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Sid: I have on the telephone Jane Hamon.  Jane is Pastor with her husband of Christian International Family Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  I recently spoke there at a seminar, had a chance to meet her. Got a hold of her book “Dreams and Visions” and Jane had no way of know this but I guess I’m typical I’m very confused on dreams.  I love the concept; I know it’s a Biblical concept but I need some clarification.  Well this book helped me immensely and I want to get a little clarification for myself, but also for you because let’s face it.  Every true believer has dreams, the issue isn’t whether you have dreams or not; the issue is understanding what these dreams are.  Jane I have to tell you one of my great frustrations is I’ll have a dream and I’ll call a friend of mine who is known to have special prophetic understanding of dreams and I’ll ask them “What did this mean?” and they’ll tell me.  But then I’ll call another friend who also has revelation knowledge of dreams and I’ll say “What did this dream mean?’  And they’ll tell me something completely different.

Jane: (laughing)

Sid: What is wrong with this picture? (Laughing) You know what I’m saying to you Jane because I’m reflecting what a lot of people that are listening to us right now are feeling.  I mean if there’s one group of people that should not have confusion on this subject it’s believers.

Jane:   That’s right.

Sid: So I want to… I pose that question, will address it a little later on but I want to go back a little bit about you.  Now the things that I do know about you is you married into the Hamon family, many people are familiar with Prophet Bill Hamon because he’s sort of like a prophet, a father of prophets for many men and women around the world.  Also you’ve been co-hostess on the 700 Club, and also most people might not know this and I’m sure other people have told you this when I was out at your church you prophesied over me.  And I might add your father-in-law has also prophesied over me and outside of a female voice it could have been I mean it was almost like the same anointing the way it came forth.  Has anyone ever told you that Jane?

Jane:  Absolutely, they told me I prophesy a lot like him.  I suppose that’s just the mantle…the same mantle being upon the two of us so.

Sid: Now take me back a ways; how does a young girl have such a heart for God that you get down on your knees and you cry out to God and you weren’t even raised in a Christian home?

Jane:  Right, my family weren’t really church goers but from the time that I was about 5 or 6 years old I can really remember having a hunger and a desire to know the Lord.  And from the time that I was 5 or 6 I would get on my knees every night and fold my hands like I’ve seen in the movies and pray to a God that I didn’t even know.  And when I was about 8 years old I had a friend’s mother teach me how to pray the Lord’s Prayer and so I thought that was really exciting. So I came home and wrote out the “Our Father which art in Heaven hallow it be thy name.”  And at 8 or 9 years old I was structuring a prayer life based on that prayer when I didn’t even know who Jesus was.  And when I was about 12 years old I found an old family Bible so I started reading the big ones you know that sit on coffee tables with the big print.

Sid: The one that no one ever opens, sure.

Jane:   Exactly the one that no one ever opened and I hauled that thing back to my bedroom and I started reading it and I read Genesis which was pretty exciting and I read Exodus which was really an exciting story as well.  But when I got to Leviticus I thought maybe I had missed something because I didn’t understand that one at all.

Sid: You’re not alone. (Laughing)

Jane:  I’ve been a believer for 35 years and I’m still not sure I understand it entirely. Then I found the book of Psalms which was a book of prayers and I began to pray the Psalms at 12 – 13 years old and it really strangely enough until I was 14 years old that I met Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  And 16 years old when I was filled with the Holy Spirit and felt the call to full time ministry.

Sid: When did you realize that you were prophetic?

Jane:   Well, I think when I first received the infilling of the Holy Spirit I was around a very prophetic bunch of young people back in the ’70s. There was a coffee house ministry and they prophesied and they listened to the voice of the Spirit.  So they kind of started teaching me a little bit about listening to the voice of God; how when we pray it’s not always about just us talking but that we have to actually stop and listen.  So I practiced that from you know the early part of my Christian walk, but probably the first time that I experienced something that was prophetic actually had to do with God giving me a prophetic dream when I was 18 years old.

Sid: Out of curiosity before, I mean you were raised in a non-Christian home, did you have any ancestors that were prophetic or men or woman of God?

Jane:  None that we can find. (Laughing)

Sid: Hm.

Jane:  None that we can find on really on either side of my family line; any that really understood anything of the Spirit.  So I was the first probably of both sides of my family line.

