Sid: Now only God knows our future and this is an amazing amazing testimony you’re about ready to hear.  I have on the telephone Ricardo Sanchez, he’s won Dove Awards, he’s nominated for Grammy Awards.  And his song that we played on yesterday’s broadcast “It’s not over.”  He had no idea it was preparing him for one of the greatest trials of his life.  But how did you write the song Ricardo “It’s Not Over?”

Ricardo: Sid I was in Southern California preparing to lead worship for The Rock Church in San Diego, California.  I come down to breakfast with my drummer and we ate breakfast as I’m walking out into the lobby my eye caught this young woman distraught sitting down in the lobby of this hotel.  And I could only assume what she did the night before because her makeup was you know blurred and you could tell she slept in her clothes and you could only assume what type of occupation she did.  And I rarely do this but when God speaks to me I have to obey.  So I grabbed Terry and I said “Come with me.”  Terry walks with me in the foyer of this hotel and I say “Hello, my name is Ricardo Sanchez listen I don’t know who you are, you may not know who I am I’m a singer song writer worship leader and I just need you to know that God told me tell you that your life is not over that what you’ve experienced in your life that you are not done, that God has a plan and a purpose for you.”  She allowed me to pray for her, but in that moment the Spirit of God continued to speak to me as I left that conversation I ran upstairs and I wrote on a piece of paper on my guitar “It’s not over, it’s not finished, it’s not ending it’s only the beginning because when God is in it all things are new.” And that’s where the song originated from was in that moment.

Sid: And you know you had no idea, but three months later you’re in an airport and you get a call that no father wants to receive.  You listened and you didn’t get it but you got the message; what was that message?

Ricardo:  Sid I was landing in Jacksonville airport and as the stewardess indicated we could turn our cell phones on.  My phone was bombarded with a series of 911 texts from friends, family my pastor that said “Get home 911 emergency.”  And as I called my wife Jeanette whose a graduate from Oral Roberts University a strong woman of faith, powerful woman of God she was hysterical.  She said “They took him, they took him, they took our middle son” whose name is Josiah.  He dove into the shallow end of a friends pool and he broke his C3, 4, 5 & 6, he broke his neck. The paramedics said that “He had a 1% chance to live so call your husband, prepare his heart for the worse; we’re going to air vacuum to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.”  They were in Atlanta, I was flying into Jacksonville and that was my message and I was sitting in an airplane with a bunch of people whom I didn’t know, I didn’t have a choir, I didn’t have a pastor, I had nothing but strangers all around me in this airplane.  I remember crawling out practically of this airplane, I got my guitar and my bag falling on my knees as soon as I past the ticket counter of Delta in Terminal A and falling on my face and just crying out to God saying “I need You, I need You don’t you remember me? What about Your promises God over my son, what about the prophetic words over his life, over his situation?”  And I remember throwing my hands over my heard I didn’t care who heard me, I didn’t care if they were going to haul me off somewhere, I just needed a miracle to fall from Heaven and I just begin to weep.  And all of the sudden these blood songs, these old songs “Oh, the Blood of Jesus” all these songs begin to come to my memory and begin to slowly trickulate into my heart.  And the song “It’s Not Over” that I had written just a few months before had begin to find its way into my heart and I begin to sing this song. I begin and it gave me life Sid; it gave me hope, it gave me courage to go on to the next step that we needed to go to.

Sid: Now let me get this straight, you’re in a crowded airport.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Sid: And your oblivious to the people, you have got to get in touch with God for your son. Was there any point you were conscious that people were looking at you?

Ricardo: Well no, not at all and see even right now prophetically I feel there are people who might even be in a crowded place even now and no one around them has any idea what they’re walking through.  No one around them has any idea what their finances are, their relationship status is, or the health and the circumstance in their life.  And just like I did I did not know who was around me, but I want to encourage those that are listening that regardless of your circumstance when God is in it there is no limit.  I threw my hands over my head, I laid on the floor, and shouted to God, I didn’t care who was around me; I needed a miracle to happen, I needed Heaven to shake, I needed the earth to shake for my son’s sake for this thing that we were walking through.

Sid: And what did that song “It’s Not Over” mean to YOU at that moment?

Ricardo: Well, it just became so personal and like you said in the intro prophetically I had no idea what I was doing when I was writing that song, I thought it was all about some woman that we had seen and that God told me to give a word to.  And all of a sudden 3 months later it’s activated in my heart. That song was that rope of hope, that song was my point of contact to grab and to hold to unlock the supernatural; to unlock the Heavenly things that would fight these principalities that were trying to control the circumstance in my family, in my set measure of rule. That song meant that I had a sword in my hand that I could fight doubt and fear and begin to march on in this battle that we are about to face even bigger giants that my son was facing; that song was my rope of hope.

Sid: Today and we haven’t explained what occurred but today do you feel there’s any impossible situation that God can’t turn around?

Ricardo:  Sid I don’t believe… there is nothing impossible with God, when God is in it the song says “When God is in it there is no limits when God is in it regardless of what you’re walking through.”  Politically nations regardless of what nations are walking through, corporations, regardless of what health is going on in your body negative.  Listen when God is in it there is no limit, I don’t believe there is nothing that God can’t turn around for His good and His glory.

Sid:  Well God gave you not just a song but out of what you walked through with your son God gave you a teaching and when you play that song for concerts or teach on the subject and instill supernatural hope where there is no hope; what do you see happening.  Give me a snapshot of after you’ve sung a song like this and taught on the subject, what do you see?

Ricardo: Well most of time people run to the altar they need a point of contact.  What I have seen we’ve preached, we’ve ministered this song for the past year and half.  We’ve been in thousands of worship services and I’m going to tell you that every worship service we see 90 to 95% of congregations come to the altar.  Those that are walking through an it’s not over season; those that are walking through a season where the enemy has had his way long enough and they need heaven to move.  Sid we are seeing the presence of God come and fill and minister in the hearts and lives of his people.  We are actually seeing the supernatural take place in families, in bodies, in circumstances and situations.  I tell you I think we’re the ones who allow the things of God to grow faintly dim in the light of our busyness in confusion.  But what happens when we put Him in forefront, when we declare His word, when we begin to acknowledge the promises and begin to believe and activate those promises in faith by worship or prayer or declaration, what we’re seeing is God answering His promise and coming into the hearts and weaving into the lives of every congregation that we’re seeing respond to this song and this message.

Sid: Well Ricardo has got a situation where his 9 year old son has less than a 1% chance of recovery, if he doesn’t recover what would his prognosis be for his life?

Ricardo: They had prepared us, these experts had prepared us, that he’d be in a wheelchair.  That he will be paralyzed from the neck down; that his quality of life will almost be nothing.  And this was what we were fighting, we had known people athletes who and I’m sure your listeners that are listening to us today know of people who are in wheelchairs who have broken…the paramedics told us basically this, the first responders, we have a saying and they were very delicate and I’m just being for time sake very direct, they said “Above the C4, there’s no more, the chance of survival is less than 1%. So we were fighting some serious giants for our son.

Sid: So he’d need a breathing machine or maybe a breathing tube; I mean from a normal son instantly but you proclaimed “It’s Not Over.”  And I tell you that the anointing you’re sensing right now on his teaching, how would you like for your impossible situations to have those proclamations and that anointing from the book and the worship CD and the teaching CD.  That’s exactly what you need right now in your life.

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