SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Dennis Walker and we’re talking about what he calls “initiatives from Heaven.” Now if God is initiating something, it is a done deal. It will happen. So Dennis, you find yourself in Peru of all places, and you get an initiative from Heaven. What were you told and what happened?

DENNIS: I was right in the middle of a teaching that I was doing, and right in the middle I hear the Lord say, “Whoever will run up to the front right now I’m going to pay off their debts.” And so I stopped. I’ve learned that you follow these things right when they come. And so I stopped and I said, “Whoever will run up here right now, the Lord said he’s going to pay off your debts.” You know, you say exactly what He said.

SID: You know all you are is a good secretary. I like to refer to myself as a good Jewish secretary.

DENNIS: Me, too.

SID: That’s all we are, is we’re good secretaries. But some of you are not hearing the initiatives from Heaven. This is what happens when you do. He hears an initiative from Heaven. He says, “Some of you are in debt. Come…run” Did you tell them run?

DENNIS: Run up here.

SID: Run up here. What happened?

DENNIS: Well at first, I thought everyone would run up, but nobody did for a long moment. I mean, it was like uncomfortable. And then all of a sudden, a lady grabbed her husband and dragged him to the front, and they came up. So I just proclaimed over them, “I command right now your debts are paid off.” And I went on and finished my teaching. Well, I really didn’t hear back about that for one year. And it turns out this couple were from another city 300 kilometers distant from where we were actually having these meetings. And the following year, I was in their city and the lady says, “You want to hear what happened?” I said, “Yeah, tell me happened.” She said, “When I got home,” two days after this event, where I had said, “your debts are cancelled,” she went to the bank to make a payment on this huge loan that she didn’t think she’d ever finish paying off. Goes to the bank window and they said, “This has been paid off.” So she asked, “When was that?” And they looked it up and it was the very day I commanded that to be done. It was done that day. And then she said, “Who paid this off?” And they looked on the computer and called over the guy who had dealt with the transaction. He looked at her and he said, “Don’t you remember? You came in, you counted out the bills. I gave you a receipt. You don’t remember this?” And she kind of walked towards him and said, “Yeah, now I remember.” Turns out that God had sent an angel.

SID: She didn’t remember. She was never there.

DENNIS: She was never there.

SID: God sent an angel. What did the angel do?

DENNIS: The angel took off this debt. Came in the form of a chubby, fat Peruvian woman, and just like her, where the teller could look at her two days after the event and said, “It was you,” and paid off every bit of that debt.

SID: I love the initiatives from Heaven.

DENNIS: Me, too.

SID: You tell us how to be able to sensitive to the initiatives from Heaven. And one of the things you talk about you learned in the tent. It’s called soaking. Explain what that is.

DENNIS: Soaking is when you’re going to exercise your spirit into being aware of what’s going on in Heaven. See, what I believe is that when you’re born again that your spirit comes alive, and all five of the spiritual senses come alive in you. And so you can actually practice these things by just getting quiet and learning how to focus your mind, focus your inner visions on the things of Heaven. And so that’s what I did. When I came into the tent I focused my mind on Heaven, according to Colossians 3:1-2, and all of a sudden I was brought into this place, and there was just this proliferation of signs and wonders, and miracles, and these initiatives would start coming, and it has totally changed my life.

SID: But people don’t need a tent to do this.

DENNIS: No, you don’t.

SID: You would just, as I understand, lay in that tent and you’d have the music, and you would actually soar to the heavenlies by faith.

DENNIS: That’s right, exactly. You know what it is? Any place you can come away into like a secret place, Jesus spoke of this in Matthew 6, “Get into your secret chamber, close the door and pray to your Father who sees in secret.” And then everything else after that was all about provision. It was about the hand of God coming on your life. And I believe that you can do that. If you don’t have a tent or a secret place, find a box to put your head in, because it’s all about focus.

SID: Well you know, in the Azusa Street Revival, William Seymour, literally did that!

DENNIS: He did.

SID: Until God gave him an initiative. So he operated under the initiatives of Heaven. Tell me, when you went for a plane ride without a plane.

DENNIS: Without a plane. That’s right. I had gone into the tent one day, and in the tent, you know, I always was coming into Heaven. But this one day was different, a different experience. I was expecting to be caught into a scene in Heaven and see things in Heaven. But this time I was going over geography. I saw the ocean going below me very fast and then a mountain chain, going along a mountain chain, then coming down, a valley in the mountain. I realized all of a sudden this is the Huallaga Valley in Peru. I know that because I’ve flown down that same path in airplanes before. So flew right into the city, right into the house of our pastor of the city of Huanuco. And he had just recently called and said that he had to retire from the ministry because he was diagnosed with a severe heart condition, and they told him, if you continue under the stress you’re going to die. And so suddenly, I’m standing beside his bed. He’s asleep and his wife next to him, and I laid my hand on his chest and proclaimed a healing. Went around on the other side of the bed, laid my hand on her head and proclaimed a renewed experience in the Holy Spirit. Partly I did that because when she was baptized in the Holy Spirit, she went 10 days that she could not speak her native language.

SID: She was speaking in a supernatural language. Her native language was Spanish, but she could not speak Spanish for, did you say 10 days.

DENNIS: Ten days. At day four, he called me and I said, “Will she ever speak Spanish again?” I said, “Yes, don’t worry. It will be a wonderful change in her life.”

SID: And what did the doctor say about his heart?

DENNIS: Well we called him two days later. We got a hold of him. Called him and said, “How’s your heart?” And he said, “It was amazing. Two nights ago,” he said, “I had an encounter in the middle of the night with the Lord and all of a sudden I have no pain.” And I said, “How about your wife? How about Doris?” “Well she has begun to speak in tongues again, the heavenly language, and now for the last two days she hasn’t been able to speak Spanish again.” Actually, she went 15 days on that occasion without being able to speak her native language again. So the things I proclaimed were done.

SID: Do you have an initiative from Heaven for us right now?

DENNIS: Yeah, I do. You know, I really felt like the Lord said that there people listening right now that you’ve been having a high pitch buzzing in your ears, and that right now, God is going to touch your ears. What He wants you to do is take your two fingers and just hold them for a second in your ears, do it after I’m done talking, and hold it in your ears for a second, and then pop those out, and I believe you’re going to sense that something has happened right now.

SID: Okay. Here’s what I believe also. Not only that person, but if you will put your fingers, but not all the way so you can hear, I want you to look in the camera and pray that we hear initiatives from Heaven. Would you do that right now?

DENNIS: I will do that. So right now we just proclaim that every spirit of deafness, every problem with you being able to hear by the spirit, the Bible says, “My sheep hear my voice,” I proclaim that thing will come off of you, that your ears will open. And I proclaim right now that the eyes, the ears, the spiritual sense of taste, touch and smell are being activated as we speak.

SID: There’s such a peace in this studio, now. Someone’s back has just been healed. But faith without a corresponding action, Dennis will tell you, is dead.

DENNIS: That’s right.

SID: God is fun. It’s time to jump into the water. Make Jesus your Lord. Repent your sins. Say, “Jesus, you’re my lord and come live inside of me.” Do it right now.

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