Sid:  Now what would happen to you if you went to a Bible Study with your wife, you’re a strong Christian you’ve never been a drug addict, you never even touch a drug, you’ve never been an alcoholic, you don’t even touch alcohol, you’ve never had any emotional problems, you’re a successful business man making over a half million dollars a year everything is going well, you go to this bible study, your wife goes to sleep you stay up for a little while and at 3:00 AM on the morning of November 23, 1998 what happened to you, Bill Wiese?

Bill: Well, I got up to get a glass of water and suddenly I was pulled out of my body and I felt myself falling through the air and I landed in a prison cell in Hell.  Now I was fully awake I was cognizant and I was not dreaming, this was a vision this was not a near death experience this was a vision that God gave me.  I had never had a vision but this vision changed my life.

Sid:  Before that time if someone had brought up the subject of Hell, what would your attitude would have been?

Bill: Well, I didn’t know very much about Hell.  I mean I was a Christian I wasn’t going there it’s hot and fiery and that was about as much I knew.  But, now after this experience I had a change to study it and  find out really how horrific it is and understanding that has given me a passion for the lost to share with people how to stay out of this place, how to avoid it and answer some of the more difficult questions people have about this place.

Sid:  But what I see that’s so wonderful and that’s why this course has been put together.  It’s a course of three books and one DVD.  Ones a hard back book, and one book is 352 pages and there is information here that every Christian in America and in the world for that matter must understand especially now. The first thing that is going to happen is will give you a passion for souls and that’s the only thing that you are going to take to Heaven with you. The only thing, he who winds souls is wise.  Secondly, it will give you a greater love for God than you ever had before.

Bill: Yes, you know Sid when I was coming back from this experience the Lord appeared to me and when  I saw Him I fell at his feet just as one dead like Revelation 1:16, John said.  But it was at His feet that I realized that because He went to the cross I didn’t have to go to that place.  I was so aware, I became so aware  of the power of the cross and His great love He has for people.  That He died for me to keep me out of this place.  I was so grateful.

Sid:  Yell me a bit more about how it’s changed you.  I mean you were a good Christian before, you really were you loved the Lord!  You weren’t  too much into the supernatural.  Had you had any supernatural experiences before that?

Bill: No, I never had one before that, just more of a conservative Christian; going to church; study the Bible; had been a Christian for forty years.  It happened twelve years ago but it has given me such a fire for the lost.  I just take every opportunity to witness and share the truth with people.  Where before maybe I made excuses you know.  I went to church and heard a nice message but I didn’t take as much effort as now, looking for every opportunity because a soul is so valuable and precious to God.  You know it is the most valuable thing you have is your soul because it’s eternal.  It won’t pass away and this decision people don’t realize it, you know once you die, one second after you die it’s too late.  You have to make the right decision now in life.  So if I can share information with them to enable them to make an informed decision.  That’s what, my wife and I, our passion is now.

Sid:  What is, in your opinion and this may be difficult for you to answer, the worst thing you saw or experienced in Hell?

Bill: Well, Sid the pain is horrendous beyond anything you can imagine.  But really the worst thing is the hopelessness,  knowing that you’re never going to get out.  I mean, ten million years will go by and you’re still there.  You see in life we always have hope.  No one has ever been hopeless even if your situation is hopeless is terrible,  you can die to get out of it.  But in Hell you understand that you’re never going to get out, ever.  Can you imagine, that’ is why it’s so horrible and Sid I can explain one more thing why Hell is so horrible to finish this point that we talked about a little earlier.  You know Hell was made for the devil and his angels.  It wasn’t made for man but the reason it is so awful and people don’t understand this.  The reason that it’s so terrible is that every good and perfect gift comes down from above, James 2:17 says.  So the good things we experience is from God.  So if you remove God from the situation all the good goes with Him, you see so God prepares a place that he withdrew His attributes from Hell.  You see, Hell is dark, because 1 John 1:5 says God is light.  There is only death in Hell because John 1:4 says God is life.  There’s no mercy in Hell because Psalm 33:5 says the mercy of the Lord is in Heaven.  There’s no love in Hell because 1 John 4:16 says that God is love.  There’s no strength in Hell because Psalm 18:32 says it’s the Lord gives us strength.  And there is no water in Hell because Deuteronomy 11:11 says water is the rain of Heaven.  So you see all the good we experience in life comes from God so if you want nothing to do with God then there’s a place prepared that has nothing to do with Him.  He’s removed His attributes from this place.  You see that’s why it’s bad so when people look at the green tree and the ocean and the mountains it’s not mother nature that provided that its Father God.  Can you see that?

Sid:  Let me ask you a question. Having seen the power of these demons in Hell the strength, their hatred, all of that evil are you a little afraid of demons today?

Bill: No I’m not.

Sid:  Why?