Sid: So tell me about this first prophetic dream that you had.

Jane: Okay, the first time that I recognized that God was speaking to me in dreams; and the reason I say that is because I think that God is always speaking it is really a matter of are really tuning in and listening. When I was 18 years old I was away at Bible college and I had a dream that my younger brother got very sick and died.  And it was one of those dreams that seemed so real that when I woke up from the dream that I actually had tears running down my face and I had to lay there for a minute and was wondering “Was that a dream or was that real?” You know I think other people have had that experience of dreaming so very very vivid and real.  And so I kind of laid there in bed after I realized that it was just a dream and I just consulted myself with that. “Oh, it’s just a dream.” That’s what we’ve taught our children “Oh, don’t worry sweetie it’s just a dream.” And so I just laid there and said “Oh, it’s just a dream, it was just a dream” and suddenly the Spirit of God alerted me and said “It’s not just a dream.” And I had no idea at that point in my Christian walk that God would actually speak to somebody in a dream.  So I got up and I began to walk the floor and I began to pray and cry out for the life of my brother who in the dream had died. And so after a while I felt the peace and went back to bed, the next morning before I went to school my mother called to tell me the night before my brother had been on a deep woods camping expedition when his appendix ruptured. And by the time they got him in from the woods and got him to the hospital he had almost died.  And actually ended up hospitalized for a couple of weeks after that and that event actually coincided with the timing of my dream exactly.

Sid: And had you not prayed your dream might have not been fulfilled.

Jane:  Very well might have, I believe that God uses us as intercessors and intercedes for His purposes on the earth.  And I mean that was the first time and I was like wow, God spoke to me in a dream.  And I thought well, maybe it’s one of those you know once in a life time king of things I still really didn’t realize that it was part of a believer’s walk that we should have that communion with the Lord to where He can invade our sleep and come into our dreams.  I had a similar experience two years later over the life of that same brother believe it or not I dreamed that he was coming through an intersection and somebody didn’t stop at a red light; they hit him on the driver’s side of his car in my dream.  That his car rolled over three times and he was immediately crushed and killed.  I woke up and because I had the experience a couple of years before I knew I’m supposed to get up and pray.  So I got up and I prayed for my brother, well the next morning on his way to school exactly like I had seen in the dream; he came through the intersection, somebody didn’t stop at the red light they hit his car.  It rolled over 3 times but the difference was that my brother walked out without even a scratch on his body.  And that helped me to really understand how many other times has God spoken to me in a dream and I didn’t recognize His voice?

Sid: Jane, what is the reason do you believe that God had you write this book “Dreams and Visions”?

Jane:  Well, I think if we look in Acts Chapter 2 it says “In the last days God’s going to pour His Spirit out on all flesh.”  And the results of that is going to be that people are going to begin to prophecy, they’re going to begin to see visions and they’re going to begin to dream dreams.  And I know that since the Lord has been doing such a phenomenal outpouring of His Spirit that more and more believers are waking up to the understanding that when we receive the Holy Spirit we don’t just receive a comforter, we don’t just receive the gift of speaking in other tongues, but we actually receive a mantle of revelation.  This mantle of revelation enable us to hear the voice of God whether it’s through prophecy, through visions or through dreams.  And I found very very little that had been written on this subject that seemed to be Biblically based verses psychologically based.  And so I felt like it was important to equip the saints to hear the voice of God so that they could begin to not just hear what God is saying but understand how to interpret it and how to respond.

Sid: Now is it true that many people that read your book then start not only dreaming more but getting prophetic understanding of their dreams for perhaps even the first time.

Jane: I believe that I’ve been told that many times when I teach on the subject of dreams and visions or simply when people read my book I filled in an email last night from somebody that just read your book and I’ve been dreaming every night ever since I read it and I just have some questions. People seemed to be awakened if you will, no pun on words, but awakened to the reality that God is speaking to them while they sleep or that they actually are receiving visions from the Lord because we’ve made visions something that’s very complicated almost like you have to fall into a trance or be caught up into the third heaven or something to receive a vision. Really it’s very simple is that a vision is simply God communicating to us in picture form. So we may be driving down the road and praying and suddenly we get a flash of a picture in front of our eyes and many times, I say many times not all the time, but many times that’s actually God giving us a little snap…

Sid: Jane we’re out of time…

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