Sid:  And you know all this week we’re talking about some very sobering dreams that Rick Joyner had about what’s ready to happen in the United States of America and even the world.  But with these sobering dreams that Rick Joyner had there is hope.  There is amazing hope; I can’t wait for you to hear his CD called “Preparation for Transfiguration” because it’s designed to help you and America prevail in the times that were entering to enter into His Glory.  But on yesterday’s broadcast, we heard an excerpt from Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin on what is actually, I mean he is probably the best person in the world to analysis where America is right now.  He was Commander of the Special Forces, he was a Green Beret, he studied Marxism, and he trained to detect socialism and he understands things historically but he understands things that going on right now.  Rick for those that aren’t that familiar with the prophetic gift that God has given you you were one of the first to predict the iron curtain was going to come down. 

Rick:  Well, yea I wrote about in 1987, and of course it happened fast you know and I didn’t know if it would happen in my lifetime but it did.  But the way I saw that I saw all the countries that were at that time under communism starting to experiencing increasing liberty until the chains were really broken off of them.  But the same time, the principalities and the powers that had brought those nations into bondage were coming to America to subject us to that bondage; that we would start losing our liberty and our freedom.  And of course that’s been happening too.

Sid:  Now, also in ‘87 you saw what is going on today of the Southern border with Mexico and what did you actually see happening there?

Rick:  I saw a running military battle breakout all along our southern border with Mexico and of course that seems so extreme, so far fetch at the time and now it’s unfolding there.  It’s, we’ve even had military exchanges on our border.

Sid:  How bad did you see things occur in your vision?

Rick:  It was pretty bad; I mean it was like serious battles going on along our southern border.  

Sid:  And then of course, you saw the economic crisis that would come to America.  What did you see and when did you see it?

Rick:  Well, we started prophesying a couple of years before the 2,008 crash, we saw the sub crime crisis unfolding, the mortgage crisis you know that whole scenario and we started warning people about it.  You can’t believe how many people we made angry.  But the ones that listened got ready and we were ready.  And you know there’s, you know I think we have a pretty good track record of accuracy you know.  One other thing I predicted which ran counter to which everybody else was predicting.  I predicted everywhere that Y2K was not going to be a serious issue. 

Sid:  I bet you got a lot of flax over that.

Rick:  I lost friends, you can’t believe it.  Then they got even more mad at me when mine came true and theirs didn’t.  But, you know the Lord has shown me that this was, people was getting this from human sources, not from Him. 

Sid:  Now, were offering a CD and a DVD that’s going to explain in detail the dream you had and the interpretation and we call the DVD “2011 Will America Survive?”  And of course, the thing that’s the more exciting is your CD which is a message called “Preparation for Transfiguration.”  Which is designed to help everyone that is listening to us right now prevail with what’s coming to America and have America prevail?  And you go into detail on these visions but the thing that was so amazing to me is right after you had this dream of what would shortly happen to America, very sobering dream; a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who is a believer in Jesus contacted you that you know personally and that you valge for that had a similar dream showing the same thing.  Tell me about that.

Rick:  Well yeah, he’s a Rabbi I’ve known for a long time and do have a high regard for him and what he gets; but he had a dream on the evening of October 29th that I thought collaborated my dream.  It wasn’t exactly the same dream but the answers and the conclusions were basically the same and so but he did know about my dream and I didn’t know about his of course until I got it and so it really shocked me.  I saw how they fit together but you know he saw a serious bear, I mean his dream it was a grizzly bear. Huge so big that it was a devouring people with a single bite you know and just wreaking havoc in America but also all over the world.  And then, you know through the experience and leaving a lot out of course, but he was taken to a church and went inside the church and it was like a trophy room and he saw the bear that had been out devouring and he went up and looked at it.  And it was a trophy, a stuffed bear and it said the 1929 stock market crash.  And next to it was a gun that had been used to kill that bear.  And he knew that the bear we were facing or he had seen the outside in that dream was much bigger than the ‘29 bear.  But often in dreams and visions it reflects fear and which is of course is the root of a bear market.  That’s why they’re called bear markets and in the dream, in his dream it indicated something coming that would be more destructive then the ’29 crash; would devour a lot of people but the gun that killed it had engraved on it, you know, Matthew 6:10 and Matthew 6:33 which is His kingdom is going to come and His will is going to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  And I think that is what…

Sid:  But do you know something Rick, if we are in the last of the last days and I have to believe that we are, then of course, His will will be done.

Rick:  Yeah, we know that in the end and that should…You know if this bear is fear that creates and unbelievable stock market crash.  Yea, we should have no fear.  I mean the stock market is not our source.  Our source, we have a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.  And in this dream you know, he was told this gun, he was told by the one that killed this stock market crash in ’29 with that gun.  This gun will kill that bear you saw but one bullet in the heart will kill it.  And this is what needs to hit our heart, is His Kingdom’s coming.  And the other verse 6:33 talks about seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and everything else will be taken care of.  So we keep our attention first on the Kingdom we should have no fear of these times; and you know that’s critical.

Sid:  And that’s why you’ve put these messages together that we’re making available.  The first message is a DVD.  It’s called “Will America’s Survive 2011?” And the other is a CD “Preparation for Transfiguration” which you explain the vision and dream you had.   The dream the Orthodox Rabbi had and the most important part of course is how we can survive what’s about ready to happen but better than survive is, I like the way you put it.  We can prevail!  We can overcome!

Rick:  Yeah.

Sid:  What kind of feed back when you gave this message called “Preparation for Transfiguration?”  What kind of reaction was it from the people that were listening?

Rick:  Well, I got very positive reaction and you know, I spoke it in our church in our congregation and their use to it.  You know, they’re…were pretty condition to face, yea, we’re going through problems.  This is Biblical but we have answers.  We are part of the answer.

Sid:  And you know something else that’s kind of interesting?  At this moment, now you’ve always had moves of the Spirit wherever you’ve been but in particular at your church right now, there is an amazing presence of God; and people are actually feeling wind in their face and there’s nothing can be causing it in the natural?

Rick:  Yeah, we do have that a lot.  We ask for it and we get it.  Yeah, we’ve been having quite spectacular you know signs and manifestations and healings and miracles.

Sid:  You know this is potentially could be the world’s worse hour but it could be the Christians’ greatest hour!

Rick:  Yeah, that Isaiah 60: 1-5.  Yeah when darkness covers the earth and deep darkness the people the Lord’s glory is coming upon His people and says it will appear upon His people and then the next verse says the nations will come to brightness of your rising.

Sid:  “What I can see is Christians that are moving in the realm, especially that CD “Preparation for Transfiguration” I can see our government coming to people and saying, what is God saying?  In fact their doing that now with some people you know. 

Rick:  Yeah, it’s a… I can tell you this that every president and I don’t know about our present President but I can say that every president since Eisenhower has sought counsel from prophetic ministries.  Every single one; but many people in government, you know senators, congressman, they…that’s the main place they’re seeking help and understanding and what to do and guidance.  So you know it is not something you broadcast but it is, thank the Lord, we have so many in our government.

Sid: Aha our time is slipping away but, I want to get this CD in your hands “Preparations for Transfiguration.”  It literally is going to help you and our country to prevail and then the prophetic vision that Rick had of “Will, America Survive 2011?” And the sobering words of retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, the foremost expert on Marxism in America.”

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