Bill: Because the Lord also showed me when I was standing next to Him those demons looked like ants on the wall that we were traveling up this tunnel and He just reminded me of the scripture that we have authority all of the power of the enemy and nothing shall by in any means hurt.  God has given us authority so the devil is no match for a Spirit-Filled Christian. 

Sid: But, what happens when a Spirit- Filled Christian prays against in demonic in the name of Jesus?  What literally happens?

Bill: They have to flee or we can bind them so that they cannot hurt or whoever they are going to hurt.  We can bind the powers of the enemy, the Lord gives us that authority and that’s so wonderful that God has given us that kind of authority over the devil, so there is no reason to fear him if you are walking with the Lord.  And so it’s an exciting thing to have the authority and power of God.

Sid:  Okay, let me take you back.  You’re in Hell, you believe its forever.  It’s the most horrific thing you’ve ever experienced in your life.  Tell me about how you got out.

Bill: Well, as I was observing all these people being tormented by demons and in this darkness and all the horrors I was seeing, maggots and so forth.  I was being drawn up this tunnel, this dark tunnel and then suddenly this bright light appeared.  I knew immediately who it was.  There was no question in my mind, I didn’t see his face just an outline of a man standing in this pure holy light.

Sid:  Yeah, but you had the sense you’d never get out of there.  What’s it like all of a sudden to see Jesus.

Bill: All of a sudden Sid, he has placed it back in my mind that I was a Christian so in one second I was..

Sid:  He took it out of our mind so you could go through that experience then it came back to your mind.

Bill: Right.

Sid:  You saw this Being with brightness, then what?

Bill:  And I just called out His Name, and I said Jesus and He said I Am and when He said I Am I just collapsed at his feet.  I went up and out.  I passed out, I don’t know what happened but I was lying at His feet and then He touched me and I came to and I just wanted to worship Him Sid.  I didn’t want to ask him any questions,  but questions started coming to my mind and He would answer my thoughts.  And I said Lord, why did you send me to this horrible place?  And He said because many people do not believe Hell is real even some of my own people do not believe Hell exists.  That statement surprised me,  I thought all Christians believed in Hell but we have found out that many Christians believe in annihilationism, which is a teaching that says that you cease to exist if you deny Jesus or universalism; soul sleep and many other false teachings.  And so that’s the first thing that He answered my thoughts and He said he wanted me to go tell people and warn them.  This is not a message of condemnation it is simply a message of warning.  You know, love gives a warning and God’s telling people, hey there’s a real Hell.  You don’t want to go there, you want to avoid it all costs.

Sid:  And most Christians avoid even talking about it at all costs let alone the opposite. 

Bill:  Right, it seems to be a political incorrect thing to talk about but when we understand.  You know we are all going to die.  Everybody is going to die and you are going to go to one place or the other so you might as well find out now where you are going to go and investigate it.  So that’s why we are here to share information so that people can check out the truth.  Again, I’m just a sign post to point them to the scriptures.  Research about what the Bible has to say it’s true.

Sid:  Okay, you see the Lord you know that it’s Jesus, then what?

Bill:  Well, then He I had some more thoughts.  I said, Lord why do those demons hate me so much?  I mean they had extreme hatred for me and He said because you were made in My image and they hate Me.  John 15:18, Jesus said that they hated me before they hated you so.  The demonic realm hates people, you know, remember Jesus said I have come that you would have life and have it more abundantly, but Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy.  So the demons hate people and they cause the destruction on the earth today.  And I said Lord, I don’t want to tell anybody about this experience they’d think I’m crazy or had a bad dream.  And He said it is not your job to convict their hearts, it is the Holy Spirit’s job you just go and tell them.  I thought Lord, why did you pick me?  And you know Sid, He did not give me an answer to that.  I have no idea why He would pick me.  I am the least likely in my opinion; I was not a Billy Graham you know I was a Realtor just going to work every day, just like everybody else and you know but it is not important why He picked me.  He has given us all a job to do and I was grateful that He chose me for this.  But the other thing I asked Him Sid was why didn’t I know you Lord?  He said that He wanted me to experience what they feel there, the hopelessness and  I really want to emphasizes that feeling of being lost in this place for all eternity.  You’re not going to get out.

Sid:  Did He indicate whether He was coming back soon?

Bill:  Yes and then He said to me, “tell them I’m coming very very soon.”  And then He said it again sternly tell them I’m coming very very soon. It was so exciting Sid and I knew in my heart, I could feel in my spirit He meant it.  It is very very soon.  It is not a long time from now.  Now, he didn’t tell me exactly when but I just know that the time is short, the time is short.

Sid:  Bill, our time is up right now.  I want to find out from Bill’s wife what she observed at this time because she was the one that found him in a fetal position at 3:00AM in the morning.  But, I’m urging, if you haven’t done it yet get our course, “What Ever happened to Hell?”  It will explain the afterlife to you, it is three books, one DVD one of the books is a hard back book another book is 352 pages.  These are the questions people must understand to tell others.  It’ll give you such a passion for souls and a love for the Lord.

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