Sid:  My guest Kevin Basconi is red hot for the Messiah, he had a visitation from Jesus and Jesus had four angels with Him; and he said these are the four angels that over time will be working in your ministry.  And the first angel was the angel of provision and the second angel which has already been released is the angel of healing and miracles; and Kevin I understand when this angel is present there is something that you feel in your body.  Explain that to me.

Kevin:   That’s true, when the angel of healing manifests in meetings that we are doing at times I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit come upon me and at times it feels like electricity or heat in my left hand or arms.  And at other times it feels like someone puts a big heavy fur coat upon me and when that happens I’m aware that this angel is present and then I co-labor with this angel by working in symphony with the Holy Spirit and asking the Holy Spirit what He wants to do.  And then the Holy Spirit will direct me to pray in a certain way for a certain condition or for a certain individual and almost without fail we see God release miracles in the Name of Jesus.

Sid:  Speaking of miracles, tell me about that bus driver in Africa.

Kevin:  That was an amazing time Sid.  I was there in my third trip to Africa and I was assigned to help oversee a group of a missions team and we had arrived there and we were all tired from a long flight and we got on to the bus.  It was late at night and the driver took off and if you have been to Africa you know that sometimes the drivers are a little bit scary and so almost immediately our bus had a very narrow miss with a Mercedes semi-truck and everyone in the van simultaneously shrieked because they were fearful.  And I thought maybe our driver was drinking so I tugged on his sleeve to see if I could determine that because I was sitting beside him.  And when he turned to me I could see that he didn’t have an eye ball.  And before the trip the Lord had told me to believe him for creative miracles and over the course of the next six days we prayed for this man name Leonard our bus driver grew a new eyeball.

Sid:  Say that again!

Kevin:  Over the course of six days as we prayed for Leonard, he grew a new eyeball.  At first I felt the presence of this healing angel and I prayed for him and a fluid came from the socket and I could see a seed of an eye in there and as we prayed for him over the next few days it went from the size of a seed to a bebe; to a pea; to a small marble; to a small grape and then finally his eye was almost normal size and you could see the iris and purple begin to form.  And this man Leonard came to me and he kept tugging on me and asking for more prayer.  I said, “Leonard you have your eye why do you want more prayer?”  He says, “I want to have perfect vision in my new eye.”  And I thought that is a beautiful picture of the faith we need in the Messiah because the man who saw God grow his eyeball could believe God to give him perfect vision in his new eye.

Sid:  On that trip seventy-two blind people got their sight.

Kevin:  That’s true there was a gift of faith that came upon me when I began to see Leonard’s eye growing and the people who are on my missions team and my ministry team it just seemed that every blind person that we prayed for was healed.  And it’s a matter of fact that we were in a refugee camp and we had forty-two blind people healed in less than one hour as a group of eight people prayed in the presence of this healing angel that stood nearby.  Every single blind person we prayed for that day was healed.  So in the nation of Mali we saw sixty-two blind people healed and then later in a shorter time in South Africa we saw an additional ten blind people healed.

Sid:  Now as we’re talking if the healing miracle angel shows up, you be sure to tell me.

Kevin:  Okay Sid, I’m feeling the anointing right now can we just pray to release some healing?  Lord I just ask you right now in the Name of Jesus, Lord there is no distance in the Spirit and Father you’ve shown me that there are millions of angels that we can co-labor with.  So in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I loose the angels of healing to go forth and touch today in Jesus Name.  And what I’m seeing right now that someone is being healed right now of pain, arthritic pain in hands is going now.  Arthritic pain in knees is being healed.  Someone’s back is straightening and the back pain, you’ve been in back pain for twenty-eight years; that back pain is lifting in the Name of Jesus.  I speak to deaf ears; I command the deaf ears to open up in Jesus mighty name.  I speak to vision impairments I command eyes to be made whole.  If you have blindness or partial blindness or floaters, put your hands on your eyes right now and in Jesus name I speak healing I command blind eyes open now.  We take authority over the spirit of deafness, dumbness…

Sid:  Wait a second, what about people that wear glasses?  Could they get in on that prayer? 

Kevin:  Amen, Take your glasses off; put your hands on your eyes Lord, I loose the healing power of Jesus,  eyes be made whole, optic nerves live.  I command the centers that control vision in the brain to come alive and to function perfectly and the synopsis be restored to perfect condition, eyes be made whole in Jesus Name.

Sid:  What else are you seeing?

Kevin:   I’m sensing that there’s someone whose been oppressed with sadness, you’ve lost a relative as a matter of fact there’s are several people who that have really been oppressed with mourning and sadness and the Lord says he is going to take away that spirit of mourning.  He is going to put upon you the garment of praise.  Tomorrow when you wake up it is going to be like the sky is bluer, the grass is greener and you are going to start a new day.  I command that spirit of mourning to loose those people right now in Jesus name.  The Lord says that He is going to give you hope where there’s hopelessness in Jesus name.  And Lord, I thank you and I see the Lord directing someone’s steps.  Sid, you know the angel of provision I sense for someone out there God is going to give you supernatural revelation for an invention and again I have seen this before, I have seen it happen.

