Sid: Our Messiah is getting ready to return and I have, I’d say of all the people that I could be interviewing right now, I have the top man that was literally called by God to expose secrets that the media has purposely hidden from us.  That will give us insight into the end time antichrist system and I am fascinated by the information this man has.  His name is Gary Kah, spelled K A H and Gary has a background in which his parents were involved in with the Nazi’s and the communist and running for their life.  And Gary as a young age when he heard these stories couldn’t comprehend why at least Christians wouldn’t rise up and do something about it.  And he decided that, he actually made a vow and about how old were you Gary?

Gary: It was in sixth grade, I would have been eleven years old.

Sid: Boy, that’s a young age and so then he prepared, he graduated from college with top honors and he had a degree in International Marketing in Economics.  And as a matter of fact he had three majors, then he went to work for the Europe and Middle East Trade…

Gary: I went to work for the State of Indiana for the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana but my title was Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist.

Sid: And he was in charge of some twenty countries.  Then in 1980 he uncovered something that no one had been talking about before.  In the ‘80s he uncovered about the printing of new US currency which would be a stepping stone obviously for the One World Currency and being a student of the Bible he didn’t have to be a mental giant to know why this was going on.  When you found this out, what did you do about this information Gary?

Gary: Well, at first again I had to wonder what the Lord’s purpose was in this and what I should do, I asked that same question.  It was actually myself and one other person from our office which was under the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana some people from Richard Lugers office and from the Major of Indianapolis office who toured a company here in town who was getting ready to build the printing presses to print the new US currency.  This was back in February of 1984 when we took a tour of this plant and learned about these things and of course later on our new currency began to come out in ’96.  So I knew about this about twelve years in advance, but again I wondered what to do about this.  So I began to pray about it and the Lord put people in my life who knew a lot that was going on overseas with other currencies and I began to research, interview people and look into the matter and discovered that a number of different currencies were either in the process of coming out or had just come out around the globe.  And this was all part of an effort to make the currencies more similar, to give them common features and to eventually merge this all into a single global currency system at some point down the road.  But that really got me researching and digging into the economic side of things and I used some of the contacts that I had at the embassies.  And I failed to mention that when I traveled overseas my meetings were organized through the US embassies.  So even though I was on the payroll of the state government my dealings overseas were through the federal government and so I learned quite a bit through some of the people working at the embassies that had become friends of mine especially in the commercial sections of the embassies.  And one thing led to another and finally I began to speak out on this and warn people and say this is what’s going to happen and there is an alternative motive behind this.

Sid: Awe yes, but you started warning people you received, you were issued an ultimatum by the administration superior to keep quiet or else resign from your position.  What did you decide to do?

Gary: That’s right that was in April of 1985 and I was absolutely floored, I remember after the meeting I came back to my office and just stared out of my window for the better part of an hour.  And then called my best friend who was a Christian who worked in the Secretary of State’s office and we had lunch together and I told him what had just happened and we prayed together and I decided not to do anything rash, but to give it a few weeks and then make a final decision on what I should do.  And so I took one final trip overseas that was already planned.  It was with our Secretary of State, Ed Simcox and several other people, a delegation that was planning to go to Russia and China and so I decided I would go ahead and take that trip and see how the Lord leads.  And then I remember sitting in the airport in San Francisco on the way back and the Lord just gave me the word to write down for a letter or resignation.  And I couldn’t write fast enough, I really believe the Lord was giving me the words to write.  And when I came back I submitted that letter of resignation and basically told the administration that I believed strongly that especially given my heritage and my background and what my parents went through that I needed to take a stand on these matters and that as a result I would be leaving my job because I couldn’t be silent about this.

Sid: Okay, then in 1987 you joined an organization that I’ve never heard of and most people have never heard of called the World Constitution and Parliament Association.  What in the world is that?

