Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to tell everyone about the Messiah.  He’s coming soon, it’s no time for you to be silent witness, it’s time to make you voice heard.  And many of you are trapped, it’s sort of like we found out a poll that I had never heard of six year years of research by one of the most foremost pollers in the world, George Barna.  And what he has found is that most Christians have a circular journey in their faith rather than possessing their promised land.  There is such, it’s actually a rerun of what happened to the Jewish people that came out, were set free as prisoners and slaves in Egypt, set free by the power of God and then walked in a big circle for forty years, rather than walking directly to Israel.  And that’s what’s happening to most Christians.  They get stuck, well my guest Phillip and Darlena Fields, that’s what happened to them they got stuck.  They got stuck because of things that happened to them in childhood that were never dealt with completely even though they became fine believers and as a matter of fact Phillip as Dean of the School of Ministry of a Mega Church that had eight hundred churches connected with them.  But they still were not free and I believe I’m speaking to a lot of people that are still not free.  Phillip, give me an idea of the types of people that take your forty day course now and from your teaching what types of things have people been healed of?

Phillip:  Sid, you know we see it on different levels, we see it in the emotional and mental area where broken hearts and wounded souls, people suffering from chronic depression and anxiety, various phobias.  Sometimes even nightmares and torment, obsessive compulsive disorder, satanic ritual abuse, in the relational area we see friendships and marriages being restored and even whole families.  As well as physical feelings as well as things like dyslexia, insomnia, neuropia, cancer, unexplained chronic pain and migraines, infertility, stuff like I had, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, even multiple chemical sensitivity and environmental illness, which is a lot to say, but healings on various levels.

 Sid:  And Darlena give me some real people that you have seen with your own eyes set free from taking teaching of this type.

Darlena:   One couple comes to mind, Chris and Jodad, they have struggled on their own as Christians trying to overcome struggles that took place in their previous marriages that spilled over into their current marriage, mixing families, things they couldn’t overcome.  And they went from being having a troubled marriage and sickly people to living on purpose and living out their promises of God and that’s what they would say the new story was would be for their lives.  Another testimony would be of a woman named Lisa who was deeply wounded by the church and so she stuffed her gifts and the things that she really moved in the Spirit and was silent for years and even struggled with wanting to go to church.  And during our program, the life course she had a revelation and awakening and a breakthrough that really pulled her out of this closet and she is now fully operating in the gifts that the Lord has given her.  She has been put in a place of leadership even in the church that she is now in.  And the third would be a young man that grew up in a church, his Father is a Pastor he’s been in phenomenal meetings where supernatural things have taken place, but yet he was not living on purpose and during his going through the life course he had a major encounter with God where the Lord spoke to him why he was born.  That’s the most amazing thing that a person.

Sid:  Okay, you peaked my curiosity; tell me what the Lord spoke to him.

Darlena:  He spoke to him that he was, I can’t word it like he would, that the Lord pulled out a scripture and told him that this is why he was put on the earth to do, was to bring light into dark places and then just begin…

Sid:  So you are telling me when people get free, really free they stop walking in a circle and they go directly to their purpose in life.

Darlena:  Yes, it creates forward momentum because you see, you have a goal set before you, you see the finish line and it pulls you out of your rut and gets you set in a forward motion.  In creating the forward momentum in your life and it ignites a passion.

 Sid:  Well, when you and Phillip were healed even your children were set free, what happened to your children?

Darlena:  Well, our children struggled with chronic sinus infections and when, the day that we went to go to this particular program where we were both set free our children were all sick and they talked nasal most of the time.  And when we called home to speak to them mid week during this program we were at we didn’t recognize their voices because they had been healed.  My mother was caring for them and she said that they woke up with no congestions what’s so ever.  And so they weren’t even with us, what happens when the parents deal with their issues it spills over into the children’s lives because you’re breaking curses and family cures that are affecting them.

Sid:  Phillip give me a brief review of what you cover in your forty day course.  Now why make it so long?  Why make it forty days and six CDs and a workbook; it’s called transformation, possession God’s promises?

Phillip:  Well, the length of it really is short when you consider it took the Israelites forty years, so to spare it down to forty days is definitely a concise version of the forty year process that they went through.  But we really feel like that what happens in people is as they encounter God and they get a vision of what He’s calling them into and you see this in the Book of Joshua, you know he says, “I’m giving you the land that I have already given you, so he invites them into this new wonderful life.”  And then he says to them, “Okay it’s time to sanctify yourself before you go in.”  Well, you know that is not a word that we use very much, so for me to getting real, is taking a look at those issues before God in the grace of God; He gets to come in and take those things that aren’t working in our life, those dead end patterns and begin to set us free of them.  And as we are getting set free we are letting go of our past, breaking free of those generational curses and issues that our parents carried and then he’s transforming us.  He’s you know the Israelites, the ten spies that couldn’t get the vision were inferior; they kept thinking there is no way we can take on the giants of the land.  There’s no way we can take on the big problems that are out there and that inferior perception was really keeping them in a place of weakness and they couldn’t see the power and the miraculous movement of God.  So as that transformation takes place in us and we begin to co-labor with God and a line ourselves with His power and His authority then we can see these transformations take place in our own life.  And then we join ourselves with other of like faith of like passion and that synergy that comes from joining ourselves with others who are wanting to move forward it creates momentum and then ultimately we cross the Jordan and possess these promises that God has given us.

Sid:  Okay, but tell me the areas the course covers.

Phillip:  Getting deeply connected with the Lord in a way that we’ve not been able to hear His voice before.  Getting in touch with the transparent issues that are driving our life; we need to know what’s causing these struggles and getting free from the past and breaking those generational curses and things that have been past down to us.  And redeeming relationships and learning how to live in wholeness and also embracing our purpose and ultimately possessing this promised future and destiny that God want us to have.

Sid:  Phillip this is basic, why doesn’t every Christian in America once they get saved go through a course; they would stop walking in circles.

Phillip:  Well, you know my experience is that in many situations and churches and things of that nature, what we do is we stop moving forward because we tend to think that once we have salvation, once we have a connection with God that kind of it.

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