Sid:  Tell me one time that you have seen it happen.

Kevin:  Well, we have a gentleman that was in one of our meetings and we prayed for the Lord to release supernatural provision and the Lord spoke to me and said that He was going to anoint someone with a God given idea for the internet and that’s happened the gentleman has been given, the Holy Spirit helping him to write code for programs for web pages.  I don’t understand it all but he’s making 35,000 a month. 

Sid:  Oh, my goodness.  How about the time that you needed some money for your orphanage, what happened?

Kevin:  Well, that’s exactly what happened.  The same gentleman who received this knowledge from the Holy Spirit to use his skills with the internet created these web pages and he started making all this money.  And he became fearful because he understood it was God who had given him the anointing.  It’s Deuteronomy 8:18 “God will anoint us the creative ability to create wealth.”  And he began to pray and he had a visitation of the Lord and the Lord spoke to him specifically and told him to contact us.  He told him our orphanage by name to call us and to begin to help us.  He now, he has began to do that.  He has begun to sow into our ministry, but it was all initiated when this angel of provision was released to give him supernatural ability to create wealth through the internet.

Sid:  Is God showing you anything else for our people right now?

Kevin:  I believe that there are some people that who have become luke warm.  They want to believe in God, but they aren’t experiencing God in their life and I just sense that if that’s you and you really want God, but you haven’t been experiencing God.  Just stretch your hand towards the radio believe that even now that Jesus will come as the Prince of Peace and the double shalom of Isaiah 26 will come upon you.  God says I will keep those in perfect peace whose minds are stayed upon Me.  And I believe that the Lord is releasing peace to people right now in Jesus name.  And I believe that people are going to begin to have encounters with God’s presence with Jesus as the Prince of Peace and you’re going to know that God’s real and He’s going to take care of you and He’s going to make the crooked places straight and the hold is going to transform your life and your walk with God.

Sid:  Speaking of peace, tell me about the time people saw the Holy Spirit fly into your meeting.  I believe that that was in the Netherlands. 

Kevin:  That was in a city called Hoogleveen and it was incredible.  I had been praying that morning; we were doing a Miracle, Sign and Wonders conference.  There was another gentleman name Yappa Dealman who was going to preach in the evening meeting.  He is a well known healing evangelist and I was assigned to open the conference and as I was praying, I said Lord what do you want me to do with the Miracle, Signs and Wonders conference.  The Lord said I want you to read from Luke 3.  I went up to the pulpit, it was a beautiful day, it was an old E—–s with like forty foot high stained glass windows on the side and the sun was shining and glorious.  And I thought to myself, this is just really a beautiful atmosphere and when I laid my Bible on the pulpit, Sid it cracked supernaturally open to Luke 3 and I read the passage which said the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove.  And as I said that I saw my wife look to the left and when I looked to the left at this beautiful stain glass window where the sun was coming through I saw a shadow of a bird and I thought that bird’s going to hit the stain glass.  But at that moment it burst thru the stain glass window and there in the sanctuary was a beautiful supernatural dove with a most incredibly beautiful white phosphorescent colors that were just radiating from it’s wings that fluttered there and it fluttered in one spot for about five seconds and then it swooped right at me and went right behind my head up into the corner of the sanctuary and disappear; and I turned around and I said to the people who were in the conference did you see that?  And what happened was, many people saw it and at that moment I felt the presence of that healing angel step in and I called for people who were deaf to come forward.  Two women from Ghana South America happened to be in that meeting; one woman was totally deaf, forty seven years from birth was instantly healed.  Another woman that was deaf in one ear for thirty seven years, thirty seven years had brought her friend, she was also healed.

Sid:  How about the woman that you found out later that saw the dove and what happened to her son that had drug addiction?

Kevin:  That was amazing.  Two years later we were teaching in a school there in Gordeig and I told the testimony, I said is there anyone in the meeting today that happened to be in the meeting when the dove came, the Holy Spirit came in the form of a dove into the meeting in Gordeig and any other city rather?  This woman stood up and I said, would you come and give your testimony; she was so excited.   Sid what happened was, I prophesized to her that your son will be, because I asked if anyone has a son addicted to drugs and I said, your son will be set free when he listens to this.  And she stood up and she said it’s true I was in that meeting, I had told God unless I saw a sign and a wonder I was turning my back on God and then I saw that dove come through the window and I gave that seed in my son of your testimony and Sid what happened was, her son.

Sid:  He was totally set free.  I need you to be mentored by Kevin Basconi.  These two CDs will mentor you in walking in miracles and cooperating with angels like nothing you’ve ever had before.


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