Sid:  I have on the telephone someone that’s going to answer so many questions that you have.  Although I have interviewed many people on this subject of physical healing, I believe this particular woman has such a calling from God to make healing simple that you will never be the same after you hear her teaching.  And I emphasize teaching because she is one of these people that says I would rather teach someone and then pray than just pray in extraordinary gifts.  Because Sandra Kennedy you get better results by teaching first.  Am I right?

Sandra:  Absolutely correct.

Sid:  In fact I remember that that same statement was made by a man that’s in Heaven right now by the name of Kenneth Hagen and he would say when he was teaching “I’m going to be teaching for a week if at all possible I don’t want to lay hands on you for healing until the week is over.

Sandra:  Right.

Sid:   And they’re going to understand this as they find out more about you but just kind of wet our appetite.  You have a church; you have a healing center; you have a deliverance from drugs and addictions of all kinds center you have a café; but you said you said there is a new visitation of God a higher level of glory going on.  Tell me what’s going on at your meetings just within the last month.

Sandra:  Well, we’ve been having manifestations is what I call it, Sid.  Years ago we had, God might come in our church with all kinds of things drums would play and no one would be on the stage and the dew of God would fall and of course people would get in trances and many many things of those natures, my coming from a Southern Baptist background had absolutely never seen.

Sid:  I’m sure, as a matter of fact I bet there were times when you even questioned these manifestations because you had never seen them or many people of your generation.

Sandra:  Absolutely, and again I am by the way, ordained Southern Baptist which is unusual in itself too and my papers are still with them.  But lately we are again beginning to have these same kind of manifestation.  We are having outpourings of the presence of God, the aroma of God coming in to a service that you’re overwhelmed by it.

Sid:  What do you mean by the aroma of God?

Sandra:  A scent.  A fragrance of God that will just come into the service that is so obvious that everyone, you can sense it you can smell it.  I mean it is one of those things that you want to just stop and say “What is that?” I mean my goodness, do you smell that kind of thing it is so strong.  And then we’ve had the winds of God blow through so that we’ve turned off air conditioners to make sure it wasn’t the air conditioning that was blowing the plans on the stage and stuff of that nature;  and then one of the most recent one, which was almost a feeling as if you had just been in a summer rain or something.  I mean it was a cool breeze it was so cool and yet so distinct that you knew that it had to be a supernatural thing that was happening.  People are seeing angels in our services.  We’ve had these things over, I’m now in my 27th year, Sid pasturing here now in Augusta but we’ve had these off on but again they’ve just started back again.  Not every single service don’t mean that, but .

 Sid:  Any thought as to why they’ve just started back again?

 Sandra:  Well, I think I’m a firm believer that in the true church and the remnant and teaching on holiness and truth and pressing in for God and I think it’s the churches finest hour.  I don’t think it is the world’s finest hour but I think that it’s the churches finest hour, meaning the church that is not playing church but the church that is stepping into really wanting to be used of God;  really want a vocation of God.  Not just a happening but a habitation I guess is a better word, have a habitation of God.

 Sid:   Just wetting our appetite a little, tell me some of the healing that, I hate to use the word but I will that are normal at your healing center.

Sandra:  Well, again we have the healing center and again, it is the teaching center now it is a teaching center and let me just say this to you in that healing center we’ve had fourteen nations and every state in the Union has come.  People fly in constantly to be a part of that healing center and the presence of the God just shows up in there.  They have outpourings of God in it almost every single day.  But the kinds of healings, one of them that just stands out so we’ve had body parts grow. We had, when I say body parts I mean like new fingers, new toes; little pink toes, little pink fingers.  We’re talking about people that have talked about people that have been on dialysis that have come off.  We’re talking about people that have had diabetes.  We are talking about people that were standing on a heart transplant or waiting for a heart transplant and then have an absolute new heart and I mean just phenomenal things.

Sid: Now, you’ve had and this would be hard for many that are listening to, what you just said was pretty hard.  You’ve had women with hysterectomies that are now pregnant.

