Sid: My guest Ron Phillips has experienced; has tasted some of these realities especially in the angelic realm.  And before we went on the air Ron Phillips we were talking about angels are there to escort believer’s home to heaven.  In 1995 there was an amazing experience that occurred when a building was bombed; explain that.

Ron: People remember what happened up in Oklahoma when that terrible explosion took place it’s interesting again we’re on an April date but to me the 19th but it was a tragedy beyond belief.  Bill and Kathryn Bronk, are Godly people; they were mourning the death of so many children because inside that building was a day care center and he opened his eyes and he said to his wife when he heard it happened he said, “There were angels everywhere, and they were tenderly caring for the victims; the angels were paired up and then he said that he saw angels carrying these children you know home.”  And he said, “The largest concentration of angels in his vision of that building of what he saw was at the daycare area; and they were still arriving.” And he said that, “He saw hundreds of angels, but it was just a powerful vision.”  And describing that by the way there are paintings out there on line that people can see of what he saw there, but it’s in line with what the Bible says in Matthew 18:10, “Take heed that you don’t despise these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven, their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”  Now I know people have said, “Well, if they had guardian angels why did they get killed?”  Well, that’s another subject, but there’s no scripture for an angel guarding children all the time from every evil that comes.  We just know that that isn’t what they do, but they behold the face of the Father.  In other words, they are concerned about that child and I believe that we can pray protection around our children.  I believe what happened to Alfred Murray Building; this man had a vision of the angels capturing those little souls and taking them to Glory.  And I really believe that especially until that child reaches the age of accountability, when they are in that young preschool age, they are watched over by angels and angels guarantee their conveyance to Glory.

Sid: Now, I’m just curious as a pastor you’ve been with many people that have died or in the process of dying, have you ever had anyone tell you, “I see the angel coming for me?”

Ron: Oh, yes, on more than one occasion, I’ve had that happen.  One of the most exciting things that every happened to me.  I was a young preacher and I went into a room with an old retired Methodist preacher to visit him and he was at the point of death and kept telling the nurse that there was an angel in the corner.  And I have to confess even though I didn’t want to recognize it back then, that there was kind of a light over in that corner of his room.  And he told me, he said, “I’m going home, so these angels have come to take me home.”  And a…

Sid: And a lot of believer’s say now, I know that I’m going to heaven and I don’t care much for the process of dying, but I have a little have intrepidation and fear you couldn’t have any fear if you see the angels ready to take you home.

Ron: There is no fear in death for the believer, I’m not saying that we are ready to go    , but I think that there is dying grace at that moment that we come to that place that God gives us tremendous peace.  You know even Elijah was ruptured, but angels came to get him.  And the heavenly beings we are not going to be alone, that’s the thing that people fear, that we are not going to be alone, the angels are there, to escort believer’s home.  The most; we had a child in the hospital in the children’s hospital in the Birmingham, Alabama which is one of the best children’s hospitals in America.  This child had Reye’s syndrome and it had taken its kidney’s away and its brain comatose so we had prayed for the child’s healing, but the child was not healed and so I came back to visit and the parents asked me to go in and see the child right before the child was about to pass and so I went in and I came out and I said, “

Well I visited Christy, and she didn’t respond but I said there were two medical people in there.” (ha-ha) the parents said Brother Ron, the parents said, “There was no body in there.”   And I saw two beings in white and I wasn’t paying any attention to them, but the two people in white looked like medical people to me standing there.  But a few minutes later she went home and I believe they were her angels who come to convey her home.

Sid: You know, you’ve had so many experiences with angels; tell me about what happened in Guatemala.

Ron: That was recent, we have a mission work in Guatemala, we have an orphanage there and other things that we do and I had gone down and really it was my first trip.  We had had medical teams and so forth and I went into having youth rallies and I was preaching and teaching pastors and so we got there and there was worship going on and about an hour and a half into worship the tone began to begin to change.  Just like we talked about things that are happening here and they began to sing in the Spirit and the angelic accompaniment begin and then I began to see these orbs of light just going overhead.

Sid: Has anyone taken pictures, still pictures in your congregation and seen lights in those pictures?

Ron: Yes Sir, there are some that have and we have from Brazil as well when our young people to where our young people were in Brazil they saw the orbs.