Gary: First of all I was invited to join in the organization, I did send in an application, but I never officially attended any of their meetings and this was really strange.  I believe this was something that the Lord orchestrated in retrospect so that if I would have gone to the meetings I was invited to attend they might have recognized that I was not one of them and who know what would have happened then.  But the way that it turned out I corresponded with the top leader of the organization for four years.  And as a result received a lot of the documentation and every time I was getting ready to go to one of their meetings something happened that I could not go there no matter how hard I tried, and again I believe that was the hand of God.  But I collected several hundred pages of documents, including a prototype draft of World Constitution for World Government that they already had available at that time and they’ve been tweaking it ever since.  But it’s amazing going back over twenty years that this type thing was already underway back then.  And they were also organizing Sid meetings of what they called a Provisional World Parliament which was like a type of mock or a dress rehearsal for a real World Parliament down the road.

Sid: Now, I have an actually a map of the United States that you got off or their web site and they’ve even mapped out the United States for these World Delegates.

Gary: That’s correct, they have and again all this is subject to change but for right now, they’ve divided the forty eight lower states on the main land into forty four world districts.  And each one of them is based loosely on a population of 7 million people in each district.  So that’s how they’ve divided up the United States for their purposes and they did so based on a clause in the Earth’s Constitution and World Legislative Act Number 29.  So you’ve got a group of people out there doing this and there’s nothing in the media about it whatsoever.

Sid: Again, in one sentence what is their agenda?

Gary: Their agenda is all out world government, they say that this is the only way to bring about world peace and world unity.  However when you look at who some of the key players are in this organization they all come from a very strong New Age, occultic, mystical viewpoint.  And overall the people in this movement the forefront of it is strongly opposed to Bible believing Christians and conservative Jews and so you can see the handwriting on the wall.  You know, Hitler wanted to create the Third Reich which was a global government in his day.

Sid: Okay, listen I don’t understand something though, they’ve had many meetings throughout the world, meetings with top religious leaders, top political leaders, top economic leaders, top academic leaders, I don’t see much press going on.  How could they be so vocal and yet we don’t hear about them?

Gary: Well, that’s the same question I’ve been asking all along and I ask in my book is how can this be?  Clearly there are at least some people in the media who hold enough influence in determining what gets said and what doesn’t to hold this back.  Because when you’ve got several hundred pages of documents like this and clearly that I did not make up, it’s on their letterheads with signatures of people on it and everything.  You know it can’t be denied; ever people have to say that this organization isn’t something serious, but even if that was the case it would still deserve to be exposed.  The fact that they’ve been around for this many years and have done what they have; the fact that Ramsey Clark our former US Attorney General was a Vice President of this organization at the time that I was affiliated with it and the top people from the UN the former officials and what not were part of this.  And leaders from the Nobel Prize Committee even, Eagle Arvic of Norway, he was the very first name I believe listed at the top of one of their letterheads.  So a lot of prominent people from around the world belong to this so I think we have to take it seriously.

Sid: Now, do you see a tie in between the crumbling of the US economy and the One World Government with organizations such as you’ve just told us about?

Gary: Well, to answer the question, this organization put out a list of forty-nine reasons back in the eighties forty-nine reasons why we need world government.  And as you read down that list it’s just about every problem they say is a reason for world government.  But about fifteen of them had to do with the environment, and others had to do with economic matters and also many of the others having to do with maintaining or bringing about world peace.  So their argument would be that we have to have world government to get us out of these unfolding crises.  Now what’s interesting is that when they made these statements our economy was in pretty decent shape.  But it’s as if they were expecting this coming global economic crisis and a global crisis involving perhaps military conflict in the Middle East or something along those lines that would terrify people to the point where the people of the world would think wow if we don’t do something the world is going to self distract politically and militarily and also in the economic front, there’s got to be some kind of change.  And I believe at that moment of crisis is when people like this will step in and say we’ve got the solution, global government, it’s the only way to go.

Sid: Or right now two of the big giants, China and the former Soviet Union, Russia actually have an alliance and they don’t think too much of our US dollars.

Gary: That’s right.

Sid: Oops were out of time.

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