lord.

Lance: Yeah you know Sid the day after the pool incident I was in the Sea of Galilee in a tour boat and I was praying for Israel. I was thinking “If this isn’t the generation Lord when is that generation coming?” The next thing the Lord said to me, and these are the 2 times that He spoke while I was in Israel. He said “Lance that generation when it comes of age is going to be receptive to my prophetic voice and to the laying on of hands. You will return to Israel lay your hands upon that generation and help set them in position as the end time army.”

Sid: Well I’ll tell you Lance it is now! So you be seeking from God as to the circumstances of getting back in that land because I tell you this is God’s time for mercy on Israel.

Lance: My God.

Sid: I believe it’s also God’s time for mercy on Muslims. I can’t say this by experience but I can say this by faith, I believe when Paul talks about the One New Man the wall of separation coming down there cannot be a more graphic representation of that when Jews and Muslims become one in Messiah.

Lance: Hallelujah.

Sid: Lance, I want to take you back to another providential time, 911 most people believe that was a change in our whole way in life in the United States and even the world. Where were you on 911?

Lance: I was in Kona, Hawaii at a high level management training conference with about 2,000 people from all over the world including Palestinians and Israelis.

Sid: That must have been quite a time emotionally for everyone involved in that meeting when you found out about it. Then you heard about a story of a group of corporate executives trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center.

Lance: You can imagine this Sid we had people that were right live playing voice messages from people from people that were coworkers of theirs that did not attend the seminar they were back trapped in the World Trade Center. One of the stories that emerged from that experience, which is worth observing, is 4 bankers had got into an elevator along with a window washer. Around the 58th floor, I think it was the 2nd building, and as they were going down the elevator the elevator jammed and froze and the lights went out as soon as the plane hit the building. So these 4 bankers, world financial experts, and a window washer were all in the dark hearing the yelling in the halls and things like this. Of course immediately everybody went to do what they could do in order to get out of the situation. The bankers were on the cell phones trying to call management and get data. The window washer on the other hand looked at the door and began to pry it open with the mop. As he broke the mop… he opened the door and then as the door opened he realized that the wall in front of him was solid, it froze between floors, so now he’s stuck at drywall. The bankers are still looking in dismay trying to contact people on the phone; the window washer then breaks the mop down to the metal handle and begins to pound on the wall to see if he can locate a hollow place. Then he notices the top of a number 2 at the bottom of the doorway. He says I believe they were putting in a men’s room on the 52nd floor. So he pounds down there and sure enough there is a hollow sound. He uses the metal handle on the mop carves a hole about one and half feet square and crawls through under the sink in the men’s room. Pulls his hand out and starts pulling these bankers through one at a time leads them through the smoke to the stairway where they all made it out of the building and survived. The power of that moment is the description of what I call a classic case of emotional intelligence in action. It’s the ability of people to recognize that in the situation they’re in they have choices, they have options, and whatever state they are in they will determine how resourceful they are. As that story came to me I realized the church, the Christian, the believer, has shifted into an age of terror, an age of fear. While we have a parenthesis around it here in the United States what happened in Great Britain is a wakeup call, but we’re not that far away from trauma within 24 hours. The church must be a people who have such an understanding of the time, and such a walk in the anointing that they can be the people in the elevator of life who utilize God given direction to find a way of salvation for those they are about to take with them.

Sid: I have to tell you, your teaching that we’re making available this week “In a Heartbeat” is so essential for these last times. What did God tell you about this teaching?

Lance: Well basically what He told me was is that His people as a whole have been taught, they have not been trained. The difference between teaching and training, is the difference between what you heard in school and what you do under pressure. This experience in Hawaii then the training I was going through that stage in my life convinced me that we as believers have got to go from information into application. We’ve got to be people to have the skills to manifest the supernatural and not merely delight in the dialogue about it.

Sid: The thing that is so exciting to me is you teach us how we can move from the circumstance that looks so bad into the Spirit realm, and that’s where you got the title for this teaching series “In a Heartbeat.”

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