Sid: Now my guest John Waller, you’re familiar with him from the movie “Fire Proof” because he did the theme music of “Fire Proof,” and with the song that everyone is humming “While I’m waiting.”  And John I understand when you were just in the ninth grade you had a dream, what happened?

John: Well you know I was raised in church so I knew about God and even you know professed to be a believer and yet there had never been a significant change in my life.  But one night I had a dream and I walked into a room and there Jesus was and He appeared to me in this room and I fell to my face I could not stay on my feet.  I immediately just fell and worshipped Him, you know you don’t have to think, if Jesus appears to you you don’t have to think about what should I do?  You will worship, you will fall to your knees, you will not be able to stand before His presence; and I couldn’t stand.  And it was the most, I’ve never forgotten it and yet I still, it was a few years later before I actually surrendered my life to him and decided to follow Him but it was an awestruck moment.

Sid: Well, you know one of the things I find is it’s almost as if the devil has some sort of inclination someone is going to be used by God and they sabotage that person in various ways and you were sabotaged.  Your grandmother suffered from depression, your mother suffered from depression, you suffered from depression for what twenty years.  You’re dependant on four medicines a day and you just had a dark cloud over you and people that having gone through long term depression don’t understand how bad it is.  But I guess you don’t understand when you’re going through it until you get free; you know how good it is.

John: That’s right you know the thing about depression is you know, I went to the doctor at twelve years old, kind of a story is that I had my first girlfriend at church it lasted about three weeks long.  After three weeks she decided she didn’t like me any more so I experienced my first rejection at twelve.  By the next morning I was pretty down about it, but my mother didn’t make me go to school, and so instead of going to school she said.”Hey I’m going to take you to the doctor,” and she told my Dad that morning that “He’s got it I can just tell that he’s got it and she recognized it in me,” and so she took me to her doctor.  He spent half an hour with me,  there were no blood tests, there were no tests for this he simply took a look at the history of my family and based on what I told him about how I felt he diagnosed me with that and I never had any reason to argue it, I just accepted it and…

Sid: You rolled over and played dead and bought the special delivery package from the devil.

John: Absolutely, why should I question it?

Sid: The doctor said it, sure.

John: The authority over me declared that over me and I just said, “That makes sense, my Mom has that it would seem likely that I would have it too.

Sid: Okay, so you accepted that special deliver package but you even heard your mother confirming that.

John: Yeah, absolutely absolutely and it made sense to me, I mean I didn’t think you know, ”No, surely I didn’t have this.”  And of course that’s where that whole generational, those generational curses just being passed from one generation to the next; and “As a man thinks, so in his heart so he is.”  So that became my reality.

Sid: Well, at age twenty-three you get married, your still on the medicine, you’re on the depression medicine for some twenty years.  You would go through darkness for months at a time and you pretty much even though you were a Christian, even though you knew the word, “Did you give up on ever being really free?”

John: You know, I never I just assumed I would have to live with this and that you know this is one of those things that God would use in my testimony and that somehow He would use it for my good.  But I just didn’t believe that I could be free from it and you know I would constantly think maybe God would heal me but you know the Bible says that we are slaves to the ones that we choose to obey.  If we choose to obey the truth of who we are in Christ then we can be free, but if the enemy has a stronghold and he’s told us a lie and we’ve bought into that and we’re in agreement as long as we are in agreement with a lie then we will not be free at least in that area.

Sid: Tell me about this song from your CD that I’m so enthralled over, “As for Me and My House.”

John: Well, you know one of the biggest problems I have seen in my own life is idolatry and it’s obviously as you read throughout the entire Bible, you read the Old Testament that was the common problem was idolatry and putting things above God and trying to find a way to replace God; and for me…

Sid: Well, that’s what most movies and most television is about; replacing God.

John: Ha ha ha, that’s right, that’s right and so for me idols are very subtle a lot of them some of them are very bold and in your face but a lot of idols are good things, good things that God has given us.  And for me music, you know became an idol in my life and I was trying for so many years to build a career you know and of course it was ministry; but really in the very heart of the matter was that I was building my own kingdom and not Gods.  And God revealed that to me and I became so weary in trying to be you know a Christian Artist; so weary in trying to meet the expectations and be the man pleaser and trying and wanted to write hit songs; but I knew I had a calling on my life.  And so God revealed that to me and that’s when I wrote the song, “As For Me and My House,” I realized I am done building my Kingdom, I’m done seeking after these worthless idols they are coming down.

Sid: You know, you are going to be singing and humming this music, it’s so wonderful.  Now you know the obvious idols like money, power and immoral sex, pornography drugs, I under-stand that people listen to this and get set free from spirits of pornography; there is some amazing testimonies.  Let’s listen to that.

John Waller Music Excerpt.

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