SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. And there is a Scripture; it’s found in the prophet Isaiah, the 9th Chapter, the 10th Verse, in which it includes nine harbingers, warnings for Israel. It’s God’s heart saying, “Please, Israel, turn from your wickedness so I can bless you.” But it’s progressive judgments that come to Israel until finally they’re totally wiped off the land. Now we don’t want to see this happen in the United States of America. And that’s why I’ve asked Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It takes a Messianic Jewish rabbi with a prophetic bent that lives right outside of New York City; that actually went to the grounds of 9/11 and was able to put this together. Now Jonathan, there’s a mystery about the trees. Explain that to me.

JONATHAN: The key in Isaiah 9:10 says, the next part of it says, “The sycamores have been cut down.” Now what is that? The Assyrians came in, that warning strike, they ravaged the land. The sycamores were ravaged. And it’s a biblical sign of judgment. Actually, it occurs in Egypt. There’s a sign that says, “God struck down the sycamore; national judgment; a sign of uprooting. God was going to uproot the nation if it didn’t turn back to Him. So the sycamores have fallen. But what does that have to do with America? First of all, the terrorists of 9/11 weren’t interested in sycamores. They struck cities, not field. The sycamore has to be struck down, a sign of national judgment. So what happens? Amazing – eerie thing. On 9/11, the last tower, the northern tower is crashing to the ground, sends out a beam into the air. It just so happens all around Ground Zero there’s concrete, asphalt buildings. But there’s one little plot of land that has soil, and it strikes an object. The object is a tree. What kind of tree? It’s the sycamore. Just happened to be growing at the corner of Ground Zero? It struck down…A sign of national judgment? But how?

SID: So from the wreckage, something fell from the tower, which is a sign of national judgment.

JONATHAN: Yes. Absolutely. First of all, the sycamore of Israel was the Middle Eastern sycamore. It matched Israel. But God translated the harbinger; this is the western sycamore, which is named after that very Middle Eastern sycamore of Isaiah 9:10. It happens to be struck down right at the corner of Ground Zero. And the people, there’s something strange about the harbingers, they make signs of them. They take the fallen sycamore and they make it a sign, and they call it “The Sycamore of Ground Zero.” People gather. They put it on display. It’s supposed to be a symbol of hope. They have no idea this is an ancient harbinger of judgment of a nation, of uprooting if it doesn’t turn back to God.

SID: Tell me the second tree.

JONATHAN: Okay. You go on right. It’s in progression. Precisely down the prophecy, it says, the sycamores have fallen, but Israel vows, “We will plant cedars in their place.” Same thing as the stone. They’re saying, okay, you struck down our sycamores. God, we’re not going to be humbled. We’re going to take a stronger tree, the cedar, and we’re going to rise like that tree. It’s going to be a symbol of the nation and we’re going to come back stronger than ever. So the sign is, the harbinger is they plant the cedar. The cedar, the word of course is English. The original word is the erez tree. Erez means “cedar”, but it also means any conifer tree, a coniferous tree. Literally, the most exact translation is pinaceae tree. So just keep that in mind. The harbinger has to be they have to take the sycamore out and replace it, not with another sycamore, which would be natural, but with a pinaceae tree or an erez tree. So when this happened, strange thing. In 2003, November, a tree appears in the sky. It’s on a crane. They’re lowering it down to get an exact spot. They lower over the corner of Ground Zero to get it in the exact spot where the sycamore had been struck down. What was the tree? It was a conifer tree. It was a pinaceae tree. It was the exact erez tree of the scriptures, of Isaiah 9:10. And the same thing; they make a sign. They call it “The Tree of Hope”. For Israel, they’re saying, “This is our hope. We’re going to come back stronger than ever.” Call it the Tree of Hope. They have a ceremony around it. A man pronounces things over it and it celebrates human defiance, and it’s the exact harbinger. They don’t know what they’re doing. Nobody knows what they’re doing. No human hand is putting this together. I mean, the terrorists didn’t try to strike down a sycamore, nor did they try to put the matches up. But it all comes into place. It’s the replaying of the ancient drama of judgment.

SID: Now tell me about a third tree, the buttonwood tree.

JONATHAN: Okay. Here’s the principle. God says, when there’s a judgment for a nation, He says, “I will expose its foundations;” kind of like destroying a house to the foundation. What is the foundation of a nation? A foundation of a nation are what it trusts in or what it is built upon, or its powers. America’s powers, physically, are military and economic or financial. So if we’re going to see this, then we’re going to see a mystery here that in 9/11 it exposes America’s foundation. So where was America’s financial foundation? Island of Manhattan has always been the center. That’s where they had a trading post. They set up a wall to defend themselves. They put up shops. It became known as Wall Street. But how did Wall Street become the foundation of America’s rise as a superpower? It happened in the late 18th century. Twenty-four merchants from New York City gather in a secret meeting. Then from that meeting, they sign a document. That becomes the Buttonwood Association. Buttonwood Association later becomes known as the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street. So the foundation of America’s power in economics is all linked to this word “buttonwood”. So what is this buttonwood? What does that have to do with it? Buttonwood stands for a tree, and it was a tree. Why? Because there was a tree that stood in Wall Street that they did their business, that they signed the document under. So the foundation of American power in finance is linked to this buttonwood. And many people on Wall Street know this. So what kind of tree was it? It was the sycamore, the same as the sixth harbinger that was struck down on 9/11. This was the symbol of the striking down of the financial power of America. And not only that, they make signs appear. They make this bronze statue of the fallen sycamore, of the roots, the symbol of uprootedness, and they place it, not on Ground Zero. They place it on Wall Street. So now on the place that is the foundation of America, of its power, financially, of a place that was symbolized by a sycamore tree, living, the rise of America, now is a symbol of a dead uprooted sycamore tree, struck down by 9/11, the sign, “I will expose its foundations if America does not turn back, America will lose its financial place in the world.”

SID: Progressive judgments. Wait until you hear about the vows and the people involved in these vows that line up with exactly what ancient Israel did. But it happened right here, in the U.S. of A. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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