Sid:  My guest L.A. Marzulli, I found out we had a lot in common; both of us unsaved wandered into the New Age and it’s kind of understandable with me as a Jew, I looked at every option except Jesus and L.A. with you as a Catholic you figured you had your bases covered, but you got a little discouraged on life and you wandered into the New Age and you became a full time devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji.  You were part of his orchestra; you went on a ten city tour.  You were involved in an event that they had in 1974 at the Houston Astrodome and your sitting there watching this big event as a total sold out follower of this guru, but something very unexpected, very strange happened to you; tell me about it.

L.A:  Well we were sitting on this very large platform at this Houston Astrodome.  By the way Sid, thanks for having me on, I appreciate it.  And we were on this very large platform, the orchestra was below but elevated above the throngs of people on the floor of the Houston Astrodome.  And behind us, behind the orchestra was a dais, the only way you could describe it, it was a very large dais.  And the members or the so called holy family were seated there.  Guru Maharaj Ji has three brothers and a mother; they were all seated below him and the guru was on the very top part of this dais with a very large crown on his head.  And what amazed me as one of the orchestra members looking behind me at the so called holy family is they no longer looked, and I know that this sounds incredibly strange, but they no longer looked entirely human there was a power that was emanating from the members that were there.  A power that at the time I had no idea what I was looking at, I figured like wow this really is God, look at this power.  Since that day which is decades ago I would couch that and completely different terms, but they were in essence something was coming through, something was manifesting for those that had eyes to see.  We were very close, so to me it was very evident that what was there was something more than human.

Sid:  You know what I believe?  I believe that same thing to you where you could see that it was such a supernatural power on these gurus is the same thing that if you had eyes to see that if you looked at Adolph Hitler or Mussolini they didn’t kill or Stalin.  They didn’t kill multitudes on their own, they had supernatural evil help.

L.A:  Absolutely, there are documented testimonies from people who talk about Hitler sort of stumbling up to the platform not looking disheveled, but certainly not filled with power.  And as Trevor Ravenscroft quotes in his book, “It was like a fire hose somehow being hooked into the furor and all of a sudden he was just filled with this energy and this passion.”  Of course it comes out in his speeches.

Sid:  So you see this power, this evil power coming out of them.  Did you realize that it was evil at the time?

L.A:  Well, no again I didn’t have a discernment to figure what it was that I was looking at but I did see it and I assumed it was benevolent.  We see this kind of assumption for many people, just because they see something supernatural they assume and unfortunately maybe to their own peril that what they are seeing is benevolent is good.  But unless a person knows how to test the spirits, they can easily be deceived and so was I decades ago.

Sid:  Okay, you get a hold of a book “Cult Explosion” by David Hunt and this book convinces you that something was really wrong in everything you were involved in.  Why did it convince you of this?

L.A:  Why I was reading Hunt’s book which really a game changer for me; I’m reading it and I’m going “Yeah, I’ve been there, looked at that, dabbled in this, joined that one.”  You know we talked about Silva mind control and you know I went through the course and at the end of the course they hand you a card and on that card is a person’s name, you have no idea what’s wrong with him.  But I went down into what was called my little room there, my little laboratory and took my spirits guides and we diagnosed a person correctly and that’s how I passed this little mind control test.  At the time thought that all this was wonderful and good and at the time I was reading Hunts book, this was about a decade after I began my journey into the New Age.  I was empty, completely empty and just looking for God crying out for God, didn’t even know whether He existed or not; was completely disillusioned with anything spiritual; certainly with Yeshua, just didn’t want anything to do with Him.  But at the end of that book Hunt gave a little just a little prayer to say if you wanted to have Jesus come into your heart.  And I was alone in my room, seated on the chair, no one was there and there was no arm twisting, no one on television, you know telling me to lay your hands on the television set, nothing like that.  Very quiet, just myself and this book in this room and this was my prayer.  I said, “You know Jesus, I don’t even know if you exist or not buy if you do, please come into my life and change me.”  And then I paused dramatically and waited you know for the big lightning bolt.  Nothing happened at all.  A month after that I awakened from a very very troubling and disturbing dream and that was the beginning of the game changer in my life where the Lord began to pull me out of what I would say darkness and the camp of the fallen one, Satan and move me into the light, into His kingdom.  And it was a very difficult battle for a number of years.

Sid:  And do you know what I find interesting, everything you’re saying is so parallel with my life.

L.A:  Ha-ha.

Sid:  I was involved in the Silva Mind Control and the New Age and I got a hold of book by McCandliss Phillips called “The Jew the Bible and the Supernatural.”  And as it said, it is an abomination of God for anyone to be involved in the New Age, but it’s worse for a Jew because we Jews are under a covenant with God.

L.A:  That’s right.

Sid:  And as a result of that book someone gave me something called “The Four Spiritual Laws.”  I read it, I said a prayer of salvation, nothing happened and in my case I figured “Well, it just didn’t work.”  But then in most desperate moment I prayed a prayer out of desperation “Jesus help”, and I knew enough at that moment that has lasted me forty years that Jesus is real.  I don’t know if it was that dramatic for you but it is the most, I’m amazed at the parallels and I also found something else I don’t recommend anybody touch the poison of the New Age.  But those that did before they were believers it’s almost like God equipped me with a supernatural discernment to know the difference.  Whereas most Christians don’t know the authentic or the counterfeit, I absolutely have been given a gift from God to know the difference. How about you?

L.A:  I would certainly concur, I look at everything that I have been through as sort of boot camp training grounds for what I do today and it’s a full time ministry and constantly telling people about the deception which is really all around us, that the fact that the supernatural is manifesting in ways that are unprecedented.  Most people aren’t aware of some of these events but they are happening.

Sid:  And they are happening on both sides good and evil supernatural and yet most people aren’t aware of its happening and most people don’t know the difference between the two.  It’s like if a blind man leads another blind man; let me tell you briefly about a dream I had last night.  In this dream someone was chasing me and I was hiding from them and someone walked up to me when I finally got away from the person that was chasing me and they said, “What does all this mean?”  And I knew the answer and I said to him three times, “Jesus is coming back soon, Jesus is coming back soon, Jesus is coming back soon.”  Then I woke up.

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