Sid:  My problem is that I don’t have enough time to interview John Paul Jackson.  He has got so many wonderful experiences with the Lord but his experiences were not just meant for him.  His experiences were meant to equip believers that are alive in the last of the last days and that’s where we are right now.  In fact God sent an angel to his mother and said that he would have an eleventh hour ministry.  But I’m intrigued of the date May 12, 1995.  You had an encounter in which you went to the Throne Room.  Tell me briefly about that John Paul Jackson.

John Paul: I heard a, I wasn’t expecting this I, like most of the supernatural encounters that have happened to me, it hasn’t happened where I felt like something is really going to happen. You feel like this spiritual electricity in the air.  I was feeling like a failure and I just felt like I was a poor leader and there were reasons for that and this whole scheme of things I was seeking the Lord and I heard this harp and the next thing I know I am taken and I’m standing in this incredible light is alive its living.  I can feel it as I breathe it in I breathe this light like I breathe air and it goes into my body. I can feel it flowing through my blood vessels and I feel the living life giving nature of this life light.  And as I’m turning, I’m disoriented I realized I have seen this light before but I have never been encased in the light. This time I’m encased in it.  It is thick and as I am turning around trying to get my bearings I turn and there in front of me is the throne of God and whatever part of Him that He wanted me to see I saw part of God.  And I saw Him sitting on His throne and I was scared.  I was not like, hey God, give me five.  I was scared, I was terrified.  Paul, the Apostle Paul said having known the terror of the Lord I had the terror of the Lord hit me at a depth I cannot describe to you.  It’s, well Isaiah said “Woe was me, I’m undone.”  Well that’s what I felt like, I felt like I was being taken apart at the cellular level.  Undone and being brought back together again as this living light was flowing through me.  And it began to begin to give me understanding and speak to me about the things that I was seeing.  Two stones that were slowly moving inside of Him that were on fire.  They had this big like an opalesque, at the brightest.  There were two different kinds of stones but they were both from opalesque in nature in that they had fire inside of them and each of the different colors that would come from the radiant fire that was there.  I knew that these were the stones of fire that was talked about in scripture.  I knew that Satan had walked in the midst of these stones of fire.  So close to God that he had still fallen away from that very nature thinking that he could overthrow God and become like him.  Sid, these layers of light around him, Sid they were, had different texture like material.  Different textures of light had different textures.  Each layer was independent of the other layer, they were all moving in perfect harmony and semidry with the two stones that were slowly moving inside the bosom of the Lord.  And I was watching balls of fire flying out of Him and I was.  Angles were rotating around the throne like, I tell people it’s like standing next the nucleus of a atom and instead of electrons going around the atom angels were going around the throne like that; going every which way crying out as these balls of light and these lightning bolts would rip the air.  It wasn’t like thunder it is hard to describe air ripping but the air ripped and the noise that it made; and every time one of these things happened came out of God it into creation and angel that was rotating around the throne would cry holy and then another one would cry out of Him and another angel from another location orbiting around the throne would cry holy and another one would fly out and cry holy.  But this happened billions of times a second not like once a second.  I mean billions of times a second.  On earth it would sound like thunder or just a roar but up there I heard every individual light and the tearing and every individual holy and there were holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy but you can hear it and hear them individually up there; which you couldn’t do here on earth.  I began to understand that God is constantly active in His creation; constantly moving on behalf of His people.  Constantly involved in our lives; intricately involved in our lives day to day; there is so much to say.

Sid:  You asked Him about why you or others don’t have more power.

John Paul: I did, actually I told Him I was disappointed and this proves the mercy and grace of God.  Believe me, I don’t recommend anybody doing this, but I’m just telling you what I did.  Maybe it tells you I was mad at my spiritual life but I told God that I’m so disappointed.  There are people dying and babies being trashed.  Babies being sacrificed by dark evil forces and there are people dying from injustice happening.  And I said, you have the power if you just give me one drop of this power.  One drop every hospital in this area would be empty by noon. I wouldn’t even need to walk in.  I would just have to drive by.  I say in the name of Yeshua be healed, come forth and the hospital would empty and I said, you have that power and your not giving it to people.  You’re not giving to me your not giving it to anybody.  You got it and you could do it and you are not.  I’m disappointed.  In fact so disappointed I was angry and I heard him speak back to me.  And He spoke back and said son, I long to give gifts to men more than men long for those gifts themselves but I love you too much to give you a gift for which I would later have to judge you for because you are not ready to for adulation that would come from the gift.  And he said but, if you continue on the road that you are on one day I will be able to grant your request. 

Sid:  And you know one thing that I heard you say on several occasions I’m not a prophet and I question that until you explained what you meant.  You’re not a prophet compared to what God is showing you the prophets will be that are coming on earth right now.  It will probably be young people. 

John Paul: I believe it will be. I believe there is a whole new generation of rising warriors that are getting ready to crop up in the land.  And I think of it like I talked earlier about this twelve year old probably one of those.  I believe that he is receiving an invitation to be one of those right now and I think that there’s many…

Sid:  He may be listening to us on the radio right now.  There’s a twelve year old that’s getting an invitation to walk in what I call a normal gift of prophecy.  John Paul, you had a meeting in England and it was 1997 in South Hampton, England.  Four hundred people were witnessed to this.  Most of them saw these brilliant lights were backing up your message on the supernatural.  We have that message and we have their reaction.  In fact that’s our bonus CD that’s going with your two disk set of one is a CD the other is a DVD called “Keys to Receiving God’s Justice.”   That if people could only get one thing in their life of teaching from you, this eleventh hour this is mandatory.

(Played an excerpt of meeting in South Hampton, England 1997)

Sid: You just heard an excerpt from 400 people seeing a demonstration of the supernatural.  You know, John Paul we played this CD for our staff and people felt like they were in that meeting.  Have you heard anyone say that before? 

John Paul:  Yes I have, and then they talk about have the Spirit comes into the room.  The Spirit of the Living God comes into the room and bears witness to what they are hearing.

Sid:  In your words, why should someone understand God’s Justice, just a couple sentences?

John Paul:  Because it brings you to a place of greater trust and belief in God.  When you see His justice acting in your life and you see the outgrowth of, it makes God real to you. It’s not just a Name, it is not just a belief system.  It is not just something you were taught.  He now becomes your Personal God.  That is one of the most important things that can happen to anybody listening.  They have a Personal God.  The same God we have. All of us, it is not like individual gods.  But it is one God and He is personally involved in their life.

Sid:  Well, when someone understands God’s justice and they’ve had injustice in their life or injustice in their families’ life or injustice in their parents or grandparents life and they realize that it’s God’s heart to have justice for them and you teach them how to implement it.  I don’t know of anything more important based on how close we are to the return of Jesus.  God is answering prayers faster than ever before.  We want the two disk CD and DVD called “Keys to Receiving God’s Justice” and this special bonus CD called “Naturally Supernatural.” 

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