Sid: If you’ve been living long enough you have found that problems come, trials come, testing comes.  What should a believer’s position be over this?  What should a believer do when they are about ready to walk into that?  What should a believer do when they’re in the middle of it as many of you are right now?  My guest Tony Kemp has received revelation from God for those that are either headed towards there trial or in the middle of a trial or even near the end of a trial.  What is God showing you Tony?

Tony: Well, I had to have had an experience in which I came up before God Almighty and He put out His right hand and in the right hand there was a scroll and I was instructed to eat the scroll and He downloaded revelation within me on how the Believers in Jesus can be over comers.  And let me just share this with you 2nd Corinthians 2:11 Paul speaks to the church there and says, “We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices.”  And so sometimes we as Believer’s we encounter spiritual warfare and we encounter spiritual warfare not because we did anything wrong or because we sinned.  More often than not we’re encountering spiritual warfare because of what we’re doing right in the eyes of the Lord.  And so sometimes we encounter warfare because of the relationships that we have.  Maybe your spouse is going through something or your child is going through something or your friend that you’re so close to is going through something.  And you encounter warfare because of who you have relationships with; and sometimes you encounter warfare because the enemy had been around and has seen the anointing of the prophets in the old covenant the anointing of the kings, the anointing of the priests that the enemy has been around for a long time.  He saw the anointing of Jesus and the anointing of the apostles and the prophets of the New Covenant saints and sometimes there’s an anointing on you and Satan has seen that anointing and Satan can sometimes recognize that anointing and he can say you know what I need to attack this person to keep them from their destiny.  And so sometimes when you are walking with Jesus, you find yourself in an attack from the enemy.  And the first things that I want to say to people is this, you’ve given your heart to Christ, you’ve been saved from your sins, you’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit and Satan is defeated because of the power of the cross.  And Satan already knows that Jesus is first in your life, but you know what Satan will try to do?  Satan will try to get second place in your life by throwing heavy trials at you in an attempt to get you to react to the enemy but what Jesus wants us to do is respond to the Father and to respond to the Holy Spirit.  Because what sometimes happens is Satan throws situations at us that are similar to things that happened in our past to get us to react in old ways, and so what we need to do is instead of entering into that temptation we need to do what Jesus said in Luke 22: 40 & 46.  He said, “Pray that you may not enter into temptation.  He said, “Rise and pray or you enter into temptation,” and to pray means to turn your face toward God in worship.   And so worship pleases the Father, it releases the a

Angels of God to do battle in your behalf and through your worship, through your faith, through your patience, through your obedience; you’re literally enabled by God’s grace to overcome the enemy.  And so here’s one of the things I want to say to people Sid; “There is nothing wrong with you because you find yourself in a fight against the enemy.  Paul told Timothy, “Fight the good fight of faith.”  And if I could say this in the original language, the word fight is where we get our word agony.  And in other words he’s saying, “Agonize the good agony of faith.  And when you’re first hit with this attack your initial reaction is in some cases depending upon how heavy the attack is, agony, and so sometimes what we do is get caught up in the circumstances and I define circumstance as the circumstance in which you stand.  But Jesus can you lift you above it as you get in the revelation of the Word, as you worship, as you get into God’s presence, and as you seek and receive the support of others.

Sid: Can you give me a real life example in your life when you were under attack and what you did and how you came out of it?

Tony: Oh absolutely!  One of the things that happened is I’m Fifty-four and for a period of time for almost nineteen years, I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  And I did what is called individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, I actually supervised other therapists and I was bi-vocational, but I knew that the desire of my heart was to go full time in ministry.  But there didn’t seem to be the opportunity or the provision for it and even though the Lord had revealed it to my heart, there didn’t seem to be ways or means.  And so one of the things that sometimes happens is when God speaks to you and you got the revelation of the Word it’s really literally the birth of a vision.  And that’s faith and so I’ve had the birth of the vision, but then the enemy sort of had an idea of where I was going so he decided to attack me and make it look like I would never go full time in ministry; he made it look like that I could not be successful in ministry in terms of serving God’s people and receiving a word that would actually cause the needs of God’s people to be met.  And that was very very discouraging and disheartening because during that time Sid, I really experienced death of the vision through the attack of the enemy. But just like in the revelation of where I was going it birthed faith during the death of the vision I put my hope in God.  And then in 2003 when I began watching your programs and I began listening to the testimonies of other who were overcomers, I began to get revelation on okay, okay, God’s no respecter of persons.  He doesn’t love them more than He loves me.  And so Proverbs 29:19 says “That’s where there’s no vision people perish, but whoever keeps the Word of God he shall be content and happy.  And so what I began to do is I began to learn the Word of God, intimacy with Christ.  And I began to do the Word of God.  And I literally experienced what I call the resurrection of the vision.  And so, it’s like this, you have faith, you have frustration, and you have fulfillment.  And God literally brought me into full time ministry and then a few years after bringing me into full time ministry that’s when I got the revelation of the miraculous and I’ve been seeing miracles ever since.

Sid: And the important thing for those that are listening right now, He said God is not a respecter of persons, if God brought Tony out, he’ll bring you out.  But it seems to me Tony that the biggest key that I’m hearing from you is almost a contagious desire to worship God for who He is no matter what’s going on in your life; good, bad or ugly.

Tony: That’s right Sid, because what happens is this.  I don’t care if you’re in the midnight hour if you have right relationships with people and you let people share with you what God has done for them, because you know it inspires faith and they’re testimony, see their story releases God’s glory.  What I did in Sid in 2003 as I began to listen to a person’s story it released God’s glory into my own life.  And I had hope, faith came alive and then I moved out of frustration and then you know when I developed humility and I was willing to listen to others and say you know what I don’t have it together, but it’s still okay the Lord is going to get me together.  And I’m just going to worship until I get the revelation that’s going to move me into destiny.  And as I began to do that the Lord began to shape and mold my character.  He began to help me, He began to release Angels in my behalf and I can’t take any credit for it, it was God who has made me an overcomer because of His goodness and because of His grace.

Sid: You know something that I would like you to do on tomorrow’s broadcast?   I would like you to worship the Lord the way you would whether you are on a broadcast or whether you are by yourself, most likely if you were by yourself and then move into whatever ministry God directs you to.  I believe that there are going to be so many miracles released tomorrow, but the most important miracles is for you to learn how to worship God yourself.

Tony: Yes, yes.  I believe when we worship, see, when we worship we transcend ourselves and we get outside of ourselves and we get beyond ourselves and you know what happens is that when we respond to the Spirit of God we are drawn to the throne and…

Sid: Oops were out of time.

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