Sid:  My guest is red got for the Messiah; I can’t wait for you to find out about this anointing from Africa.  In the 1930s it sparked a revival that an elderly man from that revival laid hands on David Martin and forever changed his life.  But David tells me about the prophetic words you received in 2005.

David:  Well, Sid it was so incredible it was one of those life changing moments; and really set the stage, I believe for my whole future and probably all of mankind. But I was in the middle of a seventeen week revival over in Milford, Connecticut.  And and every weekend we give the people Saturday off and then I’d go down somewhere else to minister.  Coming back from New York City about midnight, God just poured into me these three prophetic words and what He said to me on these three prophetic words is very horrible times were coming to America.  And this was five months or four months prior to Katrina.  And my prophetic ear is any good at all, I believe and mean when I saw Katrina coming you might say, but what I sensed even greater is as bad as Katrina was, was coming;  it’s going to be much worse.  But that was the first prophetic word.  The second one was God said to me the church was not taking His word serious.

Sid:  What do you believe He meant by that?

David: Well, he showed me a very specifically, some of what He meant, I mean the totality of the word is meant to be taken serious, obvious and we…

Sid:  A wait, it’s cafeteria style; we just pick what we want.

David:  Ha ha, that seems to be the style in some places anyway.  And not many people you hear meditating on the fact that were crucified with Christ or take up our cross and follow Him and deny yourself.  But, that’s all you know of being a part…

Sid:  That’s a tough message for America.

David:  Yes, it is but one as you know, we definitely need.

Sid:  But, if that first word comes to pass, I don’t see how we’ll survive without that.

David:  Well, we definitely need the totality of God’s word.  And this is one of the things that I’m really making a major part of our ministry and obviously part of the CD packaging that you’re offering.  Is the importance of the totality of that word, taking it seriously for going through these times that were entering into.  But the second thing specifically that He said to me is in the area of sowing and reaping.  And we always hear that taught relative to finances obviously but what God made so clear to me is that every thought has the ability of produce good or bad.  And we needed to take serious the bringing every thought into captivity and even more so with the day that we are coming into.

Sid:  And I’m just kind of curious before we get to that third point that God made with you.  With the culture we have, computers, television, without putting a real guard on ourselves and I don’t believe it’s possible to put a guard over yourself when you are watching television.  Because you could be watching something okay, on say the history channel or sporting event and then all of a sudden that commercial comes in and you see things with the eye gate and with the ear gate that you really wish you hadn’t seen.  Is that dangerous?

David:  Absolutely.  Personally when God gave me one of the business well talk about at some point, here in 1990 he said, if I want to do what Jesus did, I need to do what He did.  Prayer, fasting and self denial, and at that point one of the things he impressed upon me was fasting television.  So about 1990 was when I really started fasting things of outside influence like television because they are so damaging. 

Sid:  Okay, what was the third word He said?

David:  The Third Word was that we were so caught up in in self and doing things that were important to us personally that we were missing the total purpose for which God made us.

Sid:  Which is?

David:   Well, obviously first and foremost is to discover what His personal will is for us, but for each of us it is going to have its heart beat around seeing people get saved.

Sid:  What happened to you in 2005 as a result of these words?

David:   Well, personally I felt I was committed and close to God but I even in myself I needed to do a better job at guarding my heart, guarding my mouth.  And really being more serious about planning for the future or preparing for the future and that’s where I really started searching more the content that we’re teaching now, “In the Preparation for the End-times.

Sid:  Now, when you make a blanket statement that God spoke to you that horrific times were coming.  Has He filled in the blanks any?  Has He shown you what exactly it will be and even more important, when it will be?  When will this be?

David:  Well, I believe based on a prophetic word He gave me two years ago this coming January I believe that we’ve on the threshold of it; because He said to me at that point we only had two years to really get ready for what was coming and I don’t have any specifics.  But I believe it’s going to, the spiritual sense I have Sid; it is going to be in all arenas.  I mean it is going to be economic, it’s going to be political, it’s going to be catastrophic with earthquakes and famines and wars and everything we read about in the Bible toward the end times.

