Sid:  I’ve got another Jewish man that is red hot for the Messiah his name is Neil Russell, I’m speaking to him at his home in Queenstown, Maryland.  He is a high school teacher at Annapolis; is it Annapolis High School Neil? Sid Roth it’s supernatural 2012

Neil:  Annapolis High School. 

Sid:  And what do you teach?

Neil:  I teach, I’ve been teaching Science at Annapolis High since I was twenty years old.  And my kids need a shout out okay, so hey Annapolis High.

Sid:  [Laughing] Okay their listening to us.  I have got a copy of your brand new book, and Neil I have to tell you I am thrilled over it.  The title of the book is “Newton’s Riddle.” It’s one of these historical fiction books that is so timely that it’s, I want to shout how timely it is because you talk about a woman that becomes the first President of the United States.  You talk about what is going on in Israel at this moment; at this precise second and you talk about things that our intelligence has revealed through natural knowledge, but there is a supernatural quality about this book.  Why did you write the book?

Neil:  Well back in 2005 I was watching in disgust as people I work with and students that I taught were reading a book called the Da Vinci Codes, and knowing that this was a heresy.  Satan’s greatest tool is to spread a big lie, and it seems like people just eat that up. I just became to the point that I needed something to be an alternative. I got fired up and I tried to contact Mel Gibson. At the same time people we flocking to the movie theaters to see this movie called “The Passion.” I mean every movie theater in the world was filled so I knew people wanted to see and hear the truth, but there was this need I felt that people needed more truth. They also were watching Harry Potter, and they were watching about demons that were perverted.  Most people you talk to have a really, there is a misconception of what demons do and what demons are.  And most people don’t even believe they exist. So I really wanted to do something so I tried contacting Mel Gibson and take that money I think I heard somewhere that he had earned made over $650 million on “The Passion.”  Take that money and invest it into a really good project, I read a book in the late 1980’s called “This Present Darkness” which opened my eyes to the supernatural.  And a lot of people today have never heard of Frank Peretti’s book “This Present Darkness.”

Sid:  And by the way, that’s one of the things I love about your book because you write it on two levels.  You write it on the natural level, and then what’s going on in the spirit realm making different people throughout the world react in the way that they do.  And I think anyone can see the supernatural so clearly through your book.

Neil:  Well, praise God because that wasn’t Neil Russell that had to have been God.

Sid:  You told me that you don’t even type very well, but what happened when you started on this book?

Neil:  I would sit down every single time for one year four months and two days, and I would just say “Father I sit here as a willing vessel, fill me now with Your Holy Spirit.” I would after that say, “To your glory give me Your words and Your wisdom to Your Glory, Amen.”  And Sid, the thoughts that came out of my mind were not mine. My fingers were just seconds behind the thoughts. People that know me, including my wife, were just amazed to stand in back of me and watch me type.  So I knew that that was from God, it was not from Neil.

Sid:  Now tell me a bit about Sir Isaac Newton, not that many people know anything about him beyond he was involved with the law of gravity.

Neil: Isaac Newton was the pro-buster, the head of Cambridge University and that happened -when he was only twenty-three years old.

Sid:  Hmm.

Neil:   He was also a proponent of intelligent design. For today’s world which we try to eliminate God he was one of the most supportive proponents of God in Science.

Sid:  How is he ranked as scientist throughout all of history?

Neil:   I would say that he’s number one, I mean if you mentioned scientist’s people would probably think of Isaac Newton, probably followed by Einstein.  And as I said, “He was the smartest man, he was so smart that they didn’t have a math back then to solve his equations so he came up with calculus.  And that tells you that this man was smart.

Sid:   And tell me a bit about his love for God.

Neil:  Isaac Newton was a devout Christian. One of the things he felt that God had placed him here, in fact he signed all of his letters with a pseudonym which was Jehovah Sanctist Unis.  Which mean Jehovah the Holy One. He thought that he was one of the few chosen, ordained at birth with God’s special wisdom and he saw himself in the same class as Moses, Plato and Galileo.  And he felt that God had placed him here not only to find how the universe worked, but also to find out secrets that were hidden in the scriptures especially all the scriptures point to Christ return.