Sid: Many people actually for some reason on a photograph you can see these lights all over.  Ron: That’s right and see I saw, I saw the Brazil lights before I went to Guatemala and I thought   well, you know maybe it’s something was wrong with the camera lens (chuckle).  But I’m going to tell you I saw them in Guatemala and…

Sid: Now on a picture, you saw them with your eyes.

Ron: I was there and it was glorious and I mean just glorious. I mean just glorious and what happens when worship really breaks through and the heavenly dimension time becomes meaningless.  I mean the weariness of the way service is going long that changes and that’s when the strength really begins to flow in from the other realm and the anointing begins to flow in and the anointing begins to flow.

Sid: Do you think that is one of the reasons that the most popular churches are the opposite, the seeker sensitive rather than the ones where the glory breaks through where time has no meaning?

Ron: No meaning, and we’ve decided to have church here for people that want to stay, that they want to be at church.  And the people that want to leave they are free to leave any time they want to but I’m not going to dismiss a service because its 12:00 you know.  In fact we don’t dismiss service we just say folks if you need to leave fine we’ll be gathering back at 6:00 tonight.

Sid: You know, I would be afraid to leave your church, I would be afraid that I would miss something.

Ron: That’s the amazing thing that some people are so spiritually unaware that they don’t see what, they don’t see what the Holy Spirit is doing, but I’ll tell you there are people being saved here.  There are people coming to Christ.

Sid: What do you see prophetically is about ready to happen in the United States?

Ron: Well, I believe with all my heart that America has a hand in the last days and that would be another week’s program, I don’t believe that we are going to just vanish like some people do and I believe as long, if we can maintain our connection with Israel and I think that it’s vitally important for our survival as a nation.  And I’m a little concerned right now about our direction in terms of Israel and Jerusalem.  But I believe that if we can maintain that as a nation that our survival as a nation is greatly depending upon being obedient to the word of God.  And I believe George Washington, when they designed the dollar bill with the seal on the back you got the wings of an eagle and above it if you look at is a six pointed star and our first president believed that we were here to shelter the Jew.  And I think that it’s part of our heritage and I think that it’s part of what we do.

Sid: And you know in your book, you talk about the principalities’ of Persia which is modern day Iran.

Ron: That’s it.

Sid: Which is really that same principality hasn’t left, it’s still around.

Ron: That’s exactly right and it’s real interesting you know the angel in the book of Daniel said, that he fought the principality of Persia, which is Iran, there is no question about it.  And you know some people believe you pull down these territorial spirits, but I don’t know any of them that have been pulled down.  I believe that we fight the demonic that is in our atmosphere but I believe angels, we can dispatch Michael, we can cry out to principalities that are our angels that are our angelic hosts that are mighty warriors to fight against Persia and we need to ask God to dispatch angels into that battle, it is very interesting.  He said that when I leave the Prince of Greece will come.  This is Philips opinion, the Prince of Greece is Western philosophy, it’s a demonic spirit over the secular America, it is what I was before I was filled with the Holy Spirit, supernatural things don’t happen, we do it all ourselves.  We think through it, the Paganism, it is a western mindset, it doesn’t believe in the supernatural.  We are battling those two enemies still today.  We are battling the principality of Persia and Islam and in that part of the world and we are also battling the demonic intellectual the spirits over this world that is intellectual world, this Greek Philosophy approach that you think through it, figure out and if you can’t prove it is not there.  That’s the two enemies America is battling today.  We have a government unfortunately that’s bowed its knee to the secular humanist the spirit of Greece and we’re fighting an enemy on the foreign battlefield that’s a principality of Persia.  I believe that.

Sid: And so what you just described is where the action is in the invisible world and that’s why an intercessor releases angels based on the word to fight these principalities.

Ron: That’s exactly right and we have a prayer room and a healing room here in our church that we believe is always…

Sid: Well, tell me just the types of healings you’re seeing in your healing rooms.

Ron: Everything, cancer, deafness, diabetes, all kinds of goiters…

Sid: How about some of the Messianic miracles like people blind?  Are you seeing blind people  get their sight?

Ron: We’ve seen one person recover their sight from blindness, yes Sir.  And they weren’t totally blind, I want to be honest but there, in fact I got that call…

Sid: Woops were out of time again, it slips away.

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