Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Gary Keesee. Gary calls himself a spiritual scientist. And what he says is you will not achieve your destiny unless you fix the money thing. It’s not so much, Gary, that we have to pay our debts. Doesn’t God have something better for us than just live paycheck to paycheck and be able to pay what we live on?

Gary: Absolutely. Jesus said, “Life is more than things.” Our purpose, we have spiritual DNA. We’re here for a reason. It’s not to pay for houses and cars. Those things are to serve our assignment. But most people are running after those things. And what the Lord showed me, when I asked him that day and began to teach me about His Kingdom, was that kingdoms operate by laws. Financially, everything is finished. He took me back to Genesis where Adam…

Sid: What do you mean financially everything is finished?

Gary: Well everything is finished. The laws of the Kingdom are fixed. Just like the natural realm has laws, the Kingdom of God has laws, and if we tap into those laws anyone can learn how to use them. Most people have the idea that they’re going to convince God, cry, beg, try to get God to do something for them when He’s already done it all.

Sid: Or even worse than that, give an X amount of money to someone raising money and you will get a hundredfold return if you do it right now. They do it right now. They run to their mailbox. Nothing.

Gary: Well I think the church has done a good job in teaching  people to sow, but a horrible job in teaching them how money actually flows to the believer and how to harvest it. But when he began to teach me about His Kingdom, He took me back to Adam in the garden when man was first created, Adam didn’t have any worry about money. He had provision. But he lost that. He gave it away. And God said to him, “Now you’re going to be a survivalist through your own painful toil and sweat. You have to make everything happen.” And so that earth curse system of running, Jesus said, of course, in the New Testament, “The young believer runs after the things of life, painful toil and sweat.” That’s why everyone wants to become a millionaire, because everyone is tired of this weight of running, sweating painful toil to find provision. And it’s already paid for. We need to know how to find it. But again, it doesn’t come in the mailbox. It doesn’t just show up. It comes through revelation, ideas, concepts. We have to capture or create wealth. We don’t look for it. That’s a poverty mindset.

Sid: You know Gary and most of those that are watching right now, you don’t know this, but we have a staff. We have a professional nurse that checks out every miracle from a medical viewpoint. We actually called and checked with people that Gary has taught these principles to and they do work. It’s amazing. I’ve got a whole long list of people that we spoke to. All they said is, “I listened to those tapes, I read the book and it works.” Tell me about your brother-in-law.

Gary: Well it’s all in the Bible. It’s all there, the principles. He was without money like I was without money and at the end of his rope. And so we said, “Listen, we got to talk” and I sat down with him. Went through the principles of the Kingdom and how it operates, and went to pray with him. And he needed money yesterday to make up the debt he had. And the Lord said, “Don’t let him pray. You tell him, ask him if $12,000 the next 30 days would be enough?” He never made that in his life, you know, in 30 days. And his eyes got big. I said, “Listen, John, would that be enough money? The Lord just said let’s believe for that.” Of course he said, yes that would be enough money, and we prayed. That money came. In three weeks he had the money, actually $17,000 came in that three-week period of time. Now as a spiritual scientist, I like to know why that happened. You see, people think God just did it. But no, there’s laws and principles. So once we learned why it showed up, I was, why did this happen. I want to know why that happened so I can duplicate it. Just like in the natural realm if you learn how electricity works you can duplicate that law anywhere.

Sid: You obviously find that these spiritual principles can work for anyone and can be duplicated.

Gary: Anyone, absolutely.

Sid: I’ve got a long list that we personally investigated.

Gary: Yeah. He went on, an amazing story, my brother-in-law, just an amazing story where he eventually broke records of making $70,000 in on month in his business.

Sid: Now if he was the only person I would say wonderful. But the truth is…

Gary: The list goes on and on because it’s the Bible.

Sid: I want you to meet someone that took these principles and find out what happened in their life. And I also want, you’re dealing with fears, fears about your health, fears about your money, fears about your job, fears about your children, fears about your spouse. You’re play dealing with fears and the Bible says, fear is a spirit and God has not given you a spirit of fear. I’m going to ask Gary on the next segment to pray that that spirit of fear leave so that you can start becoming a child and transfer kingdoms. What did God tell you again about the kingdom you were in and where you should be at your worst moment in your life?

Gary: Well he told me that His Kingdom had everything I had need of if I would learn how it worked. We weren’t experiencing that. But once we learned the principles, the laws of His Kingdom, then we tapped into those things, and it’s just amazing, an amazing transformation.

Sid: Wait until they hear someone that learned this principle.

Gary: Absolutely.

Sid: And this is what she said to God. She said, “I don’t think things can get worse than they are. God, did you bring me here to kill me?” Don’t go away. I’ll be right back after this word.

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