Sandra:  Yes, we have.  We’ve had that happen over the years.  They’ve had hysterectomies and we would lay hands on them and pray and we have some little children named Sandra here there and yonder that God has done.  He’s just been faithful and of course again I want to remind your listeners and you know this Sid so strongly we talking about the power of the Word of God.  We are talking about the integrity of God’s Word.   We’re talking about taking the word of God and letting God’s word stand on its own two feet and watching God’s word bring forth what it says it will do.

Sid:  Let me ask you a question.  I know and our listeners know what God’s word says.  I know and our listeners know that God could heal anyone.  But there are people that love God appear to believe the promises of God and there promoted to Heaven.

Sandra:  Right.

Sid: Sid:  And many like that.  Do you believe in your heart of hearts that anyone that applies the principals of the word of God and is operating in real faith can be healed or is there certain sovereignty that some are healed and some aren’t?

Sandra: Now you’re asking me my opinion.  So I believe anybody can be healed.  I’m aware, matter of a fact I made this statement and it confuses some people, but I think you will understand and I’ll be happy to explain.  I’ve buried many a person with an active healing power of God in them because, remember when you are born again and most of us do not understand.  I was not brought up being taught about the principals of the word of God.  But, I did have a visitation from God as a child telling me one day He would use me in healing.  And so it has been relatively easy for me to believe that God is in the healing business but when you are born again everything, when the Holy Spirit comes inside of you all of the power of God is put in you at that moment.  The problem is the soulish area since we are three parts spirit, soul and body.  You got to clean up the soul.  I call the soul the filter.  So you got to get the filter…

Sid:  So not all of us have equal filters is what you’re saying and therefore for some it’s more difficult than others.  Is that fair?

Sandra:  I think that’s a very good way to put it, the filter being your mind your will your emotion your soulish area.  If you spend your whole life believing religion, believing tradition, or depending on what’s you’ve grown up on or who you have around you or what you speak out of your own mouth.  And you know, life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Sid:  So your brain is fossilized in certain areas and you may hear something and you may shake your head and say, I agree but your actions speak louder than your words.

Sandra:  Absolutely, and so teaching develops a belief system.  And you know, Jesus went about teaching, preaching and healing and so and you know Brother Hagen use to say all the time and I agree 100% “If I can get you to really really hear we can get you healed.”  But, you have a hard problem coming through all the television in your brain, all the negative thinking in your brain; all the wrong religion that you’ve been taught; all of the wrong tradition and you got…

Sid:  That answer you gave to my question is an honest great answer.  I’m so glad I asked that question.  Tell me about your three CD series “Can God Be Trusted.”

Sandra:  Well, you know that’s a fundamental principal, can God be trusted and I’ve thought, I really address it from almost every area from every angle.  We could call it many things, it really is integrity from God’s word.  Can we really take God at His word?  Can we really take His word to the bank so to speak.  If God said it, does it apply to me?  Have I done things in my life that may make me one that well I know that God will heal you but I don’t know about me because I’ve done this and I’ve done that and all those kind of crazy things that make us miss God.  And so you’ve got to settle the integrity of God’s word.  You have to settle in your mind if God said it can I hang on to it like a bull dog with a bone.  Can I grab a hold of that thing and not let go of it.  Can I truly trust Him and you know, remember this Sid, most of the things that throw people are just words.  I mean, it is just sort of like David and the giant **trance sense ?** in Goliath.  The giant never threw a spear, he never threw a stone he just talked and scared the entire nation army of Israel.  The man never did anything but talk.

Sid:  Humph, well I’ll tell ya, I’ve been listening to your series “Can God Be Trusted” and my faith is soaring and of course you have your foundational book: “Preparations for a Move of God in Your Life.”  Why do you make everyone read this that wants a healing?

Sandra:   Well,  the thing is I wrote that  book a long time ago and its fundamental, you can’t even work in our healing department for….

Sid:  Oh were out of time, trust me on this Sandra is called by God to make healing easy for you.  You need it. This book, “The Preparation for a Move of God” 

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