Sid:  As we know no one know the exact day or the hour of His return but he studied the prophet Daniel and Revelation but Daniel in particular.  And He actually came up and I Googled him that’s how I know this and he said, “The world would end no later than 2060.”  But then you extrapolated information from his writings and you came up with a specific year that’s fairly soon and I won’t give it away.  They’ll have to get your book “Newton’s Riddle.”

Neil:   Thank you Sid.

Sid:  But I think a lot of people will be shocked when they see this. Now why in the world did you have one of the characters the world’s first female president of the United States. Where did that come from?   

Neil:  When I was writing that chapter, this was before anybody out there committed themselves to running in the elections that are coming up.  And as I said, “When I would sit and I would pray and I’d ask God, I would ask for His supernatural wisdom and knowledge which I didn’t have, and I didn’t pick that particular person.  I believe it was God, I believe when you read those chapters you can actually take those names that are out there in the newspaper and plug those into the people you see running.  So again it was simply… I really depended a 100% of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and foreknowledge because I didn’t have it.

Sid:  Now, of course since you’re a high school instructor and the book has just come out, but you’ve had a number of your students read this book, what’s their reaction to it?

Neil:   I truly believe this is again God. I teach in a public high school and to have a book that’s loaded with Biblical prophecy and scriptures read by students is, that’s God, it has to be.  Every student that has actually read it has come up to me and said, “I’d like to share this with other people, how can I get a copy?”  See students, one thing we have sanitized God out of the public arenas especially in the public schools, and students at that age, especially around sixteen to eighteen years old they’re looking for their future, they are looking for that type of foundation that you know that we have, that’s truth.  And it’s not being found in public schools, when they read the truth they get excited.  And that’s what’s happening the kids are really excited. They are coming up to me, their hearing about the book and they want to buy it.

Sid:  What I find fascinating is this book is written and very well written on two levels.  On the natural level and on a supernatural level where you begin to see how demons and angels are active in our lives and active in the affairs of nations and in the affairs of politics and even who the next president of the United States is going to be.  But you began to have your eyes opened supernaturally because on the date that you got your contract from the publisher for this book, what did your wife tell you happened?

Neil:  It was the end of January 2007, and that night my wife was sitting up in bed, and she hadn’t fallen asleep yet, I asked her, I really questioned her on this.  And she was alert and she heard the sound of a whirlwind entering our front door going down the foyer entering her bedroom door. Passing to her bed a force struck her right under her rib cage in her abdomen with enough force to lurch her forward.  And Cindy was completely healthy up until that moment, she was just as healthy as I’ve ever known her.  We’ve been married for thirty-five years; she’s never had a health problem until that next day.

Sid:  And what did the doctors say was wrong with her?

Neil:  Well.

Sid:  The worst scenario they said.

Neil:  Well, during the month of February, this is 2007 she gradually started losing her appetite, and she was showing systems of gallbladder program.  I had symptoms of that myself.  And that’s all we were thinking we went to our Primary Care Physician and he felt the same thing so he ordered an ultrasound.  But on March 11 of 2007 as we were getting ready for church Cindy came up to me and said “Neil we need to go to the hospital now.”  Went to the emergency room at Anne Arundel General in Annapolis Maryland and still thinking gallbladder; that the ultrasound for the gallbladder was fine but there was something wrong with the liver, and she told me that I can’t explain how chills just filled my body but I was in shock; complete shock.  From the ultrasound they did a CAT scan and the CAT scan showed that were some large mass that had consumed the majority of her liver.

Sid:  How many people are healed medically speaking, or anyway from that type of liver cancer that she had?

Neil:  Cindy was diagnosed at the end of the week after a biopsy with bile duct cancer and I never heard of it before; I never heard of it I just knew liver cancer was a death sentence.  But I didn’t realize that bile duct cancer was extremely rare that less than 4,000 people in the United States contract bile duct cancer each year. These people have visited some place outside of our country usually in a jungle region and picked up a parasite.  This is extremely rare, and no one lives; no one lives from bile duct cancer which had consumed her entire liver except for a …

Sid:  Okay, the book is called “Newton’s Riddle.”  You will not be able to put this thriller down.  Sid Roth archives tv shows

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