Sid:  I hear people saying prophetically that we should have a month or two’s worth of food in our basement, water stored up.  What do you think about that?

David:  As important as it is in natural to do that, I think what’s more important Sid is what God has given to me in a revelation of this teaching that we’re going to go through these times victoriously.  You know, I think of the time when they tried to kill Jesus, push Him off a cliff.  What did He do?  He walked right through the midst of them.  That’s what I see.   I see we are going to go right through these horrific times in victory, we are going to see the signs, the wonders, the miracles that Jesus did when they needed money they knew how to find a gold coin in a fishes mouth, multiplied the loaves and fishes, walked on water.  There was nothing that Jesus faced that He could not help his disciples with the supernatural made the difference.

Sid:  You know what you teach; I mean I’m looking at some of these subjects.  What to do when everything is falling apart?  How to walk in the supernatural?  How to deal with negative reports?  These are pretty practical things that you’re teaching on.  We have these problems now but from what you see, it’s going to be intensified many times over.

David:  I believe so.   And you know, one of my classic teachings coming out of there is “How to Deal With the Negative Report” is just a classic example is when Jairus came to Jesus and his daughter was at the point of death.  Jesus went with Him.  The woman with issue of blood interrupts the story and then they came from Jairus’s house and they said, “Don’t bother the master; the daughter is dead and Jesus’ response…

Sid:  Now, you can’t get much more negative than what He was told though.

David:  It’s as bad as it gets.  I mean there could be no worse report then a father to hear your daughter is dead.  But when Jesus said that is so profound, and in the Greek it really does better than what we see in the King James or even the New American Standard.  But in Amplified Bible it says this:  “Jesus said, now listen how he handled a bad report, this is what Jesus said to Jairus over hearing but ignoring what they said, Jesus said, don’t be gripped with fear just keep on believing.  Don’t receive things with alarm.

Sid:  And you know that’s the feedback I get from people that take your course.  They’re no longer gripped with fear.  And I can’t think of any things more valuable then what I suggested earlier; storing food and water is understanding the revelation that God’s given you.  I happen to believe that God showed you what was going to happen and then gave you this revelation so that you could put it into other people.

David:  Absolutely, it works; the word works and for any Christian.  You know the Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge.  This is the knowledge that will make a difference in helping them go through any kind of trouble time.  Any kind of troubled water, you know as Jesus says to the disciples, “Get in the boat and go to the other side.”  That means no matter what the middle looks like it just doesn’t make a difference, we’ve got God’s Word, were going to make it.

Sid:  And tell me very briefly that vision you had on the church in Oklahoma when the ceiling disappeared.

David:  It was the first open vision I ever had and it was pretty amazing because the entire roof was gone, the ceiling was gone and as I looked up I saw a gigantic spear of light coming from that spear of light were beams of light coming down and touching just a handful of people.  And God showed me in those beams was healing for one person, it was a financial miracle for another person, a marriage restoration for another one; and each one was different.  And I looked up to see what I was getting and there was nothing.  I said, “God, where’s mine?” And He said to me you’re not worshipping me in Spirit and Truth.  And I said, God what do you mean?  I’m working in this church; I left a good paying job to go to Bible School.  I’m doing all these things how can You say I’m not worshipping You?”  And that’s when He began to give me revelation of what He’s looking for isn’t religion, but a spiritual relationship with Him and in that relationship, and what He took me to is Roman’s 12 where it says “I beseech you brethren by the mercies of God, present you’re bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God and King James says, which is your reasonable service.  And in that vision, God taught me that first Greek word.  In the Greek the Greek says, Logikos; and that word literally means your spiritual service of worship.  And what God showed me Sid, is the worship that He was seeking.  And when were in that place of worship all of our needs are met supernaturally.  But the worship is a living sacrifice presenting your body holy to God as your spiritual service of worship.

Sid:  In these end times, can you see when you understand this revelation you’re not going to go under?  You’re going to be on top.  It could be the best of times for you.  We’re making this course on “Spiritual Preparation for End Times” with the Bonus CD of “Five Keys of Supernatural” for your breakthroughs in the supernatural.

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