Sid:  What is the “the prayer”?  I have been explaining it all this week.  My guest is the Co Producer of Its Supernatural Television, Janie Duvall, and she is also a Jewish Believer in the Messiah.  But I was quoting from Acts 6:4 in the Literal Greek translation.  It says that when there was such an explosion of the early church, the reason there was is because they gave themselves continually to in the Greek says not to prayer, the Greek says to “the prayer” and I maintain you cannot pray continually 24-7 unless you’re praying in a supernatural language which is language that your brain has never ever been instructed.  You know one of things that I use to remember and it is starting again, which is so wonderful.  When I pray in supernatural tongues many times I will start laughing in the Spirit and I know that when I laugh, I don’t mean laughing in the natural I will begin laughing in the Spirit.  Like ha ha ha and when that occurs I know it’s finished.  I know that it’s done and I love it.  And you know there was a time when I would just pray and supernatural languages until I would say ha ha ha, well whether it was ten minutes or whether it was two hours.  Whatever it would take, that’s called praying through.  But in the early years, I had such amazing experiences and my favorite experience Janie was I use to have a Bible study over my house, Joyce and I opened our house up and a Catholic woman that got radically saved started coming to our bible study and we would pray for her husband.  Her husband was an educated professor.  He taught doctors at Howard University at Washington, DC and he was very religious but he didn’t see this born again business, he didn’t understand any of that.  But he came to our Bible study a couple of times and I remember the second time I didn’t even ask his permission, I put my hand on his shoulder and I said I want to pray for you Caesar, he’s Filipino and I started to praying in a supernatural languages and you should have seen the expression on his face.  He looks at his wife, he looks at me, he looks at his wife, he looks at me and then he said Sid, my first thought was your praying in the Filipino language, how do you know that language?  My wife must have put you up to it.  My wife must have written it down and you memorized it and then he said, then I realized my wife could not have done that because there’s forty different dialects in the Filipino language and my wife does not speak my dialect.

Janie:  To amazing.

Sid:  And this is what I said to him, in the Filipino language in his dialect I said “Repent of your sins, believe that Jesus died for your sins.  And based on that sign that nonbeliever became a radical believer in the Messiah.  Janie, let me tell you how radical he was.  We use to go out on Friday nights to Georgetown, it’s a section of DC where college students hang out and there’s a lot of bars and we would pass tracks out and witness in Georgetown.  And he came with us one night and some of his students showed up and they said professor Santos what are you doing here?  And he said I’m telling people about Jesus.  He is in Heaven today but you know what his wife told me.  That was the best time of their marriage.  The best time of their life.  Now, you’ve had experiences where you’ve spoken in supernatural languages that have affected people.  Tell me about that.

Janie:  Well, one time I was at a church and I just, it’s interesting that when you said sometimes when you were praying in the Spirit, now this happened to you when you were first praying in the Spirit years ago and you’d get these thoughts like maybe I’m making it up.  But, of course it doesn’t happen to you anymore, but I was praying in the Spirit and it actually sounded like French to me and but I’m not French and I don’t have any French blood in me I’m Jewish.  But, it sounded like French but then in my brain I’m going, your just making that up.  But this man came over to me later and he said I’ve heard you praying in French and this woman came over to me also and said that she had dragged this unsaved man, a French man to the meeting he just could not believe it.  Somehow he knew that I didn’t really speak French but he heard the words, come to me now.  Respond please, respond please and he became a believer.  That was just one time.

 Sid:  But, both of us have had the same revitalization of our prayer language and I want everyone listening to us, if you’ve never prayed in supernatural languages I want you to start praying.  In fact, let me challenge you I’ll challenge you to take one hour a day pray and pray in supernatural languages.  Do you know what you are going to be praying?  The first thing that you’re going to be doing is changing your character for the better.  You’re going to getting rid of the junk in your life.  You see when you get rid of the junk there’s more room for the gifts of the Spirit, there’s more room for God and in addition to that you’re going to be prophesying you’re future.  You’re going to be praying , like you may have a daughter or son that they have left the faith or maybe they have never even come to the faith.  Well you think you know their problems but you don’t know their problems but they don’t even know their problems.  The only one that knows their problems is God Himself and the Holy Spirit is praying through your spirit mysteries for your family for your marriage for your health.  It’s the most pro active thing that you can do.  And not only that you’re building your muscles, you’re spirit man is being built and all the gifts of the Spirit will come out.  Could you give one hour a day?  Now I can tell you I can’t I’m too busy.  But I can’t afford not to and you can’t afford not to.  Even if you have to discipline yourself and your flesh will rebel and your flesh will say “No I don’t to, I want to watch a sports event, I want to watch a news event”.  Do you realize that you will be making news events in your prayer language, you will be changing your life.  You will be changing your family, you will be changing your city, you will, be  I believe that the major chance that the United States of America has to remain a super power is for a move of God’s Spirit.  If there’s no move of God’s Spirit I’m very pessimistic over the future of America.  But I believe there’s going to be a move of God’s Spirit but it starts with you.  If you can take one hour a day, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen once you discipline yourself to do one hour a day and you start seeing the results, you are going to push it to two hours.  So you watch a little less television at night.  It’s not so awful. So Janie, we have put together the most wonderful package called “Supernatural Languages Supernatural Power”.   And I wasn’t sure we should do this but twenty years ago I did a teaching on supernatural languages and at that time I was really zooming in that field as far as speaking on the subject.  It was just that everyone that I prayed for was getting filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in supernatural languages and then we went around and we interviewed people that spoke in supernatural languages and had amazing experiences.  Some of these people are in Heaven and one Harold Braedison actually coined the words “Charismatic Renewal” he gives secrets and when you are listening to that tape.  It was actually years ago it was a cassette tape that we made a CD out of it.

Janie: I was on the edge of my seat when I was listening to it.  I had not listened to it in many years and it was so fresh but then it gave me insight about why to pray in the spirit and power and how it changes your personality.  And how all of a sudden it builds your faith.   And stories of supernatural protection, the teaching and supernatural in your life.  It’s just …I’m telling you I really was just on the edge of my seat.

Sid:  And then the thing that I was so so pleased over, I hadn’t spoken on this subject in so many years and then I realized  God wanted me to go back to what really was the preparation for the ministry I have today.  So we went to our home congregation and why don’t you tell us about that Janie.

 Janie: We invited people who, we just told them that if they would like their prayer language come or anyone that is hungry for that and the turnout was incredible.  But then you asked for people to come up to raise their hand if they would like their prayer language.  It was so many people that came up and there were breakthroughs from children to old and people who were arguing with their wives oh you know for years going I don’t want that,  what do I want that for.  But all of a sudden their eyes were open that night to want it.

Sid:  Oh, did you hear the story about one of our staff members who brought her mother and the whole way there her mother says I don’t believe in supernatural languages, I don’t want to speak in supernatural languages, I don’t even know why I’m here and you spoke to her, what did she tell you?

Janie:  Well, so she said, her mother ended up praying in the Spirit that night she was so excited that she ended up telling people and wanting other people to pray in the Spirit.

Sid:  But the anointing was so strong on that evening that people were getting physically healed.  One man went home and check his blood monitor because he has diabetes and his sugar level went down two hundred points.  That’s power.  Well we want to make these two CDs available of my teaching and these amazing people that talk about their supernatural experiences from speaking in supernatural languages and then that DVD of that evening.  It’s called “Supernatural Languages Supernatural Power”.

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