Sid: Now my guest this week is same guest I had last week, Tony Kemp.  He’s just got so many supernatural stories to be telling us.  But the thing that is so wonderful Tony is when we hear these stories, it changes us.  When we hear these stories, it’s not just good stories that happen to Tony, its instruction for us.  But as a result of your hunger for God and you started going online on “It’s Supernatural Television “and you’d spend five/eight hours a day going over and over the truths that are expressed about the supernatural and God honored this hunger.  And today you’re walking in some extraordinary miracles power, such as tell me about some creative miracles, such as the person that got a new kneecap.

Tony: Yes, that was a man he had died four times, he had had a stroke, he had had a speech impediment, he needed surgery, he needed two new kneecaps.  He had a scar on one knee, his right leg was twisted in, he walked literally bent over you know where you’re waist would be with a walker and he walk very very slowly.  And one day I was just simply sharing the word of the Lord and I was talking about the early church actually.  I was talking about how the people would be in one accord and how they loved each other.  And how they prayed together and how they had covenant with each other and how they looked after each other.  And because of their worship and their relationships it brought the supernatural presence and power of God.  And so I was talking about the Lord Jesus in that context being a miracle worker.  And so right in the middle of my speaking He gets up and starts walking toward me.  And of course the people that were there in the meeting saw him struggling and he walked up to me; I had him set down right next to me and there were I would say probably three or four people that Jesus healed right in front of his eyes.  And then the Lord told me to turn to him that it was now his turn.  And the Lord gave me specific instructions on how to minister to this man in a particular sequence.  And the first thing that the Lord Jesus had me do was to, well I better share this because it fits right here.  I had an angel come to me, he was probably about oh 6’1, 6’2, he had sandy brown hair, his clothes were brown, he was wearing sandals.  And I’m not sure what happened at that point if I just had a vision or if I was taken into Heaven, but in either case because sometimes you don’t know if you went out of your body or if you just had the vision in your body but I was in the body parts room of Heaven.  And I saw body parts and this angel talked with me about how Satan is the author of sickness and disease and that it is the nature of God, the character of God to heal the sick and to do miracles.  And so I needed to interject that because that’s going to help people understand why I did what I did next.  Because what the Lord told me to do was to command the old kneecaps to disappear and to call from the Third Heaven two brand new kneecaps to enter.  And so this man’s knees were in pain and instantly when God calls the old kneecaps to disappear and brand new kneecaps to appear, his pain disappeared and then he began to smile.  And then the next thing the Lord told me to do was to lift up his legs because he had one leg shorter than the other and to command the leg to grow out, which Jesus did and then command the leg, because I think it was the right leg that was twisted to become straight, in which Jesus did and then at that point God told me to command the hips to be healed; and then his back to be healed, and then his brain to be healed.  And see now before he stands up and walks he looks at his knee and the scar that he had on his knee Sid is gone.  And so then we commanded him to stand up and he literally stands up and starts walking and he is walking to this day normally because Jesus is his healer and his miracle worker.

Sid: Have you seen this happen often, scars disappearing?

Tony: I haven’t seen scars disappear often but what I have seen happen often is the Lord will change either the consistency of metal so it’s like bone or the Lord would change the metal to bone.

Sid: That’s pretty outrageous!  Metal to bone, tell me about one case.

Tony: Oh my, I’ll never forget this because I was in the state of New York; I was probably a half hour away from the Canadian border.  A woman came forward when I was at an Assembly of God Church on a Sunday morning, she had had some sort of a back injury and she had eighteen inches of metal in her back.  She could barely move and I began sharing testimonies of how Jesus could convert metal to bone.  And so what I did was this is what Lord told me to do which was to command the matter that is the metal to become bone.  And it happened instantly, her pain disappeared, she could bend over, which she could not do before, she could twist, she could turn.  And in that same series of meetings Sid there was a man there who had thirteen inches of metal in his right leg; thirteen inches of metal and he could not stand on that leg without pain.  And so when Jesus converted the metal to bone he stood on his leg without pain and he started jumping and shouting.  And he said, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!  And if I can share one more, because this happened in the state of Arizona…

Sid: But, I have to ask you a question on that particular man.  Was that faith proceeding in the way you were praying for him or did you have a vision that this would happen to him, or did you have a word of knowledge, any of the above?

