Sid: I’m interviewing and I haven’t even introduced him yet to you, my good friend David Herzog and he carries such a strong presence of the glory of God.  I’m already moving into words of knowledge, and I mean I see people with pain in their neck and their back and if you will just go for it you will see that you’re healed.  David, you just got back from a place I visited recently, Los Angeles and what happened?

David: Oh, it was amazing we were in the Burbank North Ridge area and every night Jewish people were coming to receive their Messiah.  It was amazing, a lot of miracles and signs and wonders, heavy heavy presence of the glory of God.

Sid: Well, tell me some of the types of signs and wonders that occurred.

David: Sure, like every night people were getting of course a lot of healings and then there were signs and wonders.  People’s teeth turning to gold, people that had dental problems it was pretty amazing; instant weight loss miracles again; people dropping weight that really needed it, tumors and cysts disappearing and just all kinds of healing and signs.

Sid: But the new thing that you’re seeing is Jewish people are coming to the Lord.

David: Yeah, we’ve seen it before, but not this consist where every single service.  You know we’d be happy if one person would get saved in a month or something, a Jewish person.  Now it’s like every service people were coming to get saved and then they would bring their friends and it would be like a snowball.  It was really really exciting, they are really hungry now.

Sid: I’ll never forget the story about your Jewish Father and the vision God gave you about him before he came to become a believer in the Messiah.

David: Yeah, I was praying for my Father, I had eight years praying for Him to receive salvation and finally I almost gave up and said, “Well God, you know God he doesn’t want it, why bother him.”  And then I was at this youth camp and they said, “We’re going to pray for a vision for souls and for a hunger and desire for your relatives and for your family to be saved.”  I said, “Okay, I could use that.  And we came up there and all of a sudden we all get a vision of hell and I saw my Father burning in hell and he was screaming in the flames, but he wouldn’t die.  And then he looked at me in this vision and said, “Why did you stop praying for me I was almost there?” And then I began weeping for his soul like never before, a burden really quickly came for him and then that hour while I was at this youth camp, he received the Lord back where he was at his house.

Sid: And now today, He’s a sold out believer in the Messiah and you recently as you were telling me, got back from the West Coast and he attended one of your meetings and something amazing happened to his thinning hair.

David: Yes, his hair began to, I think it was Saturday or Sunday his hair began to grown where he was missing hair.  His foster sister who also received the Messiah that weekend noticed it on him and his hair color started to change.  He’s got white hair you know he’s seventy, but now his hair started turning black.

Sid: Well, you know I’ve been at several meeting with you and there’s one I’m never going to forget.  There was a woman with grey hair sitting, long grey hair sitting a couple rows in front of me and as I watched it began just little by little to turn brown.  I mean that is an overwhelming miracle! Ha-ha.

David: Its age reversal, it says in the scriptures say “Renew your youth like the eagles” so there it is; their youth is being restored even in her hair.

Sid: Now, I’m believing God for that, but I believe that this is going to be a great great sign and wonder, not just for me but for anyone, because the promises of God are for whosoever your quoting scripture.

David: Exactly, people think that there is no scripture for it and I say, “There is always a scripture, you just have to read between the lines.”

Sid: Let me take you back to the beginning days of your ministry and you went to France; why did you go to France?

David: Real simple, God told me to go; I didn’t go by choice or…

Sid: Now, just out of curiosity, “Did you have a big bank account?”

David: We had nothing, my wife and I just went, we both had this call, this vision this prophesy that we were suppose to go to France first.  I didn’t have a desire to go, had a mother that was from France and so that maybe one of the reasons why God sent me.  And I went over there and it was really hard the first year, it was like nobody wanted anything to do with God.  And so we were like, “What are we doing here?”  So we began to seek and fast and pray and then God began to speak to us and say, “You know what go to Israel first and I’ll give you Europe.”  That’s what Paul did, Paul went to the Jew first and God gave him the Gentiles.  We say, “Well, if it worked for Paul and he was in this part of the world then it must work for us may as well try it.”

Sid: You know a lot of people misunderstand when they read the terminology in Romans 1:16 that Paul went to the Jew first and they think that is exclusively the historical order of reaching the whole world; which it was but it’s more than that.  It’s a spiritual principal and that’s what you’re explaining in your life.

