Sid:  Now I have a friend of mine on the telephone and I’ll be speaking later on this week to his daughter, Gary and Angela Wood and Gary was I would say a good Christian, a good church going Christian, song in churches but on December 23rd 1966 he was in an automobile accident and tell me briefly what happened on that date.

Gary:  Sid I was coming home and my little sister and I had just been at a high school class reunion and she was singing Silent Night Holy Night and I was just captivated with her beautiful soprano voice and suddenly she just let out a blood curdling scream and I turned and looked and there was horror ex-across her face and then later I would learn what happened, we actually crashed into the back of a ten ton wrecker truck that was illegally parked on the edge of the highway late that evening.  And I was caught up in a cloud and angels literally put their wings underneath me and lifted me up and began to carry me my body into the realm that’s known as eternity.  And they begin to sing “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and power, wisdom and dominion.”

Sid:  Did you know what was going on at that time or where you just totally confused?

Gary:  Well, there was no confusion there was just absolute peacefulness Sid.  Just tranquility, joy beyond anything that I had ever experienced and total absence of pain.

Sid:  Okay, previous to that event had you ever had a supernatural encounter with God of that type of that magnitude?  When I was a little boy I always had a heart towards God, I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior when I was six years old and I was a adopted into a family, I have a family that my father and mother were alcoholics and abusers.  But I’d always in this family that I was raised in had a longing and a heart for God and I would have dreams at night were I would see myself preaching to a multitudes of people from a different nationality than I am.  And you know Sid that came to pass just recently, this past year when I stood in a crusade of about 3,000 people and Devow City in the Philipines and preached and saw over a thousand people give their heart and life to Jesus.

Sid:  Let’s go back to heaven, you wrote a book it’s called “A Place Called Heaven.”

Gary:  Yes.

Sid:  I love the name, it’s scriptural, get me so hungry for my real home.  Paint me a picture of what you observed with your eyes in heaven.

Gary:  Well, I saw the twelve foundations of the city with the bottom one being jasper; that stands for diamonds.  In Exodus chapter 28 the Bible talks about the stones on the high priests breastplate and the first foundation is jasper, the second is sapphire which is blue. The third is chalcondy, a combination of gray, blue and yellow emerald, Sardis, blood red, crystal light beryl which is blueish green, topaz which is pale green or golden.  Just imagine all of those colors and the combination of them.  The twelfth is purple and it may not mean anything, but a scientist put into his computer and they discovered it would take seven of this worlds accumulative wealth just to garish one of the foundational stones of this beautiful city, I saw twelve gates of pearl where the twelve tribes of Israel written upon them.  Heaven is as large as from the most northern part of Maine to the most southern part of Florida, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains.  But the Bible says “In my Father’s house are many mansions and if it weren’t so I would have told you” and I actually say saw my mansion; I went into my mansion that I will live in for all eternity.  I went into a library that contained prayer requests in it; it showed books where we grow in our walk with God and it also showed people that we have won to the Lord.  And I literally …

Sid:  Are you telling me there are books with say your name and then the name of the people you won to the Lord is that what you are saying?

Gary:  That’s exactly what I’m saying because the most important thing to the heart of God is winning people to Jesus.  And Sid I actually saw this, I saw a man come down and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at an altar. Then there were people in Heaven and they were sitting on the hillside like bleachers and they were cheering for us, they were pulling for us.  You know in essence they were saying, “Hey I’ve been faithful, I’ve run my race, I’ve done what I was assigned to do, now you fulfill your calling and come join us here in this beautiful place called Heaven.”

Sid:  So you are telling me that people in heaven can actually see things that are going on earth?

Gary:  I believe the good things, I don’t believe that they observe and watch all the tragedies and the bad things but they’re there according the Hebrews chapter twelve and they are looking down and they are pulling for us.  And they’re believing that we’re going to be faithful in our walk with God and we’re going to finish the race that we started off.

Sid:  Now according to your book, you actually saw this whole transaction of someone accepting the Lord and what happens with the books up in heaven, explain that.

Gary:  As soon as he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior they the angels went to the lamb’s book of life.  Now this was just a big giant book covered in lamb’s wool and they opened it up and they recorded this person’s life.  They wrote it down, it was in blood red and it would say, they’d write the name of the person then it would say “Paid in Full by the precious red blood of Jesus.”  And I saw my own name written like that, the name that I was adopted under because I had received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I actually saw my name written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Sid:  Now, you saw several books tell me about these different books you saw and what they’re used for.

Gary:  Well, I believe in heaven and we’re going to continue to learn, I don’t believe we’re going to just sit on the cloud..

Sid:  Let me tell you something Gary that someone else I interviewed that went to heaven said, he said, exactly what you just said but then he added a twist to it and I’d like your opinion.  He said, “That whatever you have achieved in earth as far as understanding the kingdom and things of the Spirit that’s the level you are in heaven and you can never make up the time in other words, the more you learn on earth about spiritual things the further advanced you are in heaven and no one will be as advanced as you; they can’t catch up to where you were.  What do you think about that?

Gary:  I believe that totally, I believe that there are going to be seminars in heaven, I saw Moses teaching a seminar and just think about sitting and listening to Moses talk about the parting of the Red Sea; you know get it from his perspective.  Daniel will be teaching and ministering on being in the fiery furnace and…

Sid:  Tell me, let’s go back to those books tell me about the books you saw.

Gary:  Okay, well what I saw was prayer requests…

Sid:  What do you mean prayer requests in other words I pray for something, that request is in a book?

Gary:  Yes, it’s in a book and it is presented by the angels directly to God’s throne.  I saw the angels carrying that.  These angels particular angels around God’s throne had six wings.  And , with two wings they would carry golden bowls and it had they’re were prayer requests in there that were the praises of God’s people in there and they were presented right at the throne of God.

Sid:  Now the thing that’s so amazing to me and you cover this in detail in your book of you received supernatural insight into how prayers operate and how important they are and why we don’t get what we pray for sometimes. And I really want to make Gary’s book available to you, the book is called “A Place Called Heaven.”  And we’re also including a bonus of his daughters book, “Angel a Walking Miracle,” bottomline describe Angel’s book.

Gary:  Well, it’s a miraculous story of a young lady who doctors and physiologists told us that we should institutionalize and just kind of put away, she was born mentally retarded and we were told there were so many things that she would never achieve in this life.  But Sid she’s just superseded all of those things.

Sid:  What do people say when they read her book, “What’s the feedback?”

Gary:  Well faith arises and you believe the impossible can be accomplished, you believe that Angel her favorite verses is “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”  And when you read, just read the book you get faith ignited.

Sid:  And what did Jesus tell you would happen from people that read you book, what will happen to them?

Gary:  People would be born again, healed and delivered and set free.

Sid:  Has that word been true?

Gary:  Absolutely, we get reports all the time in office almost constantly every day people say, “It’s a very simple book, you can read it in just one setting” and we get reports of people that have instantly received a healing.  We just received a report from a man named Gary in  Pennsylvania who couldn’t hear and just as he was reading the book God just opened his ears.

Sid:  Listen, there is such an anointing on you talking about the book I can tell you that people are being physically healed right now, people with neck problems the pain is gone.  I mean God’s doing something in necks and backs, you bend over you’ll see.

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