Tony: I don’t know how to explain it Sid, but I just knew that it was going to happen.

Sid: Faith.

Tony: I just knew it.

Sid: You had the gift of supernatural faith.

Tony: I just knew it Sid, I can’t say that God spoke to me in like an audible voice or anything like that it’s just all of a sudden I just had this knowing;  this thing is going to happen and it is going to happen in front of people.

Sid: Okay, tell me about the next case.

Tony: Well, the next case was most interesting.  The case I just told you about was in a white church.  This case was in an African American Church, which a pastor invited me there because you know they wanted to see miracles.  And there was a woman there, her name is Renee, I’ll never forget her because she had one arm that was about four to five inches shorter than the other.  She had a metal rod from her elbow to her wrist.  There was a discoloration on that arm the color of that arm was different than her other arm and she could not so much as lift a pot.  And so we asked her to stand in front of the people so the people could see that the one arm was clearly shorter than the other and that Jesus would have to create four to five inches of bone, skin, tissue, whatever muscle that was needed.  And so we just simply just spoke the word of faith, because King Jesus lives in me and where the word of the King is there is power, and the King has authority to pass laws, change laws, create laws, do whatever He pleases.  And so when King Jesus spoke through me and said, “I command this arm to grow now it grew out four to five inches.”  And as wonderful as that was then the Lord said, “Take her arm.”  And I took her arm where the metal was and I said, “Watch this,” and instantly the metal disappeared, the discoloration in her arm disappeared and she was totally healed.  And I literally talked to the pastor probably last week because I’m going back to that church in maybe two or three months, She said, “Renee is doing well, Renee can move her arm; Renee can lift things; I mean she still has that miracle to this day.”

Sid: And now you have a lot of people that have cancer that are healed and growths disappear and tell me about one.

Tony: I think that this was very significant, let me tell you two or three because it is sort of important.  In one case, the woman’s name is Donna; she is the wife of one of our pastors.  She developed lung cancer; it was very fast growing; started out with a couple of spots, it became four spots and they were looking at doing surgery.  They were very very concerned, but prior to this happening the Lord Jesus gave me a vision, and in this vision I saw her and God spoke to me and He said with me nothing shall be called impossible.  And so we were doing a Ministry School and now she never told me about her case, I just simply called her forward, I said whatever the doctor told you, go back, have him check you again and they will not find it.  And so she literally went back, they check her again and the cancer was gone.  And so this is why I say that you worship up to a revelation and then the revelation produces the miraculous, that’s one case.  Second case, was a man and this was an interesting case because this man was brought to our church by his brother-in-law.  He had just been diagnosed with cancer and his brother-in-law brought this man and his wife to the church service.  But I felt no leading to pray for him in the service.  He was brought to me so I took him back in the office and I basically I had a revelation in my spirit that he had bitterness and unforgiveness and resentment toward God.  And I basically shared with him that he needed to forgive the God who needed no forgiveness and that it was really hard for him to receive from God if he was angry with God.  And that he needed to ask God for forgiveness and the brother received it.  He forgave the God who needs no forgiveness, because sometimes…

Sid: Well, what happened to his cancer?

Tony: He literally went back to the doctor and his cancer was gone.

Sid: Oops, were out of time.  Some of the miracles that are going on as Tony Kemp shares these revelations that he got from Heaven, especially when he moves in words of knowledge, for instance someone actually lost twenty plus pounds instantly, one woman went to a meeting and when she came home her pajamas fell off!

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