David: Oh yeah, I wish they would have taught this in most of the seminaries and schools because they don’t teach it clearly.  Go to the Jew first, pray for the Jew first, intercede for the Jew first and then you get the Gentiles; that’s just the order.  So nothing was happening for a year, I go over to Israel and I say, “Okay God I’m going to lead as many to the Lord as I can, show me how to do it.”  I’m reading this book, “How to lead Jewish people to the Lord” I prayed the last page and I close the book.  And sitting to my right is an old Jewish lady and the Lord told me “Start with her.”  Within about ten minutes she received the Messiah, she’s weeping and the whole entire trip was like this; I lead thirteen people to the Lord.

Sid: But you had quite an encounter when you decided to go to the Jew first in Israel, quite an encounter with God in the upper room of all places.

David: Oh yeah, we were there with our team and we’re worshiping the Lord, and I never would fall down or get slain in the Spirit as they call it, but I was, the power of God knocked me to the floor.  And then this African American lady was prophesying over me, “Thus sayeth the Lord now your ministry begins.”  I was thinking, well I’ve already done some stuff for God; but in God’s eyes it began when I went to the Jew first; everything else was just practice or something.

Sid: Well, so you believed that you received a new mantle so to speak in the upper room.

David: Something huge came in me; I couldn’t stop weeping and something of the supernatural was put inside me that wasn’t there before, and there’s some things you just don’t receive unless you obey God you know.  I obeyed by accident, I was just so desperate that I walked into it and when I got back, man revival was breaking out everywhere, open doors, healings, miracles and salvations across France and then Europe opened up and the whole world.  It was just like a chain reaction.

Sid: But you know, the Bible says David that we go from glory to glory and everything that we’re tasting is tiny compared to what is available; so one time you were fasting and you began meditating on Isaiah 60 which was a major step in your life.  Explain that.

David: Yeah, after that Israel trip for about five years God was using us using us; but after a while even after that I was still feeling a little bit dry like “God there’s got to be a little bit more than this.  I want to see more people touched, I need to see more of you.” and so I just took off about six weeks, didn’t go anywhere and three of those weeks just began to fast and pray.  And God began to show me Isaiah 60, “Arise shine, your light has come and was speaking to me the gentiles will come to your light and talking about the nations coming to bless Israel and all this.”  So I’m just getting this revelation of the glory and then shortly after that I minister in this church and the revival breaks out for six months straight, the longest running revival in fifty years in the nation of France.

Sid: Now do you correlate speaking and teaching on the glory with that revival that broke out in one of the driest countries in the world?

David: Yeah, definitely, yeah the glory came in; it was also that I started off with blessing the Jew first in that country.  Then seeking His glory; so there’s a combination of the word and the Spirit, doing the Word way, going to the Jew first and then being hungry for the Spirit.  Because you can ere on either side; just be a Spirit person and not care about the Jew first or the Word or just be a Word person and not care about the Spirit.  So you got to have that combination.

Sid: But another milestone in your life was when you met a friend of mine, Ruth Heflin who’s now in Heaven; tell me what occurred there.

David: Yeah, after that six month revival where France even won the World Soccer Cup, I prophesied that it would happen and it did two weeks later.  After that whole revival, even though souls are saved and miracles, I was still so hungry again and another level; I just want to stop everything and “If you don’t touch me Lord, I’m not going to preach any more kind of thing and sought Him for a few more weeks.”  Then God said, “Go to Ruth Heflin, visit this woman.”  I go visit her, I want to sit under her ministry and God tells me or she tells me “You are preaching tonight.”  I said, “No, no Ma’ma I’ve been preaching for six months, I want to hear you I’m hungry for what you have.  And she says “No, no you’re preaching.”  As I got on stage she knew that the Glory was so thick up there that if I would minister she saw it that way that something fresh would come on me.  So I was just ministering heavy, heavy, heavy Glory, knocked me so hard, that I began singing my entire sermon ha.  And the power of God broke out, it was unusual; and it’s never stopped since then a fresh, fresh, fresh level of intimacy, glory, and signs and wonders began to hit my ministry.  That was January of ’99.

Sid: And you know the thing that is so wonderful about you David is that you want to share this with everyone everywhere of how to live in the Glory…

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